An Outline of Qualitative Analysis

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Scientific publishing Company, 1893 - Chemistry, Analytic - 58 pages

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Page 9 - Silver Sodium . . Strontium. . . Sulphur . . . Tantalum. . . . Tellurium. .. . Thallium. . . . Thorium Tin Titanium Tungsten .... Uranium Vanadium.
Page 9 - Sodium Strontium . Sulphur Tantalum . Tellurium . Thallium . Thorium . Tin Titanium . Tungsten . Uranium . Vanadium Yttrium . Zinc Zirconium...
Page 51 - ... liquid should result, which may be bottled and set aside for use. As usually made, it generally throws down a slight, reddish deposit upon standing a week or two. This, however, does not affect its value as a test ; in using, simply decant the clear liquid from the sediment.
Page 41 - The method given below ls has been found to be useful by the authors. Procedure.— Place a piece of the binder and a drop of concentrated phosphoric acid in a micro 15 x 125 mm. test tube fixed in an asbestos board. Cover the mouth of the test tube with a piece of filter paper moistened in aniline acetate solution (10% of aniline in 10% acetic acid) and weigh down with a watch glass.
Page 9 - Fe lanthanum La Lead Pb Lithium Li MAGNESIUM Mg Manganese Mn Mercury Hg Molybdenum Mo Nickel Ni...
Page 20 - ... of the filter paper with a glass rod, and wash the precipitate into t'he flask with hot water.
Page 5 - Durbar ; The King's Durbar of 1911. In the preparation of this book free use has been made of Mr. Fanshawe's Delhi : Past and Present, more especially in the compilation of its last Chapter; of Dr. Fergusson's Eastern and Indian Architecture in the description of its great architectural glories ; of the revised Imperial Gazetteer for the latest statistics relating to the city ; of Captain Trotter's...
Page 17 - As 2 0 3 solution has been added place the test tube in the draught cupboard. 33.—Marsh's test: Close the test tube as charged in the last experiment with a perforated stopper carrying a glass tube bent at right angles and drawn out to a point.

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