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fought hard for fashion, has ators with success the

won the admiration of Messrs ensure the discovery. HowGeorge and Asquith, who eaoh, ever, with success the oonspirafter his own fashion, has ators, booome oallons, have fought hard for disruption. revealed their purposes, and an That they have not deteoted the intelligent reading of history signs of their own hypoorisy in has shown as that, wherthis praise of a great Unionist ever there is rebellion there says very little for their sense is a Jewish organisation to of history. But if Mr George's strengthen and support it. references to Abraham Lincoln Here, then, is the danger that and his polioy are any more is always in our midst the solid than the air which oarried danger of Jewry, and we are them away, then he cannot oareless indeed if we allow avoid pledging himself honestly that danger to go un perceived and resolutely to the preserva- and anguarded against. tion of the Union, the one The Jew has always fished polioy which oan serve Great in troubled waters. The Britain and save Ireland. It disaster of the Christian has romains for him to carry into been his good fortune, and to aotion the speech which he those who are still in doubt as made at Carnarvon, and after to his purpose and design we a necessary period of martial commend with confidence a law to strengthen the ties recently published book, 'The which from the time of Pitt Cause of World Unrest,' with until 1906 boand Ireland an introduction by the editor tightly and firmly, in weal and of the Morning Post' (Lon. in woe, to the British Empire. don: Grant Richards). In the

Wherever we look at home pages of this book are traced or abroad we shall see the with skill and ingenuity the same signs of disintegration. plot oontrived by the Jews And disintegration does not against Christian oivilisation, a oome of itself. The old plot which was inaugurated romantio idea that history centuries ago, and which is was controlled by “move- still as active and as perilous monts," omnipotent and inevi- as ever it was. Behind the table, like floods or hurrioanes, Sinn Feiner in Ireland, behas long since been proved hind the silly anarchist on fallacious. The troubles which the Clyde, there lurks the beset the human race are Jew, oynioal and cunning, not made by natural forces. who is determined to turn Behind every disaster, every to his own 800ount the ema00088 of murder and brutality, barrassments of others. As it there are a human hand and is now in Russia and in Irea human brain. To discover land, so it was in France before whose are the hand and the the Revolution. Weishaupt brain is the only sure way of and the Illuminati were the making the hand and the powers; the revolutionaries brain innoodous, and hitherto were merely the pappets. Thus it has been hard, indeed, to is the truth sketohed by the Abbé Barruel in 1797 : “You point and aiding one another, thought the Revolution ended must find means of governing in Franoe, and the Revolution invisibly, and without any ap. in France was only the first pearance of violent measures, attempt of the Jaoobins. In not only the higher and more the desires of a terrible and distinguished olass of any parformidable seot you have only tioalar state, but even of all reached the first stage of the stations, of all nations, of every plans it has formed for that religion, must insinuate the general revolution, which is same spirit everywhere; in to overthrow all thrones, all silence, but with the greatest altars, annihilate all property, possible activity, must direot efface all law, and end by dis- the soattered inhabitants of solving all society.” As it was the earth towards the same in the time of the Abbé Bar- point.” ruel, so it is A terrible There you have as good s and formidable seot is attempt. description of Lenin's method ing to get the world into its 88 you could find anywhere. olutohes, and the sect has Working in silence and with ohanged neither in race nor the greatest possible activity in purpose in & oentury of the Jews of Russia, olever and years.

malignant, bave done their best Crude as was the philosopby to debauoh the opinion and the of Weishaupt or Spartacus, it morality of the whole world. was calonlated to inflame the They have purobased such minds of the many fools, tools everywhere as they “Yes," said he,“ princes and thought would be useful, and nations shall disappear from they have not been held back the face of the earth. Yes, from their fell purpose by any a time shall oome when man soraples of decenoy or pity. shall aoknowledge no other Murder and torture have been Law than the great book of the common means by which Nature. This Revolution shall they have achieved their ends, be the work of our Seoret and they have found apt pupils Societies, and that is one of in Ireland and in India. If our Grand Mysteries." The so far they have not succeeded, language is the language of it is because they have tried to the dangerous humbug, and cast their spell upon a partially very well it has succeeded in enlightened world. But the the deception of human-kind. danger is not overpast, and we The following passage brings shall save our oivilisation only us still nearer to the design of if we watoh the activities of the the Frenoh Revolution and to Jewish race, and bear in mind the form assumed by the worst the part that has been played terror of all-the terror of by the wickeder sort of freeBolshevism. “When the ob- masonry and by the ritual of ject is a universal Revolution, revenge in this prolonged atall the members of these tempt to ruin us all. Sooieties, aiming at the same in these terms it is that Barruel sketohed the sinister way and the end are alike principle apon which the Il- familiar. “The symbolism of luminati founded their hopes: the snake," says Nilus, "typi“ Want and opinion are the fies & ooiling and epoiroling two agents which make all movement, by which all men aot. Cause the want, Earope, and through Europe govern opinions, and you will all the rest of the world, by overturn all existing systems, the use of all forms of force, however well consolidated they by wars of conquest, and by may appear.Again it is economio pressure, will be Lenin's principle. It is the subjeoted to the influence of principle which ensured the in. Jewry.” That the statement famous French Revolution, as of Nilus should carry weight Mrs Webster has shown in her is proved by the faot that he book. “Agents employed by prophesied precisely the shape the Dao d'Orléans deliberately and the course whioh the revobought ap the grain,” she tells lation in Russia would take us on excellent authority, many years before the event, " and either sent it out of the and deolared that the preoountry, or concealed it in dioted revolution would be order to drive the people to carried out by a Jewish or. revolt," It is the principle ganisation, which brings us whiob will underlie every at- baok to the terrible and fortempt at revolution thatislikely midable seot of the eighteenth to be made in the world, and century. it is the prinoiple of the seorot How, then, shall we oombat societies and of that part of this terrible and formidable Jewry which is olosely related seot? By watobing its plots, to them.

wherever they be hatohed, and If we did not reoognise the by doing our best to frustrate lineal descent of one set of them. Above all, it is essential oonspirators from another, the to reoognise that the evil that revelations of one Nilus which has been done in Russia has have been set forth in The been done almost exolusively Jewish Peril' would appear by Jews. Trotsky is a Jew, strange indeed. The book oon- as is Lenin also, despite the tains the text of twenty-four denials of his friends. And Protoools of Meetings of the from these examples we may Learned Elders of Zion, and learn, if it be not too late, bow it shows how faithful have the dangerous it is to admit Jews modern conspirators remained into our counoils. Yet what to the teaching of the original have we seen during the last Spartacus. “The protocols, in two years? The Jews supreme truth, are the plans of a at the Conference of Paris, secret government of Jewry cheoking the aspirations of the for the return of this govern- Poles, for instance, because a ment to Zion and for the strong Poland is not acceptable government of the whole world to Jowry, considering always by Jewish dispensation.” The the oreed and the hopes of the "race" before the advantage forth, a Jew himself, to reconoile of the nations in wbioh they the Arabs to an enforoed and were permitted to sojourn. sudden influx of Hebrews, As it was at Paris, 80 it many of them Bolshevists ? is in our own Government. There is but one explanation There are politicians in the of these anomalies, and that British ministry who would not explanation is the influence be there if their Semitio blood wielded seoretly and unscrupuand conneotions had not given lously by the Semites who them a secret advantage. are allowed to live in our What is there of tradition or midst. In conclusion, we are training or ability in Sir faoed by a peril which it Alfred Moritz Mond, for in- would be absurd to overlook stanoe, which should entitle on the foolish plea of religious him to the Presidenoy of the toleration. It is no matter of Board of Works ? Why is Mr religion but of race, and the Montagu permitted to wreok sooner we insist that the Jews, the peace of India—a licence living peaceably in our midst, whioh would be granted, we shall take no part, open or hope and believe, to no Chris- seoret, in the government of tian? Why is Mr Montagu's the country in which they are cousin, Sir Herbert Samuel, privileged to dwell, the less who at any rate is not risk we shall run of revolution ashamed of his own name, sent and of Bolshevism.

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