Results of Primary Triangulation and Primary Traverse: Fiscal Year 1903-04

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1904 - 328 Seiten

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Seite 339 - SIR: I have the honor to transmit herewith the manuscript of a report entitled "Zinc and Lead Deposits of Northwestern Illinois,
Seite 59 - SLIPS. [Mount each slip upon a separate card, placing the subject at the top of the second slip. The name of the series should not be repeated on the series card, but the additional numbers should be added, as received, to the first entry.] Bain, H[arry] Foster, 1872.
Seite 126 - A marble post 36 by 6 by 6 inches, set 35 inches in the ground, in the center of top of which is cemented a bronze triangulation tablet. Reference mark: A large locust tree 2.2 feet in diameter, true azimuth 292°, distant 60.47 feet from station. (Latitude 40" 38
Seite 152 - A marble post 36 by 6 by 6 inches, set 32 inches in the ground, in the center of top of which is countersunk and cemented a bronze triangulation tablet. Reference mark: The lone locust signal tree 4 feet north of station mark. (Latitude, 40° 17
Seite 33 - The result is an ore body occupying a series of horizontal sheets called "flats" connected by a series of dipping sheets or "pitches." Many of these pitches are parallel to a main vertical crevice and pitch outward from it on both sides. The ore spreads out along the bedding planes both toward the main vertical crevice and away from it. It also descends from bedding plane to bedding plane by a number of parallel pitches. The deposition of the ore in the cavities formed by the combination of joints...
Seite 150 - Yohoghany, whose house is about one-fourth mile south of signal. Station mark: A stone post 36 by 8 by 8 inches, in the center of top of which is cemented a bronze tablet marked "US Geological Survey — Pennsylvania. " (Latitude 40° 16' 22.57 . Longitude 79° 45' 49.85".] PROSPECT, KAYETTE COUNTY.
Seite 41 - The significance of these facts lies in the circumstance that this whole cave and its contents underlies nearly the entire thickness of the Maquoketa shale, as was shown in the section of No. 3 shaft then being sunk, following a drill hole, to facilitate the excavation of the ore. In the shale there was no sign of either crevice or ore, but in the dolomite overlying the cave a small crevice showing a very little blende and galena was found. These relations make it clear that under favorable circumstances...
Seite 330 - Boundaries of the United States and of the several States and Territories, with an outline of the history of all important changes of territory (third edition), by Henry Gannett.
Seite 103 - Both hornblende and pyroxene varieties were seen, the latter containing considerable olivine in addition to pyroxene and showing the secondary mineral, iddingsite. Alteration of pyroxene to hornblende was also observed. The feldspar is a basic variety, labradorite or sometimes anorthite, giving as alteration products chlorite and epidote.
Seite 57 - The serial publications of the United States Geological Survey consist of (1) Annual Reports, (2) Monographs, (3) Professional Papers, (4) Bulletins, (5) Mineral Resources, (6) Water-Supply and Irrigation Papers, (7) Topographic Atlas of United States — folios and separate sheets thereof, (8) Geologic Atlas of the United States — folios thereof.

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