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* « More noble than this.”

ή και αγαθού.

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EXERCISE XXVII. Shun stinginess (see Rule 7. (3.) p. 30.). —Those of-thatcountry (say, there) always show (fxovou) respect for-Sappho.

-A-plague-upon the nurse! for she always says [that] shewill-send some (r.) hobgoblin or horror after (uerà with acc.) the children. - He-said [that] those in Sardinia [did] not hear (see Rule 11. p. 34.) the report. — [Do] not, then, those at (év with dat.) Pytho always reverence the (son) of. Latona ?

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* = το ελάχιστον.

† There was a saying amongst the Greeks that “true dreams come through doors of horn."

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