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3. When He walked the fields, He drew
From the flowers, and birds, and dew,

Parables of God;
For within His heart of love
All the soul of man did move,

God had His abode.
4. Fill us with Thy deep desire,
All the sinful to inspire,

With the Father's life :
Free us from the cares that press
On the heart of worldliness,

From the fret and strife.
5. Lord, be ours Thy power to keep
In the very heart of grief,

And in trial, love.
In our meekness to be wise,
And through sorrow to arise
To our God above.

Stopford A. Brooke.


The Childlike Heart.


IT fell upon a summer day,

When Jesus walked in Galilee,
The mothers of the village brought

Their children to His knee.
2. He took them in His arms, and laid

His hands on each remembered head ;
“ Suffer these little ones to come

To Me," He gently said.
3. “Forbid them not; unless ye bear

The childlike heart your hearts within,
Unto My Kingdom ye may come,

But may not enter in.”

4. Master, I fain would enter there ;

O let me follow Thee, and share
Thy meek and lowly heart, and be

Freed from all worldly care.

5. Of innocence, and love, and trust,

Of quiet work, and simple word,
Of joy, and thoughtlessness of self,

Build up my life, good Lord.

6. All happy thoughts, and gentle ways,

And loving-kindness daily given,
And freedom through obedience gained,

Make in my heart Thine heaven.

7. And all the wisdom that is born

Of joy and love that question not,
The child's bright vision of the earth,

Be mine, O Lord, unsought.


8. O happy thus to live and move ;

And sweet this world, where I shall find
God's beauty everywhere, His love,
His good in all mankind.

Stopford A. Brooke. 128.

The Revelation of God.
1. THY home, O Lord, is everywhere,

Yet nowhere art Thou all revealed;
For when I say, “Thou dwellest there,"

One half Thy glory is concealed. 2. Yet most in man, in highest man,

In Him that made the cross a crown,
Thy living image, Lord, I scan,

And hail the heaven to earth brought down.

3. In Him who joined the poles of thought,

Made sorrow joy, made Calvary shine,
My meanness is to glory wrought,
And earth is heaven, and man divine.

George Matheson.


Christ in Galilee.


1. AMID the din of earthly strife, ,

Amid the busy crowd,
The whispers of eternal life

Are lost in clamours loud ;
When lo! I find a healing balm,

The world grows dim to me ;
My spirit rests in sudden calm

With Christ in Galilee !

2. I linger near Him in the throng,

And listen to His voice ;
I feel my weary soul grow strong,

My saddened heart rejoice.
Amid the storms that darkly frown

I hear His whisper sweet,
And lay my heavy burden down

At His beloved feet.
3. My vision swiftly fades away,

The world is round me still ;
But Jesus seems with me to stay,

His promise to fulfil.
And toil and duty sweeter seem

While He abides with me :
My heart is rested by my dream
Of Christ in Galilee.

Henry W Hawkes.

130. Of such is the Kingdom.

C.M. 1. WE

E need Truth's tender lessons taught

As only weakness can;
God hath His small interpreters;

The child must teach the man.
2. We wander wide through evil years,

Our eyes of faith grow dim ;
The child is freshest from His hands

And nearest unto Him !
3. Of such the kingdom !-Teach Thou us,

O Master, most divine,
To feel the deep significance

Of these wise words of Thine !
4. The haughty eye shall seek in vain

What innocence beholds ;
No cunning finds the key of heaven,

No strength its gates unfold.
5. Alone to guilelessness and love

That gate shall open fall ;
The mind of pride is nothingness ;

The childlike heart is all. J. G. Whittier,

The Miracle of Love.

C.M. 1. DEAR Friend ! whose presence in the house,

Whose gracious word benign,
Could once, at Cana's wedding-feast,

Change water into wine,-
2. Come, visit us, and when dull work

line on line,
Revive our souls, and make us see

Life's water glow as wine.

3. Gay mirth shall deepen into joy,

Earth's hopes shall grow divine,
When Jesus visits us, to turn

Life's water into wine.

4. The social talk, the evening fire,

The homely household shrine,
Shall glow with angel-visits when

The Lord pours out the wine.
5. For when self-seeking turns to love,

Which knows not mine and thine,
The miracle again is wrought,
And water changed to wine.

7. F. Clarke.


The Well of Life.



WEET was the hour, O Lord, to Thce,

At Sychar's lonely well,
When a poor outcast heard Thee there

Thy great salvation tell.
2. Samaria's erring daughter found

Those streams unknown before,
The water-brooks of life that make

The weary thirst no more.
3. And, Lord, to us, as weak as she,

Thy gracious lips have told
That mystery of love revealed

At Jacob's well of old.
4. In spirit, Lord, we've sat with Thee,

Beside the springing well
Of life and peace, and heard Thee there

Its healing virtues tell.

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