The Annual of Scientific Discovery: Or, Year-book of Facts in Science and Art, Band 16

Gould, Kendall, and Lincoln, 1865

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Seite 358 - PRINCIPLES OF ZOOLOGY : Touching the Structure, Development, Distribution, and Natural Arrangement of the RACES OF ANIMALS living and extinct, with numerous illustrations. For the use of Schools and Colleges. Part I., COMPARATIVE PHYSIOLOGY. By Louis AOASSIZ and AUGUSTUS A.
Seite 260 - In place of an incandescent solid or liquid body transmitting light of all refrangibilities through an atmosphere which intercepts by absorption a certain number of them, such as our sun appears to be, we must probably regard these objects, or at least their photo-surfaces, as enormous masses of luminous gas or vapour ; for it is alone from matter in the gaseous state that light consisting of certain definite refrangibilities only, as is the case with these nebulae, is known to be emitted.
Seite 358 - POLITICAL ECONOMY ABRIDGED, and adapted to the use of Schools and Academies, by the Author.
Seite 306 - At a recent meeting of the Boston Society of Natural History, Dr. CT Jackson announced the discovery of an apparently inexhaustible mine of emery in the town of Chester, Western Massachusetts, on the line of the Springfield and Albany railroad. For some time the existence of magnetic iron-ore was recognized in this locality, and the deposit worked to some extent, but on examination, Dr. Jackson found that the ore in questionjvas in great part pure emery. The principal bed i» in some places ten feet...
Seite 126 - A little warm water projected against the bar causes the image to descend gradually. This, I believe, is the first time that this action of magnetism has been seen by a public audience. I have employed the same apparatus in the examination of bismuth bars ; and, though considerable power has been applied, I have hitherto failed to produce any sensible effect. It was at least conceivable that complementary effects might be here exhibited, and a new antithesis thus established between magnetism and...
Seite 113 - The combining atoms, hitherto spoken of, are not therefore the molecules of which the movement is sensibly affected by heat, with gaseous expansion as the result. The gaseous molecule must itself be viewed as composed of a group or system of the preceding inferior atoms, following, as a unit, laws similar to those which regulate its constituent atoms. We have, indeed, carried one step backward, and applied to the lower order of atoms, ideas suggested by the gaseous molecule...
Seite x - Up to this very day, there come to me persons of good education, men and women, quite fit for all that you expect from education : they come to me, and they talk to me about things that belong to natural science ; about mesmerism, table-turning, flying through the air ; about the laws of gravity : they come to me to ask me questions ; and they insist against me, who think I know a little of these laws, that I am wrong and they are right, in a manner which shows how little the ordinary course of education...
Seite 207 - A mixture of oxygen and hydrogen is exploded in the dark focus, through the ignition of its envelope. A strip of blackened zinc-foil placed at the focus is pierced and inflamed by the invisible rays. By gradually drawing the strip through the focus, it may be kept blazing with its characteristic purple light for a considerable time. This experiment is particularly beautiful. Magnesium wire, presented suitably to the focus, burns with almost intolerable brilliancy. The effects thus far described are,...
Seite 174 - ... phenakistoscopes, &c., which depend for their results on ' persistence of vision.' In these instruments, as is well known, an object represented on a revolving disc in the successive positions it assumes in performing a given evolution, is seen to execute the movement so delineated ; in the stereotrope, the effect of solidity is...
Seite 349 - Figures and Descriptions of most of those Mosses peculiar to Eastern North America which have not been heretofore figured," and forms an imperial octavo volume, with one hundred and twenty-nine copperplates, published in 1864.

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