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3. O give thanks with heart and lip,

For we are His workmanship,
And all creatures are His care!
Not a bird that cleaves the air
Falls unnoticed; but who can

Speak the Father's love to man?
4. O give thanks to Himn who came

In a mortal, suffering frame
Temple of the Deity-
Came, for sinful man to die;
In the path Himself hath trod,
Leading back His saints to God.

J. Conder.


Praise and Prayer.


1. GRI

REAT Lord of all ! our Father, God!

With song and prayer we worship Thee : Thy beauty breathes its joy abroad;

Thy love's warm tide flows full and free. 2. In morn and evening's twilight glow

Thy tender greeting, Lord, we feel ;
And midnight heavens with silent show,

Thy watchful, patient love reveal.
3. But not in realms that sense can sound,

Springs the pure fount which life imparts ;
Its blessed source alone is found

In reverent, loving, trustful hearts. 4. O may that living fountain dwell

In us, replenished from above ;
And through our thirsting spirits swell,

The rising tides of life and love.

5. What consecration, God of grace !

Thy love doth over all things spread,
Fair nature's light, and friendship’s face,

And tender memories of the dead. 6. Our holy dead ! in Thee they live ;

With them, to-day, we live in Thee.
To us, O Life Eternal ! give
The life of faith in love made free.

Charles T. Brooks.


75. 6 lines.

Our Sacrifice of Praise.
1. For the beauty of the earth,

For the beauty of the skies,
For the love which from our birth

Over and around us lies ;
Father, unto Thee we raise

This, our sacrifice of praise.
2. For the beauty of each hour

Of the day and of the night,
Hill and vale, and tree and flower,

Sun and moon, and stars of light ;
Father, unto Thee we raise

This, our sacrifice of praise.
3. For the joy of ear and eye,

For the heart and mind's delight,
For the mystic harmony

Linking sense to sound and sight;
Father, unto Thee we raise

This, our sacrifice of praise.
4. For the joy of human love,

Brother, sister, parent, child,
Friends on earth, and friends above,

For all gentle thoughts and mild ;


Father, unto Thee we raise
This, our sacrifice of praise.

5. For each perfect gift of Thine

To our race so freely given,
Graces human and divine,

Flowers of earth, and buds of heaven;
Father, unto Thee we raise
This, our sacrifice of praise.

6. For Thy Church that evermore

Lifteth holy hands above,
Offering up on every shore

Its pure sacrifice of love ;
Father, unto Thee we raise
This, our sacrifice of praise.

F. S. Pier point.


For all Thy gifts.



HOU One in all, Thou All in one,

Source of the grace that crowns our days,
For all Thy gifts 'neath cloud or sun,

We lift to Thee our grateful praise.

2. We bless Thee for the life that flows,

A pulse in every grain of sand,
A beauty in the blushing rose,

A thought and deed in brain and hand.

3. For life that Thou hast made a joy,

For strength to make our lives like Thine,
For duties that our hands employ, -

We bring our offerings to Thy shrine.

4. Be Thine to give and ours to own

The truth that sets Thy children free,
The law that binds us to Thy Throne,
The love that makes us one with Thee.

S. C. Beach,



The Lord of all.
1. SING forth His high eternal name

Who holds all powers in thrall,
Through endless ages still the same, -

The mighty Lord of all.
2. His goodness, strong and measureless,

Upholds us lest we fall;
His hand is still outstretched to bless,

The loving Lord of all.
3. His perfect law sets metes and bounds,

Our strong defence and wall ;
His providence our life surrounds,

The saving Lord of all.
4. He every thought and


Doth to His judgment call,
Oh, may our hearts obedient heed

The righteous Lord of all.
5. When, turning from forbidden ways,

Low at His feet we fall,
His strong and tender arms upraise,-

The pardoning Lord of all.
6. Unwearied He is working still,

Unspent His blessings fall,
Almighty, Loving, Righteous One,
The only Lord of all.

S. Longfellow.

296. Alleluia.

IO.I0.7. SING Alleluia forth in duteous praise, Ye citizens of heaven : O sweetly raise

An endless Alleluia.


2. Ye Powers, who stand before th’ Eternal Light, In hymning choirs re-echo to the height

An endless Alleluia.

3. The Holy City shall take up your strain, And with glad songs resounding wake again

An endless Alleluia.

4. In blissful antiphons ye thus rejoice
To render to the Lord with thankful voice

An endless Alleluia.

5. Ye who have gain'd at length your palms in bliss, Victorious ones, your chant shall still be this,

An endless Alleluia.

6. There, in one grand acclaim, for ever ring
The strains which tell the honour of your King,

An endless Alleluia.

7. This is sweet rest for weary ones brought back, This is glad food and drink which ne'er shall lack,

An endless Alleluia.

8. While Thee, by whom were all things made, we praise For ever, and tell out in sweetest lays

An endless Alleluia.

9. Almighty God, to Thee our voices sing Glory for evermore : to Thee we bring

An endless Alleluia. Amen.

Spain, Eighth Century; tr. J. Ellerton.

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