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Seite 7 - The elementary facts as to the origin, composition, physical properties, texture, structure, variations, discoloration, and decomposition of granite, together with a summary of the methods of classifying, testing, and quarrying it, will be found, in a form intended for general readers, in Bulletin No.
Seite 130 - DIKE. A mass of granite, diabase, basalt, or other rock which has been erupted through a narrow fissure. DIMENSION STONE. A term applied to stones that are quarried of required dimensions. DIP. The inclination from the horizon, given in terms of degrees, of a sheet, joint, heading, dike, or other structural plane in a rock. DRIFT. Sand and bowlders deposited by the continental glacier.
Seite 129 - A preliminary report on a part of the granites and- gneisses of Georgia : Georgia Geol.
Seite 131 - POLARIZED LIGHT. Light whose vibrations, unlike those of ordinary light, which are in all directions, are in only one plane. Polarized light is used in the microscopic study of rocks.
Seite 132 - Quarrymen's term for aplite. SAND SEAMS. Quarry term for more or less minute veins or dikes of muscovite (white mica) with some quartz, in cases also with feldspar.
Seite 132 - A quarrymen's term to designate an obscure microscopic cleavage in granite which greatly facilitates quarrying. RUN. A term used by quarrymen in connection with "rift," apparently to denote the course of the deflection of the rift due to gravity, strain, or other not yet understood cause. SALT-HORSE.
Seite 48 - ... wide, surrounded by slate and schist. Its representation on the state geologic map of 1861 is not far different. The writer's time was too short to enable him to trace the boundaries of the granite and schist, nor was a map suitable for such purpose available. Finlay represents a schist tongue crossing Millstone Hill diagonally from northwest to southeast, and Cobble Hill as all granite, but the writer found schist on the north side of the top of the Cobble, without, however, determining its...
Seite 130 - ANTICLINE. A term applied to granite sheets or sedimentary beds that form an arch. APLITE. Fine-grained granite, usually occurring in dikes and containing little mica and a high percentage of silica. BASIC. A term applied to rocks in which the iron-magnesia minerals and feldspars with lime and soda predominate, such as diabase or basalts.
Seite 132 - SERICITE. A more or less fibrous form of muscovite (potash mica), often resulting from the alteration of feldspar. SHAKES. Quarrymen's term to designate a somewhat minute close-joint structure, which forms along the sheet surface as a result of weathering.
Seite 47 - Montpelier (see fig. 1), and the Barre quarries are 3 miles farther southeast, near the southeast corner of the township of Barre, and a few of them are in Williamstown, in Orange County, which adjoins Barre on the south. The city of Barre lies on Stephens Brook, a tributary of the Winooski, which empties into Lake Champlain. About half a mile southMillstone Hill Websterville Jail River Cobble Hill FIGURE 12.

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