Almost America: From the Colonists to Clinton: a "What If" History of the U.S.

Harper Collins, 21.11.2000 - 402 Seiten

American history is full of difficult choices that could have gone the other way. Now Steve Tally sends you back to the most important moments in our nation's history -- and takes the other fork in the road.

  • What if the President Nixon had refused to resign and instead faced impeachment.
  • What if George Bush had dropped Dan Quale from the 1992 Republican ticket?
  • What if Teddy Roosevelt had outlawed the new American sport of football as he threatened to do in 1906.
  • What if IBM hadn't asked Bill Gates and Microsoft to write computer code for its first personal computer?

Decisions were made. The rules were set. The battles were won. But there was always the possibility of another outcome. Almost America unravels the threads of our nations history -- from the Puritan preachers of the 1970's to the impeachment trial of Bill Clinton -- and takes you to America ( or Americas) that might have been.

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        Counter-factual history is a growing stream of history writing, where authors posit "what-if" questions at momentous times in history. Historians have long played this game at cocktail parties and in ... Vollständige Rezension lesen

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        Über den Autor (2000)

        Steve Tally is the autor of Bland Ambition: From Adams to Quale - the Cranks, Criminals, Tax Cheats, and Golfers Who Made it to Vice President. He lives with his wife and family in Indiana.

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