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4. Thy Spirit breathes, Thy way is seen,

O Fount of living force !
Who art, and hast for ever been,

The world's eternal Source.

5. The thoughts that move the heart of man,

And lift his soul on high,
The skill that teaches him to plan

With wondrous subtlety.
6. These are Thy thoughts, Almighty Mind,

This skill is Thine, O Lord,
Who dost by hidden influence bind

All powers in sweet accord.
7. No noble work was e'er begun

Which came not first from Heaven:
No loving deed was ever done

Without Thine impulse given.
8. O fill me now, Thou living Power,

With energy divine;
Thus shall my will from hour to hour
Become, not mine, but Thine.

E, S. Oakley


The Inward Word.


1. THE wondrous voice within the mind

Is all unheard amid our din ;
In outward things we seek to find

What only can be found within.
2. A larger, fuller life we need,

Divine release from inward ill,
The right to hear our spirit plead,

And learn therein the eternal will.

3. Above us shines the azure height

So calm and free beyond our strife ;
But beams not thence the inner light,

The guiding law of moral life.
4. Around us striving passions spread

Their blinding mists before our eyes ;
And ’midst the jars by factions bred

The living truth unheeded lies.
5. O ! here amid these voices vain

That but distract the trusting soul,
Thou, Inward Word, our light maintain,

And guide us to Thy perfect goal.
6. We win Thee not by searching far,

In sky above or earth around;
Thy voice divine, where'er we are,
Must ever in ourselves be found.

James Bell.

Spirit of Grace.

L.M. 6 lines. 1. SPIRIT of Grace, Thou Light of Life

Amidst the darkness of the dead !
Bright Star, whereby through worldly strife,

The patient pilgrim still is led !
Thou Dayspring in the deepest gloom,

Wildered and dark, to Thee I come ! 2. Pure fire of God, burn out my sin,

Cleanse all the earthly dross from me ;
Refine my secret heart within,

The golden streams of love set free!
Live Thou in me, O. Life divine !
Until my deepest love be Thine.

3. O Breath from far Eternity!

Breathe o'er my soul's unfertile land;
So shall the pine and myrtle-tree

Spring up amidst the desert-sand ;
And where Thy living water flows,
My heart shall blossom as the rose.

G. Tersteegen.



A Litany of the Spirit.
'OME to our poor nature's night,

With Thy blessèd inward light,
Holy Ghost, the Infinite ;

Comforter Divine.

2. We are sinful-cleanse us, Lord ;

Sick and faint-Thy strength afford;
Lost,--until by Thee restored,

Comforter Divine.

3. Orphans are our souls, and poor;

Give us from Thy heavenly store
Faith, love, joy, for evermore,

Comforter Divine.

4. Like the dew Thy peace distil ;

Guide, subdue our wayward will,
Things of Christ unfolding still,

Comforter Divine.

5. Gentle, awful, holy Guest,

Make Thy temple in each breast-
There Thy presence be confessed;
Comforter Divine.

G. Rawson.


253 The Sin against the Holy Ghost. C.M.

O SIN of sins ! from souls of light

In gloomy wrath to shrink;
Of works of love and acts of right

Perversely to misthink.
2. To scan good deeds with evil eye,

And brand with evil name ;
The Spirit's witness to belie,

The Holy Ghost defame.
3. His gifts, His workings manifest

To mark and misbestow;
To take them from the Spirit blest

And give them to the foe.
4. Lord, keep us from this sin of sins

That grieved most Thy Son,
The guilt that no forgiveness wins,

That speaks the soul undone !
5. Oh, make us glad Thy Spirit's might

In righteous souls to trace,
In love and goodness to delight,

As in His very grace.
6. To reckon everything of cost

As what from Him proceeds,
And gather for the Holy Ghost
The praise of all good deeds.

T. H. Gill.




Quench not the Spirit.
LORD! is it ours to entertain

Thy Spirit pure and sweet ?
May we enjoy His blissful reign,

His biddings gladly greet?

2. Lord ! is it ours to drive away

That gracious glorious Guest?
May we cast off His blissful sway,

Gainsay His biddings blest ?
3. May we His gracious strivings slight

Till we are slaves to sin ?
May we shut out His beamings bright

Till all is dark within ?

4. Lord, keep this darkness far from us,

This woe all woes above !
Oh, never may we slight Thee thus,

Life-bringing Heavenly Dove !

5. When Thou dost sweetly shine, may we

Make welcome all 'Thy light;
And what Thou biddest mightily

Fulfil with all our might !

6. So, Spirit pure ! wilt Thou be won

With us for aye to dwell ;
So will Thy holy fire burn on
Unquenched, unquenchable.

T. H. Gill.


The Comforter.

1. COME, Thou, oh come;

Sweetest and kindliest,
Giver of tranquil rest
Unto the weary soul ;
In all anxiety,
With pow'r from heaven on high,



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