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They that Mourn.

C.M. 1. O WORD divine, like healing balms,

To hearts oppressed and torn,
Thy heavenly consolation falls-

“ Blessed are they that mourn !”
2. To every hope by sorrow crushed

A nobler faith succeeds ;
And life, by trials furrowed, bears

The fruit of loving deeds.
3. Who never mourned, hath never known

What treasures grief reveals :
The sympathies that humanize,

The tenderness that heals;
4. The power to look within the veil

And learn the heavenly lore,
The key-word to life's mysteries,

So dark to us before;
5. Hath never known how full of strength

Our human spirits are,
Baptized into the sanctities
Of suffering and of prayer !

W. H. Burleigh.


The Deeper Peace.


1. WHEN winds are raging o’er the upper ocean,

And billows wild contend with angry roar, 'Tis said, far down beneath the wild commotion,

That peaceful stillness reigneth evermore. 2. Far, far beneath, the noise of tempests dieth,

And silver waves glide ever peacefully,
And no rude storm, how fierce soe'er it flieth,

Disturbs the sabbath of that deeper sea.

3. So to the heart that knows Thee, Love Eternal !

There is a temple, sacred evermore,
And all the babble of life's angry voices

Dies in hushed stillness at its peaceful door. 4. Far, far away, the roar of passion dieth,

And loving thoughts rise calm and peacefully, And no rude storm, how fierce soe'er it flieth,

Disturbs the soul that dwells, O Lord, in Thee ! 5. O Rest of rests ! O Peace serene, eternal !

Thou ever livest, changing nevermore ;
And in the secret of Thy presence dwelleth
Fulness of joy, both now and evermore.

Harriet B. Stowe.

504. If He giveth quiet, what can make trouble? 10s.



UIET from God! How blessed 'tis to keep

This treasure the All-merciful hath given ;
To feel, when we awake and when we sleep,

Its incense round us like a breath from heaven ; 2. To sojourn in the world, and yet apart ;

To dwell with God, and still with man to feel ;
To bear about for ever in the heart

The gladness which His Spirit doth reveal.
3. Who shall make trouble then? Not evil minds,

Which like a shadow o'er creation lour.
The soul which peace hath thus attuned, finds

How strong within doth reign the Calmer's power. 4. What shall make trouble? Not the holy thought

Of loved ones lost; for that will be a part Of those undying things which peace hath wrought

Into a world of beauty in the heart.

5. What shall make trouble ? Not slow wasting pain,

Nor e'en the threatening, certain stroke of death; These do but wear away,

then break the chain Which bound the spirit down to things beneath.

Sarah J. Williams.


Perfect Peace.


1. IN quiet hours the tranquil soul

Reflects the beauty of the sky;
No passions rise or billows roll,

And only God and heaven are nigh.
2. The tides of being ebb and flow,

Creating peace without alloy ;
A sacred happiness we know,

Too high for mirth, too deep for joy.
3. Like birds that slumber on the sea,

Unconscious where the current runs,
We rest on God's infinity

Of bliss, that circles stars and suns.
4. His perfect peace has swept from sight

The narrow bounds of time and space,
And looking up with still delight
We catch the glory of His face.

Augusta Larned.

506. The Strength of my Life. C.M. 6 lines 1. Go not far from me, O my Strength !

Whom all my times obey ;
Take from me anything Thou wilt,

But go not Thou away ;
And let the storm that does Thy work

Deal with me as it may.

2. On Thy compassion I repose

In weakness and distress :
I will not ask for greater ease,

Lest I should love Thee less.
O'tis a blessed thing for me

To need Thy tenderness.
3. When I am feeble as a child,

And flesh and heart give way,
Then on Thy everlasting strength

With passive trust I stay,
And the rough wind becomes a song,

The darkness shines like day.
4. Deep unto deep may call, but I

With peaceful heart can say,
Thy loving-kindness hath a charge

No waves can take away :
Then let the storm that speeds me home
Deal with me as it may.

Anna L. Waring.



The Goodness of Life.
1. FATHER ! beneath Thy sheltering wing

In sweet security we rest,
And fear no evil earth can bring,

In life, in death, supremely blest.
2. For life is good whose tidal flow

The motions of Thy will obeys :
And death is good, that makes us know

The Life divine, that all things sways.
3. And good it is to bear the Cross,

And so Thy perfect peace to win:
And nought is ill, nor brings us loss,

Nor works us harm, save only sin.

4. Redeemed from this, we ask no more,

But trust the love that saves to guide :
The grace that yields so rich a store
Will grant us all we need beside.

W. H. Burleigh.


508. Love is Law; Law is Love.
1. O GOD, in whom we live and move,

Thy love is law, Thy law is love ;
Thy present Spirit waits to fill

The soul which comes to do Thy will.
2. Unto Thy children's spirits teach

Thy love beyond the power of speech ;
And make them know with joyful awe,

The encircling presence of Thy law.
3. That law doth give to truth and right,

Howe'er despised, a conquering might,
And makes each fondly-worshipped lie

And boasting wrong, to cower and die,
4. Its patient working doth fulfil

Man's hope and God's all-perfect will,
Nor suffers one true word or thought

Or deed of love to come to nought.
5. Such faith, O God, our spirits fill,

That we may work in patience still ;
Who works for justice works with Thee,
Who works in love Thy child shall be.

F. L. Hosmer.


The Victory of Good.


1. O THOU, the great Unknown, Unseen,

But for the thought of Thee

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