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Baptism of Children.
1. To Him who children blessed,

And suffered them to come,
To Him who took them to His breast,

We bring these children home.
2. To Thee, O God! whose face

Their angels still behold,
We bring these children, that Thy grace

May keep, Thine arms enfold.
3. And as the blessing falls

Upon each youthful brow,
Thy holy Spirit grant, O Lord !
To keep them pure as snow.

James Freeman Clarke.


703. In the Threefold Name. · O FATHER, in Thy Father's heart

We know our children have their part;
We sign them in Thy threefold Name,
And by the sprinkled water claim
Thy covenant in Christ revealed

To us and to our children sealed.
2. Name of the Father! pledge that we

Our inmost being draw from Thee ;
Name of the Son! whereby we know
The Father's love to men below;
Name of the Spirit ! blessèd sign

That now we share the life divine.
3. Fulfil Thy covenant of love ;

Baptize our children from above !
Thy best, Thy highest gift impart,
The blessing of a childlike heart,
And mould them through life's strain and stress,
To the full growth of perfectness.

Ella S. Armitage.


Adult Baptism.


1. WHEN from the Jordan's gleaming wave

Came forth the sinless One,
A voice athwart the heavens flashed,

Lo, my beloved Son !"
2. The Baptist, gazing on His face

With the soul's radiance bright,
Beheld upon His sacred head

A snow-white dove alight.
3. Now, with baptismal waters touched,

Thy children, Father, see ;
While heart and soul, and mind and strength,

They consecrate to Thee.
4. Send down on them Thy holy dove,

Thy spirit undefiled;
Be each in purity and faith

Thy well-beloved child.
5. Oh, help them in the wilderness
To conquer

doubt and sin,
To see above them still Thy peace,
And hear Thy voice within.

Samuel Longfellow.




Religious Education,
LET children hear the mighty deeds

Which God performed of old,
Which in our younger years we saw,

And which our fathers told.

2. He bids us make His glories known,

His works of power and grace ;

And we'll convey His wonders down

Through every rising race.

3. Our lips shall tell them to our sons,

And they again to theirs,
That generations yet unborn

May teach them to their heirs.

4. Thus they shall learn in God alone

Their hope securely stands ;
That they may ne'er forget His works,
But practise His commands.

Isaac Watts,


Intercession for Children.


1. STANDING forth on life's rough way,

Father, guide them;
Oh! we know not what of harm

May betide them;
'Neath the shadow of Thy wing,

Father, hide them ;
Waking, sleeping, Lord, we pray,

Go beside them.

2. When in prayer they cry to Thee,

Thou wilt hear them;
From the stains of sin and shame

Thou wilt clear them;
'Mid the quicksands and the rocks,

Thou wilt steer them ;
In temptation, trial, grief,

Be Thou near them.

3. Unto Thee we give them up,

Lord, receive them ;
In the world we know must be

Much to grieve them--
Many striving oft and strong

To deceive them :
Trustful, in Thy hands of love

We must leave them.

W. C. Bryant.


The Ascent of Faith.

WE bless Thee, Lord, for each dear link

That binds our souls to Thee ;
How sweet on all Thy grace to think,

Bestowed so variously.
2. Of godly forefathers to know,

And elder saints discern;
With hymns inspired of yore to glow,

From olden books to learn !
3. We thank Thee that a mother's love

Unfolded Love divine ;
How tenderly Thy handmaid strove

To make us early Thine !
4. Thine early grace our thanks doth raise

That bade us heavenward yearn,
That made us glad to sing Thy praise,

And glad Thy ways to learn.
5. We bless the tender pains that sought

Our young, soft souls to win,
Until Thy Spirit strongly wrought
And sweetly reigned within.

T. H. Gill

708. Confirmation or Dedication Service. 1. WHEN Thy soldiers take their swords,

When they speak the solemn words,
When they kneel before Thee here,
Feeling Thee, their Father, near ;

These Thy children, Lord, defend,

To their help Thy Spirit send.
2. When the world's sharp strife is nigh,

When they hear the battle-cry,
When they rush into the fight,
Knowing not temptation's might;

These Thy children, Lord, defend,

To their zeal Thy wisdom lend.
3. When their hearts are lifted high

With success or victory,
When they feel the conqueror's pride-
Lest they grow self-satisfied-

These Thy children, Lord, defend,

Teach their souls to Thee to bend.
4. When the vows that they have made,

When the prayers that they have prayed,
Shall be fading from their hearts ;
When their first warm faith departs;

These Thy children, Lord, defend,

Keep them faithful to the end.
5. Through life's conflict guard us all,

Or, if wounded, some should fall
Ere the victory be won ;
For the name of Christ Thy Son,

These Thy children, Lord, defend,
And in death Thy comfort lend.

Frances M. Owen.

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