Essentials of histology

W.B. Saunders & Company, 1900 - 231 Seiten

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Seite 137 - LONG'S SYLLABUS OF GYNECOLOGY. A Syllabus of Gynecology, arranged in Conformity with "An American Text-Book of Gynecology." By JW LONG, MD, Professor of Diseases of Women and Children, Medical College of Virginia, etc. Cloth, interleaved, $1.00 net.
Seite 136 - RCS (Hon.), Professor of the Principles of Surgery and of Clinical Surgery, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, etc.
Seite 135 - The Care of the Baby. By JP CROZER GRIFFITH, MD, Clinical Professor of Diseases of Children, University of Pennsylvania ; Physician to the Children's Hospital, Philadelphia, etc.
Seite 144 - Atlas and Epitome of Internal Medicine and Clinical Diagnosis. By DR. CHR. JAKOB; of Erlangen. Edited by AUGUSTUS A. ESHNER, MD, Professor of Clinical Medicine, Philadelphia Polyclinic. With 179 colored figures on 68 plates, 64 text-illustrations, 259 pages of text.
Seite 133 - Containing the pronunciation and definition of the principal words used in medicine and kindred sciences, with 64 extensive tables. Handsomely bound in flexible leather, with gold edges.
Seite 136 - The International Text-Book of Surgery. In two volumes. By American and British authors. Edited by J. COLLINS WARREN, MD, LL. D., FRCS (Hon.), Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School ; and A. PEARCE GOULD, MS, FRCS, of London, England.
Seite 138 - MD, LL.D., Professor of Surgery and of Clinical Surgery, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Post-octavo, 500 pages, with full-page lithographic plates in colors and nearly 200 illustrations. Extra Cloth (or Oilcloth for dissection-room), $2.00 net.
Seite 145 - Revised and Enlarged' German Edition. Edited by J. CLIFTON EDGAR, MD, Professor of Obstetrics and Clinical Midwifery, Cornell University Medical School.
Seite 142 - WARREN'S SURGICAL PATHOLOGY. Second Edition. Surgical Pathology and Therapeutics. By JOHN COLLINS WARREN, MD, LL.D., FRCS (Hon.), Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School. Handsome octavo, 873 pages; 136 relief and lithographic illustrations, 33 in colors. With an Appendix on Scientific Aids to Surgical Diagnosis, and a series of articles on Regional Bacteriology. Cloth, $5.00 net ; Sheep or Half Morocco. $6.00 net. SAUNDERS' QUESTION = COMPENDS, ARRANGED IN QUESTION AND ANSWER FORM.
Seite 139 - Essentials of Diseases of Children": Member of Philadelphia Pathological Society. Containing 1844 formulas from the best-known authorities. With an Appendix containing Posological Table, Formulae and Doses for Hypodermic Medication, Poisons and their Antidotes, Diameters of the Female Pelvis and Fetal Head, Obstetrical Table, Diet List for Various Diseases, Materials and Drugs used in Antiseptic Surgery, Treatment of Asphyxia from Drowning, Surgical Remembrancer, Tables of Incompatibles, Eruptive...

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