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May 19, 1803.

RESOLVED, That Dr. Green, Mr. Mille. doler and Mr. Irwin, be a Committee to select such parts of the minutes of the present Assembly, as they may judge proper for publication; that the permanent clerk make a copy thereof, with as full and correct a list of the Synods, Presbyteries, Churches, Licentiates and Vacancies, under the care of the General Assembly, as can be obtained; and cause 1500 copies to be published and distributed, according to the directions given, during the present sessions.

Resolved, That the said Committee be authoriz. ed and directed, to incorporate with, or add to, the extracts to be published, such parts of the reports made to this house by the standing Committee of Missions, as to them shall seem proper, for the information of the churches, on the Missionary business: and that they add thereto, an abstract of the state of the funds, and of receipts and disbursements; to be derived from the accounts presented to this Assembly by the Treasurer of the Corporation.

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THE General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America 'met, agreeably to appointment, in the first Presbyterian Church in the city of Philadelphia, at 11 o'clock, A. M. and was opened by the Rev. Dr. Azel Roe, the Moderator of last Assembly, with a sermon from Psalm cii: 16. " When the Lord shall build up Zion, he shall appear in his glory.

It appeared that the following persons were appointed and attended as Commissioners to this Assembly, viz.

Of the Presbytery of Oneida. The Rev. Bethuel Dodd.

Of the Presbytery of Albany. The Rev. Simon Hofack.

Mr. Isaac Hutton, Elder. Of the Presbytery of Columbia. The Rev. Aaron J. Booge.

Of the Presbytery of Hudson. The Rev. Jahn Clark.

Mr. Nathan Douglass, Elder. Of the Presbytery of New-York. The Rev. Dr. Alexander M-Whorter.

Azel Roe : Mr. Henry Rutgers: The Rev. Asa Hillyer :

John Murray :

Elders. Samuel Miller :

Ifaac Allen :

Nathl. Little. Of the Prefbytery of Long-Island. The Rev. Joshua Hart:

Lyman Beecher : Mr. Nathaniel Hand, Elder.

Of the Presbytery of New-Brunswick. The Rev. Dr. John Woodhul : Mr. John Bayard: The Rev. James F. Armstrong: Nathl. Burrowes: Elders. Robert Finley :

David Bishop:




Of the Presbytery of Philadelphia. The Rev. Dr. Samuel Blair : Mr. Wm. Haslett The Rev. Uriah Du Bois :


Joel Fithian
John B. Linn.

Of the Presbytery of New-Castle.
The Rev. Nathan Grier;
John E. Latta. :

Mr. George M-Ilvaine, Elder.
Of the Presbytery of Carlisle.
The Rev. Dr. Robert Cooper : Mr. James M.Clean:
The Rev. Samuel Waugh :

· Matthew Dill : Robert Cathcart.

Of the Presbytery of Baltimore.
The Rev. John Brackenridge: Mr. James Irwin, Elder.

Of the Presbytery of Lewis.
The Rev. John Johnson : Mr. William Whitely, Elder.

Of the Presbytery of Huntingdon.
The Rev. Henry R. Wilson.

Of the Presbytery of Winchester. The Rev. William Hill :

William Williamson : Mr. Lewis Stevens, Elder.

Of the Presbytery of Redstone. The Rev. William Speer.

Of the Presbytery of Ohio,
The Rev. John M.Millan :

Thomas Marques :
James Hughes.

Of the Presbytery of Hanover.
The Rev. Archibald Alexander.

Of the Presbytery of Weft-Lexington, The Rev. James Welsh.

Of the Presbytery of Eric, The Rev. James Sattersfield.

Of the Presbytery of Orange. The Rev. William Paisley,

Of the Presbytery of Union. The Rev. Gideon Blackburn.

Of the Presbytery of Concord. The Rev. James Hall.

Of the second Presbytery of S. Carolina. The Rev. James Gilliland.

Delegates from the General Association of CONNECTICUT. The Rev. Dr. Timothy Dwight : The Rev. Asahel Hooker. The Rev. James Hall, was chosen Moderator, and the Rev. Rar

bert Cathcart, Temporary Clerk. The delegates from the Gen. Assembly, to the last Gen. Affociation of Connecticut, Reported; that they all attended during the

felhons of the affociation: were treated with great respect and cordiality by that body, and were much pleased with the attention to business, and fpirit of harmony which prevailed among them: that the Gen. Affociation have formed a plan of intercourse with the Gen. Convention of the clergy of the state of Vermont, similar to that which subsists between the Association and this Assembly: that the delegates perceived with great pleasure, the laudable attention given by the association to the Missionary business; their growing fuccefs therein, and the flourishing state of their funds for that purpose: that the Association have taken measures for obtaining a charter of incorporation for the aid and security of their missionary funds: and that the general state of religion within their limits, appeared, on the whole, to be favourable.

The Assembly called on the Presbyteries, which have not heretofore reported on the 6th Section of the XI. chapter of the constitution, to exhibit their reports.

Whereupon the Presbyteries of Concord and of Union reported it as their opinion, that the alteration proposed ought to be made ; and they empower, on their part and behalf, the General Assembly to change the expresion, Standing Rules, into Constitutional Rules.

The Presbytery of Lewis reported it, as their opinion, that the change ought not to be made.

Resolved, that the Presbyteries which have not yet reported on this fubject, be careful to send forward their reports to the next Gen. Assembly.

The Presbyteries which have not exhibited histories of their refpective Presbyteries, agreeably to the order of Assembly in the year 1800, were called upon to produce the same; when a member of the Presbytery of New York, laid upon the table an historical account of that Presbytery: The other Presbyteries were not ready to report; but appeared generally, to have paid some attention to the subject.The Assembly therefore enjoined on the Presbyteries, which have not compleated their historical collections; to take the most prompt and effectual measures to finish the fame, and forward them to the next Gen. Assembly.

Pursuant to orders given by several former Assemblies, the Synod of the Carolinas reported, that in their opinion, the interest of the Redeemer's kingdom will be most effectually promoted, by the said Synod continuing to conduct the missionary business in their vicinity, at least for the ensuing year.--Accordingly the Assembly resolved, that the Synod of the Carolinas be authorized and requested, to continue to conduct, with their wonted zeal and diligence, the missionary business on their frontiers, and elsewhere at discretion, and report to Dext Affenbly.

The southern Synods, who manage the missionary business in their separate capacity, were called upon to report to the Assembly on this subject. Whereupon the fynod of Pittsburgh made a verbal report, that they had fent out three missionaries in the course of the

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