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after so excellent an attainment, that I might thereby be enabled to withstand the varied as* saults of an unwearied enemy. It was a strengthening season to my poor mind. 15.

A season of sweet solace' in our little week-day meeting. I could not but lament that others should miss so great a privilege by letting trifling things keep them atome, or, if at meeting, suffering a lukewarm disposition to deprive them of this best of blessings, communion with their God.

- 23. The rest of this week mostly spent in the service of others, and not wholly unprofitably, I trust.

29. My tried mind instructed in my silent sitting to-day at meeting; and renewedly led to number my blessings, and see how much I owed unto the Lord.


1. Our quarterly meeting. I thought the meeting for worship a season of renewed favour to our youth in particular. The meeting for discipline was very trying to my feelings from various causes.

4. . Our friends Mary Watson, Mary Alexander, and John Kirkham sat with us this morning. It proved

It proved a strengthening season to the drooping minds of some. “ Blessed are they that

mourn," was the encouraging language. Surely we have abundant cause of mourning, because of the increasing desolation in our society :: the próspect whereof is ready to dismay the feeble travellers Sion-ward.

8. A precious, contriting season this morning, previous to our beloved friends leaving us: in which the dear young folks were affectionately encouraged to follow on to know the Lord. Dear W.T. was particularly addressed, our friends believing his tender mind had been preciously visited. How did all that was within me covet that the good seed which, I did believe, had been sown in the hearts of some of them might be cherished, and bring forth in due season fruits to the praise of the great and good Husbandman.

19. Heaviness of spirit has been my portion this day, discouragements of various kinds pressing hard upon me.

21. A day of mourning because of the desolation in our Sion, when those that should have been standard-bearers desert a cause so precious.


1. After a season of conflict, my will was once more reduced, and I was enabled to adopt the language of, Not my will, O Lord, but thine be done.

5. Shamefully lukewarm this morning at meeting. In the afternoon a little strength was given to labour, which I think I did according to my small measure.

10. My mind hath enjoyed for several days. past a sweet tranquillity, to which it has of late been much a stranger. I feel, I trust, humbly. thankful for this favour, well knowing I cannot attain to it of myself.


5. Renewed desires after preservation, feeling myself much stripped of the sensible presence of Him, who is I trust the beloved of my soul.

6. My dear brother and sister Waring left us, which was no small trial to our feelings.

We parted, I believe, in best love, and desires for each other's preservation.

7. Favoured in our little silent gathering with sweet access to theinexhaustible Source of all good. My heart overflowed with gratitude for blessings ancient and new.

9. Baptized afresh into a deep sense of my own nothingness; and the need I stand in of renewed supplies of strength; which I earnestly craved, that I might walk uprightly in humility and fear all my days. II. Went to Guildford to meet dear Deborah

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Darby and Rebecca Young. Was not a little disappointed in finding they had passed us by. Sat with the few in silence, where after a dipping season, my soul was refreshed by the renewed incomes of life and love. How unworthy do I esteem myself of such inestimable favours !

16. The general meeting at Guildford. * In the morning was favoured with ability to centre deep. In the afternoon I thought we sat down a poor company indeed, and found it hard work to keep on the watch.

Read a little pamphlet, written by a German, a woman of rank in life. Was humbled under the consideration of her faithfulness in following a crucified Saviour; whilst I with superior advantages remain but a babe, I often fear a dwarf, in religion.

20. My weak mind being too much off its guard, I was caught with a temptation. Remorse soon followed.

Mourned my folly, and renewedly besought forgiveness, and future preservation.

A day of some conflict of spirit. 39.

Went to Wandsworth to our quarterly meeting. The morning meeting, I thought a fa- voured season ; the afternoon heavy and laborious; though towards the close a little life arose. committee from the yearly meeting attended ; a choice little band.



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On which day Godalming meeting is suspended;



Afresh did the crook of divine love seem extended towards a backsliding generation, in adorable mercy and condescension. Our dear friends laboured amongst us in much love; and I thought a good degree of harmony prevailed, and I was comforted in observing much more openness than I expected in the visited; so that I think the committee had an opportunity of seeing pretty clearly the low, very low state of things amongst


5. The above-mentioned committee came here [Godalming] last evening. My soul renewedly liumbled under the consideration of the continued kindness of a gracious God, in thus sending his faithful servants and hand-maidens to labour amongst us ; which was strengthening to the feeble: minds of some of us. Spent the evening at brother Kidd's. The dear


folks were afresh invited to come, taste, and see for themselves how good the Lord is.

6. Our dear friends left us. Samuel Alexander, John Abbott, and Hannah Wigham had a sitting with us just before we parted; which proved a precious opportunity, in which our souls were nearly united in the heavenly fellowship, and sweetly refreshed together,

7. Renewedly convinced that it would not suffice the soul to feed on the manna gathered

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