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EAR Lord ! Thy light Thou dost not hide:

Thy glory will not stay at home :
With us Thy glory may abide ;

Thy precious things to us may come. 2. But they are given not to hoard ;

Thy light may not be all our own;
Thou meanest not Thy glory, Lord,

To cheer one dwelling-place alone. 3. Thou lightest souls to beam around;

Thou settest them to shine on high ;
Thy children in Thy work abound,

And still their Father glorify.
4. Father! still shi on us from heaven,

And make us for Thy glory shine ;
We would not keep one gift ungiven,
We would not hide one beam of Thine.

T. H. Gill,

Litany of Love. 1. GOD of mercy, loving all,

Pitying Thy creatures' fall,
On Thy name of Love we call :

Hear us, we beseech Thee,
2. Give the love divinely strong,

Moved not though it suffers long,
Kind to those who do the wrong :

Hear us, we beseech Thee.
3. Give the love that envies none

For the joy of work well done,
Or the good which they have won :

Hear us, we beseech Thee.

4. Give the love in kindness shown,

Living not for self alone,
Making others' good her own :

Hear us, we beseech Thee.

5. Give the love to anger slow,

Fearing seeds of strife to sow,
Never helping strife to grow :

Hear us, we beseech Thee.

6. Give the love that thinks no ill,

And with power of gentle will
Can the voice of slander still :

Hear us, we beseech Thee.

7. Give the love that will abide

True and firm, however tried,
And a brother's fault will hide :

Hear us, we beseech Thee.

8. Give the love that faith makes blest,

Hoping always for the best,
Even when with doubts distressed :

Hear us, we beseech Thee.

9. Give the love that foe or friend

Slight or wrong cannot offend,
True, enduring to the end :

Hear us, we beseech Thee.

10. Give the love for which we pray,

Love that never can decay,
Never fail or pass away :
Hear us, we beseech Thee.

M. Woodward.


Love of Man is Love of God.

75. D.

1. LORD, what offering shall we bring

At Thine altars when we bow ?
Hearts, the pure, unsullied spring

Whence the kind affections flow;
Quiet thoughts at peace with all ;

Wrongs forgiven into rest ;
Sympathy intent to call

Sorrow from the wounded breast;

2. Willing hands to lead the blind,

Bind the wounded, feed the poor ;
Love, embracing all our kind ;

Charity, with liberal store.
Teach us, 0 Thou heavenly King !

Thus to show our grateful mind,
Thus the accepted offering bring,
Love to Thee and all mankind.

John Taylor.


The Worship of Love.


1. HE prayeth well who loveth well

Both man and bird and beast,
For he hath offered to the Lord

Who giveth to his least.

2. He prayeth best who loveth best

All things both great and small,
For the dear God who loveth us
He made and loveth all.

S. T. Coleridge.



561. Faith, Hope, and Charity.
1. FAITH, Hope, and Charity--these three;

Yet is the greatest Charity.
Father of light ! these gifts impart

To mine and every human heart:
2. Faith, that in prayer can never fail ;

Hope, that o'er doubting must prevail ;
And Charity, whose name above
Is God's own name, for “God is love."

J. Montgomery. 562.

The Law of Love.,
1. Pour forth the oil,—pour boldly forth :

It will not fail, until
Thou failest vessels to provide

Which it may largely fill.
2. Make channels for the streams of love,

Where they may broadly run;
And love has overflowing streams,

To fill them every one.
3. But if at any time we cease

Such channels to provide,
The very founts of love for us

Will soon be parched and dried.
4. For we must share, if we would keep,

That blessing from above :
Ceasing to give we cease to have ;-
Such is the law of love.

R. C. Trench,




O GOD! whose thoughts are brightest light,

Whose love runs always clear,
To whose kind wisdom sinning souls

Amidst their sins are dear !

2. Sweeten my bitter-thoughted heart

With charity like Thine,
Till self shall be the only spot

On earth which does not shine.

3. Hard-heartedness dwells not with souls

Round whom Thine arms are drawn;
And dark thoughts fade away in grace,

Like cloud-spr-. in the dawn.

4. When we ourselves least kindly are,

We deem the world unkind;
Dark hearts, in flowers where honey lies,

Only the poison find.

5. But they have caught the way of God,

To whom self lies displayed
In such clear visions as to cast

O'er others' faults a shade.

6. All bitterness is from ourselves,

All sweetness is from Thee;
Dear God ! for evermore be Thou

Fountain and fire in me!

F. W. Faber,



1. THINE are all the gifts, O God !

Thine the broken bread;
Let the naked feet be shod,

And the starving fed.

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