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5. Then we may bless its precious things,

If earthly cheer should come ;
Or gladsome mount on angel wings,
If Thou shouldst take us home.

7. H. Gill.

The March of Life.

L.M. 1. SILENT, like men in solemn haste,

Girded wayfarers of the waste,

press along the narrow road
That leads to life, to truth, to God.
2. We fling aside the weight, the sin,

Resolved the victory to win;
We know the peril, but our eyes

Rest on the grandeur of the prize.
3. No idling now, no wasteful sleep,

Our hands from earnest toil to keep ;
No shrinking from the desperate fight,

No thought of yielding or of flight;
4. No love of present gain or ease,

No seeking man or self to please ;
With the brave heart and steady eye,

We onward march to victory.
5. What though with weariness oppressed ?

'Tis but a little, and we rest;
Finished the toil—the race is run';
The battle fought—the field is won.

Horatius Bonar,


Loss and Gain.


1. FROM day to day, from year to year,

New waves of

ge assail us here ;

Each day, each year, prolongs the chain

Where pleasure alternates with pain.
2. New precious obligations come,

New sanctities of love and home,
New tender hopes, new anxious fears,

And sweet experiences of tears.
3. Old tastes are lost, old thoughts grow strange,

Old longings gradually change,
Old faiths seem no more dear or true,

Lost in the full light of the new.
4. Though much be taken, much is left,

Not all forsaken nor bereft ;
From change on change we come to rest,
And the last moment is the best.

Lewis Morris.


The Glory of the Spring.

THE glory of the Spring how sweet !

The new-born life how glad I
What joy the happy earth to greet,

In new, bright raiment clad !
2. Divine Renewer, Thee I bless :

I greet Thy going forth :
I love Thee in the loveliness

Of Thy renewed earth.
3. But 0, these wonders of Thy grace,

These nobler works of Thine,
These marvels sweeter far to trace,

These new-births more divine;
4. These sinful souls Thou hallowest,

These hearts Thou makest new,
These mourning souls by Thee made blest,

These faithless hearts made true;


5. This new-born glow of faith so strong,

This bloom of love so fair,
This new-born ecstasy of song,

And fragrancy of prayer !
6. Still let new life and strength upspring,

Still let new joy be given;
And grant the glad, new song to ring

Through the new earth and heaven! T.H. Gill. 812.

Spring D.
THE spring-tide hour

Brings leaf and flower,
With songs of life and love :

And many a lay

Wears out the day
In many a leafy grove.

Bird, flower, and tree,

Seem to agree
Their choicest gifts to bring ;
But this


Bears not its part,
In it there is no spring.

Dews fall apace,

The dews of grace, -
Upon this soul of sin;

And love divine

Delights to shine
Upon the waste within.

Yet, year by year,
Fruits, flowers, appear,
And birds their praises sing;
But this


Bears not its part,
Its winter has no spring.



Lord let Thy love,

Fresh from above,
Soft as the south wind blow,

Call forth its bloom,

Wake its perfume,
And bid its spices flow.

And when Thy voice

Makes earth rejoice
And the hills laugh and sing ;

Lord, make this heart,

To bear its part,
And join the praise of spring.

J. S. B. Monsell.




All Things New.
O LIFE that makest all things new,

The blooming earth, the thoughts of men, -
Our pilgrim feet, wet with Thy dew,

In gladness hither turn again :
2. From hand to hand the greeting flows,

From eye to eye the signals run,
From heart to heart the bright hope glows,

The lovers of the Light are one. 3. One in the freedom of the Truth,

One in the joy of paths untrod,
One in the soul's perennial youth,

One in the larger thought of God. 4. The freer step, the fuller breath,

The wide horizon's grander view,
The sense of life that knows no death,
The Life that maketh all things new !

S. Longfellow.

75. 6 lines.



The Journey of Life.
LORD! Thy children guide and keep,

As with feeble steps they press
On the pathway rough and steep,
Through the changeful wilderness.

Holy Saviour ! day by day

Lead us in the narrow way.
2. There are stony ways to tread ;

Give the strength we sorely lack :
There are tangled paths to thread ;
Light us lest we miss the track.

Holy Saviour ! day by day

Lead us in the narrow way.
3. There are sandy wastes that lie

Cold and sunless, vast and drear,
Where the feeble faint and die;
Grant us grace to persevere.

Holy Saviour ! day by day

Lead us in the narrow way.
14. There are soft and flowery glades

Decked with golden-fruited trees;
Sunny slopes, and scented shades;
Keep us, Lord, from slothful ease.

Holy Saviour ! day by day

Lead us in the narrow way.
5. Upward still to purer heights,

Onward yet to scenes more blest,
Calmer regions, clearer lights,
Till we reach the promised rest.

Holy Saviour ! day by day
Lead us in the narrow way.

W. W. How.

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