Eastward Hoe

D. C. Heath, 1903 - 408 Seiten

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Seite 255 - Sir, be appeased; he is come to humble Himself in spirit, and to ask your patience, If too much zeal hath carried him aside From the due path.
Seite 258 - To rob their husbands for the common cause : Nor take the start * of bonds broke but one day, And say, they were forfeited by providence. Nor shall you need...
Seite 323 - Sub. Yes, sir, he must appear within this hour. Face. And yet this rogue would come in a disguise, By the temptation of another spirit, To trouble our art, though he could not hurt it ! Kas. Ay, I know— Away, [to his sister.] you talk like a foolish mauther.
Seite 264 - Upon our Dol, our castle, our cinque-port, Our Dover pier, our what thou wilt. Where is she? She must prepare perfumes, delicate linen, The bath in chief, a banquet, and her wit, For she must milk his epididimis.
Seite 327 - To make gold there for th' state, never come out; And then are you defeated. ANA. I will tell This to the elders and the weaker brethren, That the whole company of the separation May join in humble prayer again.
Seite 218 - I'll go look A little, how it heightens. [Exit. Mam. Do. — My shirts I'll have of taffeta-sarsnet, soft and light As cobwebs; and for all my other raiment, It shall be such as might provoke the Persian, Were he to teach the world riot anew. My gloves of fishes' and birds' skins, perfumed With gums of paradise, and eastern air — Sur.
Seite 213 - Argus' eyes, Boccace his Demogorgon, thousands more, All abstract riddles of our stone. — Enter FACE as a Servant. How now! Do we succeed? Is our day come? and holds it? Face. The evening will set red upon you, sir; You have colour for it, crimson : the red ferment Has done, his office; three hours hence prepare you To see projection.
Seite 238 - O let me alone. I'll not forget my race, I warrant you. I'll keep my distance, laugh and talk aloud ; Have all the tricks of a proud scurvy lady, And be as rude as her woman. Face. Well said, sanguine ! Sub.
Seite 199 - Here is the plot on't— And I would know by art, sir, of your worship, Which way I should make my door, by necromancy, And where my shelves ; and which should be for boxes, And which for pots. I would be glad to thrive, sir: And I was wish'd to your worship by a gentleman, One captain Face, that says you know men's planets, And their good angels, and their bad.
Seite 215 - For I do mean To have a list of wives and concubines, Equal with Solomon, who had the stone Alike with me; and I will make me a back With the elixir, that shall be as tough As Hercules, to encounter fifty a night.— Thou art sure thou saw'st it blood?

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