The Fluorspar Deposits of Southern Illinois, Ausgaben 255-259

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1905 - 75 Seiten

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Seite 75 - Nature and origin of deposits of phosphate of lime, by RAF Penrose, jr., with introduction by NS Shaler. 1888. 143 pp. (Out of stock.) B 65. Stratigraphy of the bituminous coal field of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia, by IC White. 1891. 212 pp., 11 pis. (Out of stock.) Bill.
Seite 66 - Trace. (a) (") fluorine, but the evidence that the material did actually come from them is weak. If it is of any such origin, it presumably was not segregated during the weathering of the rocks and, recalling the field evidence, there seems little connection between particular dikes and individual ore bodies. PROCESS OF CONCENTRATION. There are two broadly contrasted methods by which the present ore bodies may have been concentrated. The first is by the action of the normal meteoric waters of the...
Seite 39 - ... Pyrite. — The iron sulphide, probably in the main pyrite, FeS2, is as usual widely disseminated. It is, however, distinctly subordinate in quantity, and in this particular the district is in contrast with many of the mining districts of the West. Chalcopyrite. — The copper-iron sulphide, CuFeS, (sulphur, 35 per cent; copper, 34.5 per cent; iron, 30.5 per cent; specific gravity, 4.1 to 4.3), occurs in minute quantities, and small crystals may frequently be observed by carefully examining the...
Seite 70 - The character and size of the ore bodies certainly do not bear any constant relation to the present land surface. In the light of these facts and the wide prospecting which has been going on in the district, little encouragement is offered to the hope of finding important bodies of lead and zinc on the northern side, at least, of the river, but it is believed that the fluorspar deposits afford the basis for an important and growing industry. GUIDES FOR PROSPECTING.
Seite 70 - Gene vie ve and other Chester formations have proved most favorable. In the Illinois mines nothing suggesting rearrangement of the ores and secondary enrichment coincident with degradation of the surface was observed. At the Empire mine carbonates gave place to sulphides within the first hundred feet, and below that level no change was observed. In the Kentucky mines a number of deposits of first-grade fluorspar are said to have given out or lost grade with depth. The significance of this fact is...
Seite 67 - USES OF FLUORSPAR. The Kentucky-Illinois district is not only the main American source of fluorspar, but is the only one from which spar reaches the general market. Since 1882 the district has produced 260,000 tons of spar, having a total value of $1,521,029. There are no data for determining the production of the Illinois mines separately. For many years they produced practically all the output. Recently the Kentucky mines have been developed, and now are producing more than those north of the Ohio.
Seite 75 - Vaughan, including a report on igneous rocks from the San Carlos coal field, by ECE Lord. 1900. 100 pp., 11 pis.
Seite 12 - Its outline and general situation are 11 indicated on the accompanying map, Pl. I. In fig. 1 are indicated the particular areas surveyed in detail in the preparation of this report. HISTORY OF DEVELOPMENT. Attention seems to have been first attracted to the KentuckyIllinois district by the occurrence of the brilliant colored fluorite. In early American geologic literature there are numerous references ° to this fluorspar, or " fluate of lime,
Seite 69 - ... at any increase in prices it becomes cheaper to use less efficient fluxes. It follows that while the output can be increased, prices probably can not be much changed. With these facts in mind it is seen that the fluorspar mines of the Kentucky-Illinois district will have for many years an important and growing market to supply. Their only competitors are the importers, and competition with them is mainly a matter of transportation costs. Mines in the Rocky Mountain region and other Western States...
Seite 11 - PRODUCTS. FLUORSPAR DEPOSITS OF SOUTHERN ILLINOIS. By H. FOSTER BAIN. INTRODUCTION. Location. — The fluorspar mines which are the subject of this sketch occur in Pope and Hardin counties, in the extreme southern portion of Illinois. The principal mines are near Rosiclare, Elizabeth town, and Cave in Rock, small towns on the Ohio River, in Hardin County.

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