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ART of this work having

already received the Sanetion of your ROYAL HIGHNESS's Countenance and Pro

[A 21 tection,

tection, I make it my most humble Request that the same Honour may be extended to the whole

The Volumes, now presented to your Royal HIGHNESS, contain the most important Parliamentary Transactions from the Restoration to the Death of the late Queen ANNE. An Interval abounding with great Events: and in which the Designs and Artifices of all Parties in Turn, are alike explained by their Actions.


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Perhaps Sir, there never was a Crisis when Papers of this kind were of more Confequence to the public Service: A Circumstance which I take the liberty to mention, as what will most effectually recommend them to Your ROYAL HIGHNess's Favour: an Insinuation which to fome Princes would be Flattery, but to your ROYAL HIGHNESS is the plain Truth: Whatawhole grateful People have seen confirm’d by your Actions; of which the most recent will, inamoreefpecial manner, render you the Darling of the British Nation.


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I am, may it please Your ROYAL HIGHNESS, with the utmoft Respect and Sub mission,

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[The AsterISKS fignify either whole Seffions, or

particular Passages, omitted in the IRISH
Edition of Parliamentary Proceedings, and
that of TORBUCK's, which is but a literal Copy

from it.]

N. B. The Two Sessions of the Convention Para

liament ; and, except one Speech, the Nine first
Sessions of the Long Parliament are not so much
as mentioned in the said Editions.

* The ConvenTION Parliament.

Ntroduction. The King's (Charles II.) Letter to the House

of Commons from Breda, Page z. His famous Declaration

at that Place, 5. The Commons Answer to the King's Letter,

7. The Proclamation of the King to both Houses, 10. Their

Instructions to the joint Committee dispatched to invite his
Majefty home, it. The Speech of Mr. Denzill Holles to
the King at Breda on that Occafion, 12. The Proceedings
of the House on the Act of Oblivion, 15. Mr. Lenthall
reprimanded by Order of the House, 16. Lord Chancellor
Hyde's Speech to both Houses, ibid. The King's Message
relating to the general Pardon, 17. A second, releasing
all Arrears to the Crown; 19. The King's Speech at pal-
fing the Bill of Indemnity, &c. ibid. The Speaker's (Sir

Harbottle Grimstone) Speech on presenting the said Bill, 21.

Another on the same, on presenting the Money-Bills, &c. 22.

The King's Speech on passing the fame, 23. And the Chan-

cellor's Speech at the Adjournment, 23.

* The Second Session of the CONVENTION


The House complement the Queen-Mother; and present

her two Daughters with 10,000 l. each ; proceed to com.

plete the disbanding of the Army, 25. Censure Mr. Prynne,

ibid. Settle 120,000 l. per Ann. on the King, ibid. Order

several obnoxious dead Bodies to be hang'd at Tyburn, ibid.

Impeach William Drake, for publishing a Book, called

The Long Parliament revived, 26. The Speech of the

Speaker on presenting several Bills for the Royal Affent,

ibid. Another of the King's on passing the fame, 28. And

a third of the Lord Chancellor's at the Diffolution, 29.



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