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Accommodation on salvage good workmen, olean, and work is never luxurious. Men studiously polite, with a defersleep and eat where and when once to their employers which, they can. But though she whether it is to be regretted or may be carrying three or four not, has died ont entirely in times her proper complement, England. But though capable there is usually & salvage and industrious, they were of a steamer aboard which the men shifty and violent temper. live.

“Rovy," Captain G. (himself Our only salvage steamer & Lett) would say in his broken was a tag-the Aleida Johanna English, "rovy, like a dog. A —which, after protraoted and word, and the son kills the irritating negotiations by in- father and the father the son. terpreter with the engineer of You must keep him in the the port at Archangel and by hand-80-strong-strong. So telegram with his opposite I keep him all my life." He number at Murmansk, we had was to find that the men were suoceeded in chartering. She, now not so easily to be kept however, was still at Mur- "in the hand.” Even “the mansk, and at the best there blaok labour,” as he oalled it, was not room for more than a the carpenters and unskilled dozen men aboard of her. labourers from Archangel and

All hands had therefore to Soroka itself, were alive to the live on board the wreok, which, political changes of the past having been thoroughly looted year or so, and listened the and deserted for over two more readily to the one or two years, did not at first sight agitators on board, and were look very habitable. But no the more dangerous from their Russian, given an axe and ohildlike simplicity and entire sufficient timber, would be lack of eduoation. homeless for more than a day; The first evening they filled and on the morning after our the entrance to the saloon to arrival the ship was comfort. listen to the arrangements able enough, the saloon and with regard to hours and oabins cleaned out for us, and details of work, & proceeding the poop and forecastle fitted whioh, though they were refor the men with new doors spectful enough, aroused Capand double tiers of bunke, tain G.'s indignation. which bore an extraordinary “Never have I seen this family resemblance to those in thing," he exclaimed. “I have a German dag-out. Indeed, him always like a dog treated many of the men, nearly all of before in my life.” He was whom were from the Baltio, the kindest old man, and there were German in speech and is no doubt had considered his appearanoe. The majority of men and looked after them them by birth were Letts, well, but he was no believer

in Trade Union methods for connecting ap steam pipes Russia.

to it. Our first business, after the A certain amount of technimen had settled themselves oality is unavoidable if one is aboard, was to send off the to follow the story of the next orew for the Aleida Johanna two months, and it is perhaps by train to Murmansk, and as well at this point to explain the next to get steam on the the plan of salvage which the wreok. Steam, the life-blood diver's examination and our of a ship, to work the winches previous inspection led us to so that we could lower pumps adopt. and gear down into the 'tween. The soundings round the decks, and later to work the ship gave at high-water springpamps themselves.

tides 10 feet forward, 12 feet We had failed to get & amidships, and 14 feet aft on donkey - boiler in Arohangel, the starboard side, which was and the ship's donkey-boiler the side furthest up on the was at the same level as the ledge of rookOn the port main boilers, and therefore side there was a foot more forunder water and useless. ward, 18 inches more amid.

I embarked on what I felt ships, and a couple of feet to be & fruitless search for a more aft. donkey-boiler in Soroka with. The builders had telegraphed out any great confidence. The to us that for the vessel to float railway station and Belaieff's empty, and with no bunkers, mill were drawn blank, but but with ballast tanks full, she look was with us (as on several would require 7 feet 6 inches oooasions afterwards), and I forward, 9 feet 6 inches amidfound at Stewart's, the mill on ships, and 12 feet 6 inches aft. the east side of the bay just we had not muob to spare, opposite the wreok, a new therefore, and there was no boiler whioh had been intended question of leaving the most for a small tug-boat but never severely damaged compartfitted.

ment alone. The vessel must It was some hundreds of be got into such a condition yards from the beach, in a that all compartments oould be wooden house whioh had been pumped praotically dry. built roand it; it weighed two The fact that the water only tons, and the looal manager of rose and fell a few inches with the mill was very doubtful as the tide in the two after-holds to whether we oould be allowed (Nos. 3 and 4) showed that these to have it, even at the in- were only slightly damaged. ordinate price he put upon it. Aotually we discovered the However, it was a very short principal source of the leakage time before the house was in No. 4-rivet out in the taken to pieces, the boiler side of the tunnel—the first hoisted on to a barge, towed day. off to the ship, and got aboard, These two holds were thereand the engineers were busy fore left alone until the time should come to pamp them of the bottom we could only out.

guess at, for it was impossible In the engine-room the diver for the diver to get underneath found that three manhole the vessel, sitting flat down on doors were off and had dis- the rook as she was, but we appeared. Here, doubtless, was knew that there could be very the origin of the story of the little of it intaot. rook through the bottom of The scheme proposed was to the engine-room, no doubt build & cement bulkhead, six oiroulated by the same indi- feet broad by six feet higb, vidual who had removed the inside & wooden box right doors, and had wished in this aoross the whole width of the way to deter any one else from ship (42 feet) in the stokehold attempting salvage

against the bulkhead between New manhole doors had to it and No. 2 hold, and another be made and fitted,

similar bulkhead in No. 2 hold There was no double bottom against the other side of the in the stokehold, and it was original bulkhead. here that we anticipated seri. These two cement bulk beads ous trouble. Fortunately, the would, in fact, constitute at divers could find none under once a new water-tight bulk. neath the boilers; but the head between the stockhold bulkhead between the stoke- and No. 2 hold, and & patoh hold and No. 2 hold had given over the damage to the bottom way at the bottom, and it was at this point. evident that at this point A third oement bulkhead was (where the ship was apparently to be built against the damresting on a small ledge of aged portion of the bulkhead rook slightly above the level between No. 2 and No. 1 holds. of the rest) there was con. It was necessary to make siderable damage.

these bulkheads six feet bigb, In No. 2 hold there were & though it was only the large number of rivets out in bottom of the ship's balkhead the tank top, whioh was badly which was damaged, in order setap, the seams of the to have sufficient weight of tank were leaking, and in one cement on top of the damage place the bottom of the bulk to resist the pressure of the head between No. 2 and No. 1 water, which would try to holds bad given way. In No. 1 force its way in when the ship hold, as in No. 2, there were was pumped out. numbers of rivets gone, and the It will be appreciated that seams of the tanks were opened these bulkheads had to be built out.

by the divers under water. It must be understood that The method was as follows: there was never any question The wooden box, or rather of making the ship's bottom wall, was constructed by the water-tight. If she were to carpenters on deck in seotions float at all she must float on made to fit exactly into each her tank tops. The oondition other. It was made of 4-inch

deals, which were fitted as rioks and rigging now running closely as possible and oaalked, gear, in bringing aboard and to make them water-tight outting to size heavy 16-inch The bottom (where it rested on logs from Stewart's mill with the tank top) was fitted with which to shore down the tank& big “pudding” or sausage tops to stand the pressure of oanvas filled with hemp for when the ship should be the same purpose.

pumped out; in oonneoting up These sections were weighted steam pipes all over the vessel and sent down to the diver, and persuading the rusted who plaоed them in position winches to work again, in six feet away from the ship's taking accurate soundings in bulkhead, antil there was a the direction in whioh the wooden wall right aoross the ship should be taken out when vessel.

she floated, in strengthening He then went down and the poop and the after-bateh proceeded to fill the space coamings with timber, outting between this wall and the a hole in the poop and fitting ship’s bulkhead with coment. & fairlead (without pneumatio This was mixed dry in the tools) so that the ship could 'tween - deoks with sand and be heaved off to an anchor laid stones, and sent down to him, out on the port quarter, in on the endless chain principle, lowering pumps down into in iron canisters with a oanvas the holds and oonnooting up bottom fastened with & slip- suotions, and in half a hundred knot.

other direotions. He would open the bottom The only pumps we had of the canister as olose to the been able to prooure were two ground as possible and spread Worthington pattern steamthe cement with his foot as it pumps each with two 6.inoh fell out, when it would, of suctions, a 4-inch steam Worth. course, mix with the water. ington and a 2-inch.

Fortunately for us, there Captain G. was very eonfi. was & quantity of coment at dent that these were all we Murmansk, and more fortun- should need, and that the ately still, there was & veggel cement bulkheads would be so due shortly to leave for Kem, water - tight that the ship only four hours' distance by could be pumped absolutely sea from Soroka. A hurried dry. Fortunately I (by this oable to the D.N.T.O. produced time regretting – too late — & promise to ship 300 barrels my ship with all her gear (at £2, 12s.6d, a barrel) within in England) believed in taka few days.

ing no chances, and sent a Meanwhile there was plenty wire asking that & 12-inch to do in construoting the Allen motor-pump (oapaoity wooden bulkheads, in oleaning 750 tons per hour) should be away the debris from the sent out with a good motor engine-room and stokehold, in engineer from England to strengthening the ship's der. Archangel by the next ship

But how dependent we were clear that looking over the to be on that motor-pump, and side one could see on the how good the motor engineer bottom every rook, and every was to prove himself, I never tin that had been thrown dreamed at the time.

overboard. Throughout July the work The launch-Permoshnik, or went well. The Aleida Assistance - paffed in every Johanna left Murmansk, morning the five miles to thanks to Captain Book, Soroks for stores, in charge D.N.T.O., after a last attempt of one “Rat-Whiskers," an old on the part of the Rassian man in whose veins was salt authorities to stop her and water instead of blood, who oanoel the charter, and duly would live at sea antil bis arrived at Soroka. The soul passed into a gull, and cement arrived at Kem and whose irritating habit it was, was brought round in barges. when he went in alone with Thenceforward the divers the launch, to tie up for as lived below in water the long as possible alongside the oolour of milk, and the 'tween- pier and sleep, when the launch deoks were thiok with cement was most needed at the wreok. dust that filled the hair and Rations we got on repay. the eyebrows and the lungs of ment from the local British the men who mixed it. Five A.S.C. officer, who had been hours on end the divers would called upon to feed so many remain below, and then would strange people that he had oome up and turn the pump lost the faculty of surprise, for five hours for their relief, His flook inoluded the British

-& spectacle that would have troops in the distriot, the Ser. sent the Secretary of the bians, all the native populaNational Divers' Union of tion, the workers on the railGreat Britain into a rapid de- way, a few casual Americans, oline. For in this country the French, and Italians, Bolshevik diver is a great man and will prisoners, and several hundred not even carry his own helmet. sleigh-dogs left over from the

The deck was knee-deep in winter (who, however, fed sbavings from the fresh-out largely on each other). All wood, and the continual olang- these had different soales of ings and hammerings from the rations, and when they paid, engine - room told of activity paid different prioes in differthere.

ent currenoies. “Salvage," The hands turned to at therefore, was only a matter 7 A.M. and worked to 7 P.M., of another daily indent, and with an hour for breakfast “Rat - Whiskers" and the and an hour for dinner. A.S.C. Sergeant were soon

The skies were blue and on the best of terms,-parcloudless, the sun shone con. ticularly as our rations were tinually with just sufficient "fall-scale," and included both warmth to be pleasant; the rum and cigarettes. sea was dead calm, and 80 The men would come in

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