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How sad and strange our lives had been,

How full of mystery !
2. But for the light which comes from Thee

To shine upon the way,
How dark our path in life would be,

How cheerless day by day !
3. O happy thought, that we are Thine !

Our life is wrapt in Thee ;
The human linked with the divine

For all eternity.
4. The wrong, the false, must pass away

With all things not of Thee,
The darkness vanish in the ray

Of truth and purity.
5. Good only can immortal be,

Evil at last shall fall,
The right must win the victory,
And God be all in all.

H. P. Hawkins.

510. The Cry of the Contrite Heart. 1. FROM the recesses of a lowly spirit,

My humble prayer ascends; O Father,

hear it;
Upsoaring on the wing of fear and meekness,

Forgive its weakness.
2. I know, I feel, how mean and how unworthy

The trembling sacrifice I pour before Thee;
What can I offer in Thy presence holy,

But sin and folly ?
3. For in Thy sight, who every bosom viewest,

Cold are our warmest vows, and vain our truest;

Thoughts of a hurrying hour, our lips repeat them,

Our hearts forget them.

4. We see Thy hand ; it leads us, it supports us ;

We hear Thy voice; it counsels and it courts us;
And then we turn away, and still Thy kindness

Pardons our blindness.

5. O how long-suffering, Lord ; but Thou delightest

To win with love the wandering: Thou invitest,
By smiles of mercy, not by frowns or terrors,

Man from his errors.

6. Who can resist Thy gentle call, appealing

To every generous thought and grateful feeling?
Thy voice paternal, whispering, watching ever ?
O let me never.

Sir J. Bowring:


Help my Unbelief.



LORD! I believe ; Thy power I own,

Thy word I would obey :
I wander comfortless and lone,

When from Thy truth I stray.

2. Lord ! I believe ; but gloomy fears

Sometimes bedim my sight :
I look to Thee with prayers and tears,

And cry for strength and light.

3. Lord ! I believe; but Thou dost know

My faith is cold and weak :
Pity my frailty, and bestow

The confidence I seek.

4. Yes! I believe ; and only Thou

Canst give my soul relief :
Lord ! to Thy truth my spirit bow;
Help Thou my unbelief!

J. R. Wreford.



Seeing the Invisible.
1. THOU who dost all things give,

Be not Thyself forgot !
No longer may Thy children live

As if their God were not!

2. But every day and hour,

Since Thou dost bless us thus,
In still increasing light and power

Reveal Thyself to us :

3. Until our faith shall be

Stronger than words can tell,
And we shall live, beholding Thee,
O Thou Invisible !

W. H. Furness.


Unselfish Love.




Y God, I love Thee : not because

I hope for heaven thereby,
Nor because they who love Thee not

Are lost eternally.

2. Not with the hope of gaining aught,

Nor seeking a reward ;
But as Thyself hast loved me,

O ever-loving Lord.

3. Even so I love Thee, and will love,

And in Thy praise will sing ;
Solely because Thou art my God,
My Saviour, and my King.

Francis Xavier.


God more than His Gifts.



MY God, I love Thee for Thyself,

All creature things above,-
Thy glorious works, Thy blessed gifts,

I praise ;--but Thee I love.

2. My God, I seek Thee for Thyself,

Besides I ask not aught;
If Thee, Thyself, I do not find,

All that I find is nought.

3. If Thou deniest me Thyself,

Whate'er Thou givest me,
Empty and void, I languish still,

And grieve unceasingly.
4. Give me to find, O gracious God,

Thee, as my final end :-
To Thee in constancy of love,
Eternally to tend.

G. B. Bubier.


A Prayer for Love. 1. GOD of love, to Thee we owe

All our good on earth below,
All the hope of heaven we know :

Help us, Lord, to love Thee.

2. On our loveless nature shine,

Come to us in power Divine,
Give us love and make us Thine:

Help us, Lord, to love Thee.
3. More than friend, however near ;

More than all we hold most dear ;
More than all in heaven or here :

Help us, Lord, to love Thee.
4. Not from dread of wrath or woe;

Not for all Thou wilt bestow ;-
For Thyself whose love we know :

Help us, Lord, to love Thee.
5. Though there were no heaven to gain,

Though there were no place of pain ;
Still our love would not be vain :

Help us, Lord, to love Thee.
6. If we feel Thy bounteous care,

If our lot be poor and bare,
If Thou smite and if Thou spare,
Help us, Lord, to love Thee.

M. Woodward.


Loving God.


1. BLEST be Thy love, dear Lord, ,

That taught us this sweet way,
Only to love Thee for Thyself,

And for that love obey.

2. O Thou, our souls' chief hope,

We to thy goodness fly ;
Whate'er we are, Thou canst protect;

Whate'er we need, supply.

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