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this object; and, what is a much more important question, whether it be worth attaining; and upon

the decision of these two questions will rest my claim to the approbation of the public,

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Pectus enim id est quod disertos facit, & vis mentis ; ideoque imperitis quoquo, si modo sint aliquo affectu concitati, verba non desunt.




"Why, William, on that old grey stone,
“Thus for the length of half a day,
Why, William, sit you thus alone,
“ And dream your time away ?

“Where are your books ?-that light bequeath'd “To beings else forlorn and blind ! “Up! Up! and drink the spirit breath'd " From dead men to their kind.


“ You look round on your mother earth, “ As if she for no purpose bore you ; “ As if you were her first-born birth,

And none had lived before you !”

One morning thus, by Esthwaite lake,
When life was sweet, I knew not why,
To me my good friend Matthew spake,
And thus I made reply.

“ The eye it cannot chuse but see;
“ We cannot bid the ear be still ;
Our bodies feel, where'er they be,

Against, or with our will.

« Nor less I deem that there arę powers “ Which of themselves our minds impress; “ That we can feed this mind of qurs, “In a wise passiveness.

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