The Idler Magazine, Band 3

Chatto & Windus, 1893

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Seite 260 - There is an old tale goes, that Herne the hunter, Sometime a keeper here in Windsor forest, Doth all the winter time, at still midnight, Walk round about an oak, with great ragg'd horns; And there he blasts the tree, and takes the cattle ; And makes milch-kine yield blood, and shakes a chain In a most hideous and dreadful manner...
Seite 266 - It is not only what we have inherited from our father and mother that " walks " in us. It is all sorts of dead ideas, and lifeless old beliefs, and so forth. They have no vitality, but they cling to us all the same, and we cannot shake them off.
Seite 94 - Methinks I should know you and know this man; Yet I am doubtful; for I am mainly ignorant What place this is, and all the skill I have Remembers not these garments; nor I know not Where I did lodge last night. Do not laugh at me; For, as I am a man, I think this lady To be my child Cordelia.
Seite 386 - People don't seem to understand me Westminster Abbey ! I was there all day yesterday. If I live I shall be buried there, so help me God ! A completely defined consciousness of great poetical genius is my only antidote against utter despair and despicable failure.
Seite 413 - But the beating of my own heart Was all the sound I heard. He came not, — no, he came not, — The night came on alone, — The little...
Seite 56 - Andreas was a capital cook, but his courses had a curious habit of arriving at long and uncertain intervals. After a dish of stew, no other viands appearing to loom in the near future, Villiers and myself would betake ourselves to smoking, and perhaps on a quiet day would lapse into slumber. From this we would be aroused by Andreas to partake of a second course of roast chicken, the bird having been alive and unconscious of its impending fate when the first course had been served. Another characteristic...
Seite 189 - She was a bright, saucy little girl, fond of a frolic. Her host added his entreaties, and she consented. 'Herr Geibel fixed the figure to her. Its right arm was screwed round her waist, and held her firmly; its delicately jointed left hand was made to fasten itself upon her right. The old toy-maker showed her how to regulate its speed, and how to stop it, and release her. '"It will take you round in a complete circle," he explained, "be careful that no one knocks against you, and alters its course.
Seite 329 - We sit at our desks and think and think, and write and write, but the story is ever the same. Men told it and men listened to it many years ago; we are telling it to one another to-day; we shall be telling it to one another a thousand years hence; and the story is: 'Once upon a time there lived a man and a woman who loved him.' The little critic cries that it is not new, and asks for something fresh, thinking — as children do — that there are strange things in the world.
Seite 309 - My dear Toole, — Were you ever in a mess ? If you never were I can explain it to you, having been in several ; indeed, I don't mind confessing to you that I am in one now, and, strange to say, you are perhaps the only man who can get me out of it. You need not button up your pockets, it isn'ta pecuniary one. Only fancy ! after thirty years...
Seite 531 - It now began to be borne in upon me that there was something not quite satisfactory in describing, expatiating on, and energising in, regions which one has never seen. For one thing, it was needful to be always carefully on the watch to avoid falling into mistakes geographical, topographical, natural-historical, and otherwise. For instance, despite the utmost care of which I was capable, while studying up for The Coral Island, I fell into a blunder through ignorance in regard to a familiar fruit.

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