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and came baok to oamp very I, what a fool I shall feel if badly soared.

they aren't after me after all; “And that evening the storm I'm damned if I'll be soared burst. I was sitting in my by the howlings of a pack of tent after dinner writing my Bedlamite fanatics. The second diary. Outside all was silent course I hardly considered. save for a subdaed murmuring For, if once you start shootwhere Ismal and the camel. ing, you must go on, or you men were busy oooking their are for it; and even with a evening meal, and a vertical magazine rifle one man has moon was pouring into the precious little chance against gorge making it as bright as a mob. So I plumped for the day. Then suddenly the third alternative. For after silence was shattered, and I all the Englishman in India found myself outside my tent finds it hard to believe that staring towards the shrine, the Indian will over dare to

“Have you ever unwittingly lay profane hands apon his disturbed a swarm of bees in saored person; even in these the jungle? Well, then, you demooratio days of race will know what I mean: one equality, there is & sort moment there was stillness of sanotity that hedges him absolate, and the next — & about. orash of angry sound almost “So I told Ismal that it as sudden and as startling as would be all right on the the barsting of a shell. It's night,' and that there was & nasty noise, isn't it — the to be no shooting. Then I ham of the angry Awarm got ap on a big rook in the thirsting for blood ? But bod of the gorge, and hoped there is one nastier: the roar for the best. All this time, of a crowd that is hunting the noise was getting nearer man. That was the sound and nearer-it was the worst that I was listening to now; five minutes I've ever spent. and worst of all, I had a Thon, with a crash, round a more than shrewd suspicion bond in the gorge the yelling that I was their man. It was paok came into view. altogether a horrid sound. “The leading hound was

“I did some pretty quiok that Aghori — naked, ashthinking in the next few smeared, horrible-brandishmoments ; appreciated the ing his length of chain. situation—88 they say in the Close on his heels orowded promotion examinations. It the romainder-fat worthy seemed to me that there were citizens, fanatios, impostorsthree oourses open: to out and a panting, screaming mob; but run; to shoot; or to try the now in the eyes of one and power of the human eye. all gleamed the same lust for Ismal & Co. were all for blood. I looked about overythe first, and frankly it ap- where for Strewal Peter, expealed to me much the most peoting to find him taking a strongly. But then, thought leading part; but muoh to my

surprise there was no sign of had caught a glimpse of poor him among the orowd. old Jook as he jumped for the

“But he is a queer fellow, throat of a naked ruffian, only your Indian ; you never know to be spitted on an iron trident. how you have him. All his “I don't know mooh about life he may have been your the immediate subsequent hapbest friend, capable of acts penings; an Indian crowd of extraordinary devotion, yet doesn't handle one picely. But one fine day some one works one memory will ever lingerapon his feelings and he tries of the fetid stenoh of sweating to out your throat. Hysteria, humanity; that bouquet peouthat's what it is. Why, there liar to the Indian, combined was a stout banker there in of garlio and hot black-lead. the forefront of the mob. There were too many of them Now, in the ordinary way, on top of meat once—that w88 he was the sort of fellow to the only thing that saved me. be content to make his 60 And, just as I felt that life was per cent all his days and to being squeezed out of me, sud. end up a Rai Bahadur?; but denly the pressure lightened, to-night he was a madman, and I realised in a dazed sort And I could see that, for the of way that the Aghori was moment, all that he longed beating off my most intimate for in life was to sink bis assailants with big obain. It nails into my flesh.

worked like a oharm - that “The height of the rook that obain; soon I found myself I was on had prevented the lying in a battered heap below first wave from swamping me; the rook, while the Aghori and as the paok oaaght sight harangued the frantio paok, of me they bunched together, leaping and baying round us and their musio ceased for a in & oirole. moment. That gave me my “I suppose I'd had a knock on one chance. I talked, and I the head. Anyway, all this believe I might have held time a queer kink of memory them even then.

kept some verses bozzing “Then that damned fool through my brain. UnpleasIsmal went and spoilt the antly appropriate verses they show. For all of a sudden were, too. Do you remember his old matehlook went off your Ingoldsby Legends'?— with a roar in the baokground,

**They have pulled you down flat on and some one yelped and fell.

your back That was the end of that.

Bloudie Jacke, With a bellow of rage the And they smack and they thwack, orowd swept forward and

Till your funny bones crack,

Good lack! What a savage attack !' lapped over my rook. I got that fat banker one on the “Bloudie Jacke had never bepoint of the chin, and then fore had his proper meed of I went down-but not till I sympathy from me.

believe even the databe

1 An honorary title,


"Then I vaguely realised that happened, and all hope was the stragglers from the paok pretty nearly gone. wore improving the shining “Then suddenly, in the sea hour by breaking op my tent. of faces round me, I pioked For, orash ! out oame my 'X' out one I know. It was the bed - olosoly followed by all Speechless Mystio's. He had my other most oherished pos- looked more dead than alivo sessions. And again memory when I had seen him at the automatioally supplied the shrine, but now he was legging rhythm. I found myself re- it like a two-year-old. In peating

faet, he was one of my most

energetio persecutors, and it "' In your tower there's a pretty to-do; was his persistent proddings Bloudie Jacke;

with his pilgrim's staff that In your tower there's a pretty to-do. All the people of Shrewsbury

now drew my attention to Playing old gooseberry With your choice bits of taste and "Then & most unexpeoted vertu.'.

thing happened. For, as he

bont right over me as though “ Gradually, as my senges to give me a partioularly oame baok to me, I began to vicious poke, to my atter grasp what the Aghori was amazemont I caught a hasty saying. And then I got & whisper in English, Watoh nasty shook. For he wasn't me and try to koop your arging the mob to meroy, but head; I am a friend.' Next merely to utilise my vile body moment, it's true, ho had according to his views. The begun again to belabour me goddess apparently was hungry with the best of them. Still, for human sacrifice-long de his blows, I noticed, hadn't nied her; and he pleasantly much weight behind them. Baggested that I filled the So I began to have jnst one role to perfection. His motion faint ray of hope. was oarried unanimously. With “We reached Chandragupat shouts of Chandragup! Chan. last, standing cold, white, and dragap! Throw him in, and silent in the moonlight. The the Terrible One will answer,' paok had tailed out a bit, but they hustled me to my foot, the chook up the slope olosed and bandled me down the them up again, and we reached gorgo towards the shore. the top fairly well togother.

“ It was seven miles to Chan. And there on the slippery dragup. More dead then alive, brink they throw me down. I was half-dragged half-oarried The Aghori still dominated the in the centre of the mob. And proceedings. With his obain every now and then some one ho beat the others down the would oatoh me a buffet to slope, and he and I were left speod mo on my way, or spit alone beside the orater. into my face at point-blank "Then began a woird dance of range. But by this time I was death. For round and round past worrying much about what the narrow slippery path the VOL. CCVIII.—NO. MCCLVII.


Aghori ospered in the moon- slipped—I can't be certain. light; while the orowd swayed Anyway, in his place, the baok and forward on the slope Speechless Mystio was now below and bayed in anison, standing by my side. Leaping high in the air, he “And that Aghori fairly would swing his chain re- stirred ap Chandragup, for be peatedly between his naked had been quiet enough op till thighs — meroilessly belabour- then; but now he gave us one ing his own baok and loins in of your paroxysmal eruphis eotasy; while the orowd tions' with a vengeanoe. oalled on Kali by her hundred First there was a heaving names to hearken to them and and gulping, as if he had to vouchsafe a sign: 'Oh swallowed something that Bloody Toothed Onel Answer simply wouldn't agree with 08. Oh Horrible One! Heark- him, and then all at once his en anto us.' Naked and ash- whole orater was aflame_for smeared, his antios oalled to all the world like & colossal mind the loper's dance in about Christmas pudding. the best short story Kipling “The pilgrims had got their ever wrote. For you remember answer. And they didn't seem how the Silver Man danced to like it. Baok they went to naked with his shadow, while the bottom of the hill; while Striokland was heating the the Speechless Mystio hauled gan-barrels ?1 ...

me after them—to a safe dis“And all this time, by my tance. But he wasn't speechside, within a few inches of less any longer. He talked to me, lay the oruel blaok surface them like a father-pointing of the mud, momentarily at out to them the error of their rest. How long would it be ways, and the punishment before I went down for ever in that had befallen the Aghori. its ohoking embrace ?

It was & very chastened “Then came a point where I audionoe, with most of the have never been quite clear religion frightened out of it. what happened. I suppose the And, & few minutes later, as olimax had been reached and the last flames were fliokeripg the time for my star turn out, we two found ourselves had arrived. For there was a alone. sudden forward rush of the “Then, as soon as the strain orowd. But, at the same was over, I realised how abmoment, I heard & shriek solutely done I was, and there even above the din, and next and then on the side of the moment the mud was heaving voloano I fell asleep. But my slaggishly. The Aghori had sleep seemed soarooly to have disappeared beneath its sur lastod a moment before I found face. I had a vagae impression myself being shaken back to that some one had pushed him consciousness; and I woke to from behind. Bat he may have find the Speechless Mystio


1 "The Mark of the Beast."

bending ovor me. Ismal, too, breeze blew cool through the had reappeared from some- soreens of tamarisk, I first where, and was standing at learnt the inward history of the bottom of the slope hold. that hootio night. ing & @amel. Dawn was just “For I had many talks with breaking, and it was bitterly the Speechless Mystio. His is cold; I was chilled to the bone & profession in wbioh it is and so stiff that to move was always war-time, and he has torture. However, despite my been risking his life for the protests, I was promptly last dozen years in as many bandled on to the oamel. Then different countries. In San Ismal set off towards the shore Franoisco and in London, in with the nose-rope in his hand. Geneva and in Japan, he has

I was much too miserable to carried his life in his band to question his movements. That watoh the innermost oiroles of ride was a nightmare. A the Indian anarchists. For he baggage-camel with a paok- is perhaps the leading Indian saddle is bad enough at the agent of the C.I.D.1 best of times; in my then state, “The War he spent in Berlin, the tortares of the Inquisition Bat no sooner did he get baok were as nothing to it. At to India for some well-earned last, more dead than alive, I leave than be found himself rolled off at the door of one of reoalled to headquarters in the very huts that I had seen conneotion with the new on first landing, the huts of Bolshevik menace from Central the Iohthyophagoi.

Asia. Well, as he figured it “And in that but I lived for out to me, in dealing with five days - slowly rooovering, Bolshevik propaganda you while I waited for a boat to have two main objeots in take me baok to Karachi. My view—to stop as many agents bost was a great strapping as possible from getting into fisherman called Billoo, and no India, and to batoh the rest one could have looked after me after they get there.

risk of being killed by kind- these objects, the northern ness; for I was plied with passes of India are fairly easy delicious soles of Billoo's oatoh. to watoh, and 80 are the ing and with suooulent Makran regalar seaports. But just dates from Mrs Billoo's store. look at the map and you will eupboard, and cossetod with see that Makran is a weak broth of mountain-sheep fallen point. For any ruffian oan to Ismal's jozail; while the board & coasting dhow, say in Speechless Mystio massaged the Persian Gulf, and land my battered limbs as only an unquestioned somewhere in Indian can.

Makran. And, from there, it “ And, lying on the hot dry is a matter of no great diffi. sand in the shadow of the culty to filter through over the blanket - awning, while the border into Sind, for the ad.

1 Criminal Investigation Department of India.

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