Letters from the Alleghany Mountains

Geo. Putnam, 1849 - 198 Seiten

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Seite 202 - Or, the Romance and Reality of Eastern Travel. BY ELLIOT WARBURTON. One vol. 12mo, green cloth, $1 25 "This delightful work is, from first to last, a splendid Panorama of Eastern scenery, in the ful) blaze of its magnificence.
Seite 215 - Selections from Old English Writers. Selections from the Works of Taylor, Latimer, Hall, Milton, Barrow, Lowth, Brown, Fuller, and Bacon By BASIL MONTAGU. 1 vol., 12mo, green » cloth, 50 cents ; cloth gilt, $1. " This volume contains choice extracts from some of the noblest of the old English writers."— Cincinnati Atlas.
Seite 210 - We confess that we know of none in this country so competent to the task of illustrating this work as the young artist selected for the purpose, Felix Darley, some of whose designs we have had the pleasure of seeing. They are full of the quiet, Crayonish humor peculiar to the author, and drawn with the same elegant finish and freedom from blemish which distinguish all his works. Until we saw...
Seite 209 - We have never read a work of fiction with more interest, and we may add, profit — combining as it does, with the most exciting and romantic adventures, a great deal of information of various kinds. The heroine, Kaloolah. Is about as charming and delicate a specimen of feminine nature, as we recollect in any work of imagination or fancy. We will answer for it that all readers will be perfectly delighted with her.
Seite 119 - I have yet witnessed among the Alleghanies. At a farm-house near the gap, where I spent a night, I had the pleasure of meeting an English gentleman and tourist, and he informed me that, though he had crossed the Alps in a number of places, yet he had never seen any mountain scenery which he thought as beautiful as that of the Hickory Nut Gap. My best view of the gorge was from the eastward, and just as the sun, with a magnificent retinue of clouds, was sinking directly in the hollow of the hills,...
Seite 207 - The typography of this series is all that could be desired. Nothing superior to it has issued from the American press. Irvine will be among American classics what Goldsmith is among those of the Fatherland/ His works have not been crowded from our shelves by the hosts of new claimants for public favor, who have appeared since the Sketch Book was in every body's hands. We have often...
Seite 50 - That bear weighed three hundred and fifty pounds. On another occasion, he had fired at a large buck, near the brow of a precipice some thirty feet high. On seeing the buck drop, he took for granted that he was about to die, when he approached the animal, for the purpose of cutting its throat. To his great surprise, however, the buck suddenly sprung to his feet, and made a tremendous rush at the hunter, with a view of throwing him off the ledge. But what was more remarkable, the animal succeeded in...
Seite 216 - Or as philosophers, who find Some favourite system to their mind, In every point to make it fit, Will force all nature to submit.
Seite 199 - We cannot doubt it will find its way into the hands of scholars and thinkers at once, and we ihull be surprised if it does not prove to be one of the most popular, as it certainly is one of the most useful issues of the season.
Seite 200 - This is, we think, THE MOST EXTRAORDINARY WORK OF THE PRESENT AGE, whether with reference to the wonderful discoveries it describes, its remarkable verification of our early bilbical history, or of the talent, courage, and perseverance of its author.

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