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hours after completing water arrested for being in possession and provisions, have no time of the documents. He escaped to look after or make inquiries from confinement, and again about stability of prize agents, brought the matter before Parand therefore trust their oon- liament, by unrolling the table oerns to the first that come. of costs of the oondemnation of The prizes in the meanwhile one of his prizes in the House, are sold by the agent. Now, and the bill when anrolled what does he do generally with was as long as the floor of the the money? Why, spooulates chamber itself. with it on his own account. If Coohrane made interesting he fails, the prize agent breaks, discoveries. The chief officer and off he starts, paying per- at Malta was & Mr Jackson, haps not a 18. in the £.

who held the office of marshal No redress of these evils was by deputy in order that he attempted. A few years later, might perform the duties of Coobrane, finding himself in prostor. He dealt with each debt for prizes, went to the prize in each separate capacity, Admiralty Court at Malta to and “right profitably did Mr discover why, and succeeded in Prootor Jackson perform the stealing and smuggling away duty of attending and consultto a friend in Corsioa the table ing himself as Mr Marsbal of fees that hung in the Court. Jaokson,” as the following Great consternation and alarm extraot from the table of costs arose in Malta, and he was even of one prize reveale. Attending (as proctor) in the registry and bespeaking a monition .

2 0 0 Paid (himself as marshal) for said monition under seal

and extracting Copy of said monition for service Attending Mr Marshal (himself) and feeing and

instructing him to execute same . Paid the marshal (himself) for service of said monition

(on himself): Certificate of service (on himself)

. 1 0 0 Drawing and engrossing affidavit of service (on himself) Oath thereto and attendance (on himself) . .

In addition to this, the Naval Prize Aot came into marshal olaimed as perquisite being, an Aot which oontinued one - half per cent on the in force until the war began inspection of prizes, one per in 1914. oent for their appraisement, Let it not be supposed, howand two and a half per ever, that the seamen of the cent on sale. So that early days were always badly on a prize of £100,000 the treated in this matter of prize marshal's share alone was money. At times huge rewards £4000, irrespeotive of any oame their way. other fees instanced above. Five hundred thousand

Yet despite all these efforts pounds of treasure from the the matter was shelved, and Spanish register ship Herit was not until 1864 that the moine fell & prize to the

a 10

British frigate Active and the valaable ships. Daring his sloop Favourite.

voyage around the world he The publio rejoioing at the seized the far-famed Manilla birth of a new prince (George galleon, rejoicing in the highthe Fourth) was heartened by sounding name of Nuestra Senthis evidence of the prowessora del Caba Donga, which used of the Navy; and the cap. to sail once a year for Spain tains of the ships received laden to the hatohes with treas£65,053, 138. 9d. and £64,872, ure. Anson's original squadron 138. 9d. respectively, and their of six ships, which had sailed offioers £13,004, 148. ld. eaob, round the world, had been, Thirty-six petty officers had through various vicissitudes, £1804, 0s. 4d. to spend as they reduced to the Centurion, the ohose, and sixty-eight seamen flagship, with a crew of 201, found themselves with £485 in of which 45 were effeotives. gold. These men were at & The Admiral deliberately set loss to know how to dispose of oat to waylay the Spanish 80 muoh money. They bought vessel, whioh was both heavily up all the watches in Portg- armed and manned. She oarmouth and “fryed" them over ried 42 heavy guns and 28 the galley fire. Then they smaller pieces (pateraros), with passed & resolution making a perfeotly healthy orew of 550. gold - laced tabs de rigueur. Nothing daunted, Anson Those who failed to abide by gave battle, and after a fight the resolution were liable to lasting ninety minutes the severe penalties.

Spaniard hauled down her One wretohed sailor over- flag, having lost 58 killed burdened with money escaped and 83 wounded. The aotual these dread oonsequences only vessel herself was sold at by his powers of persuasion. Canton. The value of her The last to arrive at the shop, treasure was & million and a he discovered that all the gold half dollars, and this money laoe had been bought up and was brought home and drawn he had to content himself with in triumph through the city silver lace. His shipmates of London in thirty-two wag. were wroth indeed. Oply did gons, “preoeded by a band he avoid punishment by his of military musicians, and insistent plea that he had guarded by a detachment of forced the salesman to accept the ship's oompany." the full prioe of the gold-laced On board the Frenoh Conartiole.

cepcion, & prize of 1745, was H.M.8. Phaeton, Sir A. & remarkable cargo of cocoa, Douglas, fell in with a Span. sixty-eight chests of silver, ish galleon off the Lizard, one gold and silver to the amount April day, and her cargo was of over £200,000, & twovalued at £1,200,000, of which wheeled chaise, the wheels som her oaptor received and axles of which were silver £935,000.

set with diamonds and other Admiral Anson was a for- preoious stones, and a quantity tunate fellow in encountering of gold in bars.

“When the ship was pat up money — whilst the dillys for sale, the French captain, (haokney ohariots) plying beapon the promise of a reward tween Dook and Plymouth, from Captain Frankland, the vid Stonehouse, at sixpence captor, discovered to him each person, or eighteenpence 30,000 pistoles, wbiob were for the whole, were oontinually conoealed in a place where not only filled with sailors, but no one would ever have covered by them, all anxious to dreamt of finding anything." expend large sums of money,

By these means did the which had just been paid them geamen of those days secure in guineas, and which they at times large sums of money. were frequently seen carrying In 1812 the Caroline was paid about the streets in their bats off at Portsmouth, after baving ander their arms. A sailor in been eighteen years in commis- those days bad no idea of satsion. Some of the orew were ing up anything for the future. entitled to £2000 prize money, His only thought was to get in addition to an accumulation rid of his money, and to such of ten years' wages."

an extent was this desire for Possessed of wealth such as squandering it oarried, that I that, the seamen's hilarity recolleot being on board the knew no bounds. Their one Swiftsure with Captain Phillip, aim was to spend their money. when a sailor, oarrying a pewter Devious and ingenious ways pint-pot in his band nearly full were adopted to get rid of of guineas, came to bio oaptain it. One fore-mast man at on deok, and begged very earnPlymouth, who had just re- estly to be allowed to go on ceived £700 and twenty-four shore for the remainder of the hours' leave of absence, hired day, in order to expend his three carriages and four-one prize money. Pbillip knew the for his hat, another for his man, and stiffly refused bis stick, and a third for himself petition; the man soon re

and in this fashion rode duced bis demand to 'one about the streets of the town hour on shore, if you please, from pablio-house to publio. dear Captain, and I promise house till the expiration of you most sincerely to bave his day of liberty.

then spent the last guinea.' The most interesting stories " No,' replied Phillip. I of the way prize money was know you will not return disposed of are related in the but when brought on by memoirs of Colonel Landmann, foroe,' and quiokly turned who served from 1789 onwards. towards the cabin. Referring to Plymouth at the “The sailor again, bat in olose of the century, he de- hand, followed his command. olares it was full of gaiety. ing officer, begging for leave

“ Fore Street was almost to go in the boat about to crowded with the officers of push off for the shore, and the Navy and Army - the ageuring the Captain that be former swimming in prize would remain in sight of the

officer in charge of the boat; the remainder by breaking he was denied.

watches. "Then,' exolaimed the tar, “But tell me,' said I, 'how as he attered a deep groan, and by what rule they are

what's the use of money if & going on?' man can't get leave to spend “Why,' said a large heavyit?' and at the same time he looking woman with short dashed the pot of gainean ovor. petticoat and bloated face, 'I board, and hastened away to don't suppose it's of any use the forecastle without uttering to tell you nothing about it. another word.”

The way on it is, they buys a The general waste of money dozen of them there watohes by the seamen was appalling. for £5 apiece, from that tall Another instance is related by half-starved Jow as you sees the Colonel which he witnessed t’other side; but they isn't at Mutton Cove, Plymouth. worth £1 a piece, God bless He observed a group of sailors, you, and then they goes to women, and Jews anxiously work and tries which oan beat watobing some proceedings to orombs his half first for a going on within a ring they glass of grog all round.'” formed. Being attracted to These exploits of the oaptors the spot, he peroeived two and the extortions of the Courts sailors sitting on the ground, have faded into insigpificant each of them holding a shoo history, when viewed to-day by the toe and with the heels after the oataclysm from which hammering & watoh to pieces, the world has only recently whilst there were several other emerged. watohes lying by their sides, Yet even to-day there is a seemingly waiting to undergo savour of unpleasantnees about the same operation,

the distribution of prize money. “I was quiokly informed by An offioial balance-sheet of all some of the lookers-on that the payments and expenses from two watob-pounders were 'poor the Admiralty would be a fellows whose hard - hearted document of absorbing interest captains, not allowing them one to the Navy at large. Prohour's liberty on shore to spend orastination and the exou888 the prize money they had tbat that have been proffered to inday received, amounting to sistent questions in the House of more than £70 a piece, had Commons have accentuated the obliged them to remain on the feeling in the Senior Service waterside in sight of the middy that there might have been & in oharge of the boat.'

more expeditions divieion of the “To all the women looking money earned during the war. on they had behaved with great The consoling feature about liberality, by dividing amongst the present distribution of the them a great portion of the 50s. shares is that the awards money, and I was further in- are not subjeot to income-tax. formed that they were now That, at least, is some small endeavoaring to get rid of solace.



EVEN those most interested uate their Somali colony; and in the maroh of events in our early in the following year outposts of empire had very Great Britain concluded sepanearly forgotten Somaliland rate treaties with six of the and her long-standing prob- eight Somali tribes now living lem, when it was announoed under its proteotion. Thus last February that the Mad some 58,000 square miles were Mallah’s dervishes had been added to our African empire, utterly routed and destroyed, and an important littoral on and that with the assistance the main sea route to India of a few aeroplanes a twenty- oame under British suzerainty. one years' war had been ended Responsibility for this newlyin as many days, at a cost acquired possession devolved which was as trifling in money upon the Government of India as it was in blood (two native until 1898, when, with a view to soldiers killed). If our im. the development of theresonroes perial enthusiasts could soarce- of the interior, the adminiely reoall the position in Somali- tration was transferred to the land, it is hardly a matter for Foreign Office. This projected surprise that the general atti. development would, doubtless, tude towards an event of no have proceeded along lines small importance in Africa similar to those followed in and the Middle East should be our other Crown Colonies and that portrayed by “Mr Panoh," Proteotorates, had it not been when he announced in the for the ambitions of one man, same breath that Willesden who for twenty - one years had won the London Draughts successfully defied the power Championship, and that the of the British Government. Mad Mullah of Somaliland Mohammed bin Abdullah had been beaten again. This Hassan, better known as the paper, then, is an attempt to Mad Mullah, was born in the enlighten those who may wish interior of Somaliland, some to be enlightened about Som- say at Kirrit, in the late aliland, by traeing the causes 'sixties, his father an Ogaden and the history of the Mullah's Somali, bis mother & Somali movement, and by giving some of the Dolbabanta tribe. His very brief desoription of the boyhood was much like that of recent operations.

other Somali boye, spent someFifty years ago, Ismail I., times with his fellow - tribesKhedive of Egypt, acquired men and their stook in the from the Porte the Somali interior, sometimes in Berbera. coast from Berbora to Zeyla. Now and again, perbaps, he In 1884, however, diffioulties voyaged in some friendly in the Sudan constrained the buggalow carrying Somali Egyptian Government to evao- produce, bides and ghee and

om before the one of one been

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