Progress Report: Statement of the Advisory Committee


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Seite 166 - Education is hereby created, to consist of the Secretary of Agriculture, the Secretary of Commerce, the Secretary of Labor, the United States Commissioner of Education, and three citizens of the United States to be appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate.
Seite 26 - President may (a) authorize expenditures for contract stenographic reporting services; supplies and equipment; purchase and exchange of law books, books of reference, directories, periodicals, newspapers and press clippings ; travel expenses, including the expense of attendance at meetings when specifically authorized ; rental at the seat of government and elsewhere ; purchase, operation, and maintenance of motor-propelled passenger-carrying vehicles; printing and...
Seite 171 - To keep the President informed of the progress of activities by agencies of the Government with respect to work proposed, work actually initiated, and work completed, together with the relative timing of work between the several agencies of the Government; all to the end that the work programs of the several agencies of the executive branch of the Government may be coordinated and that the moneys appropriated by the Congress may be expended in the most economical manner possible with the least possible...
Seite 165 - President is hereby authorized to establish such agencies, to accept and utilize such voluntary and uncompensated services, to appoint without regard to the provisions of the civil service laws, such officers and employees, and to utilize such Federal officers and employees, and, with the consent of the State, such State and local officers and employees, as he may find necessary, to prescribe their authorities, duties, responsibilities, and tenure, and, without regard to the Classification Act of...
Seite 27 - China ( supported by the National Academy of Sciences, the Social Science Research Council, and the American Council of Learned Societies ) . They observed and interviewed children, teachers, educational administrators, and parents in twenty-eight schools throughout China.
Seite 3 - ... (c) To receive and record all proposed Federal projects involving the acquisition of land (including transfer of land jurisdiction) and land research projects, and in an advisory capacity to provide the agencies concerned with such information or data as may be pertinent to the projects.
Seite 167 - State and local officers and employees, and appoint, without regard to the provisions of the civil service laws, such officers and employees, as may be necessary, prescribe their duties and responsibilities and without regard to the Classification Act of 1923, as amended, fix their compensation : Provided, That insofar as practicable, the persons employed under the authority of this Executive Order shall be selected from those receiving relief.
Seite 165 - The analysis of projects for coordination in location and sequence in order to prevent duplication of wasteful overlaps and to obtain the maximum amount of cooperation and correlation of effort among the departments, bureaus and agencies of the Federal, state and local governments.
Seite 165 - The Administrator, under the direction of the President, shall prepare a comprehensive program of public works, which shall include among other things the following: (a) Construction, repair, and improvement of public highways and park ways, public buildings, and any publicly owned instrumentalities and facilities...
Seite 171 - Congress, administrative officials, and the public; and (d) keep the President currently informed of the opinions, desires, and complaints of citizens and groups of citizens and of State and local governments with respect to the work of Federal agencies...

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