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In evil hour he left the tranquil shade
Where Youth and Love with Hope and Fancy play'd ;
Yet rainbow colours gild the novel scene,
Deceitful Fortune sweetly smild like JEAN;
Now courted oft by the licentious gay,
With them thro' devious paths behold him stray ;
The opening rose conceals the latent thorn,
Convivial hours prolong'd awake the morn,
Even Reason's sacred pow'r is drown'd in wine,
And Genius lays her wreath on Folly's shrine ;
Too sure, alas! the world's unfeeling train
Corrupt the simple manners of the swain;
The blushing Muse indignant scorns his lays,
And fortune frowns, and honest fame decays,
Till low on earth he lays his sorrowing head,
And sinks untimely ’midst the vulgar dead !

Yet while for him, belov'd, admir'd in vain,
Thus fond Regret pours forth her plaintive strain,
While Fancy, Feeling, Taste, their griefs rehearse,
And deck with artless tears his mournful hearse,
See Cunning, Dullness, Ignorance, and Pride,
Exulting o'er his grave in triumph ride,
And boast, “ tho' Genius, Humour, Wit agree,
Cold selfish Prudence far excels the three ;
Nor think, while groveling on the earth they go,
How few can mount so high to fall so low,

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Thus Vandals, Goths, and Huns, exulting come,
T' insult the ruins of majestic Rome.

who honour Genius-sacred beam !
From holy light a bright etherial gleam,
Ye whom his happier verse has taught to glow
Now to his ashes pay the debt you owe,
Draw Pity's veil o'er his concluding scene,
And let the stream of bounty flow for JEAN !
The mourning matron and her infant train,
Will own you did not love the Muse in vain,
While Sympathy with liberal hand appears,
To aid the Orphan's wants, and dry the Widow's tears!

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Thy liberal heart, and judging eye
The flower unheeded shall descry.GRAY.

VALLESIA *, whose illustrious blood,

Deriy'd from chiefs of mighty name, Who long their country's barrier stood,

Still glows with honour's purest flame:

Oh, long may life's declining ray

On thee with mildest radiance shine, And selfish prayers protract the day

That bears thee hence to joys divine !

* This Lady is representative of that Family, from which Sir William WALLACE derived his origin.

For thee, awakes each tuneful lyre,

Each guardian virtue hovers round, The “ voice of Coila" leads the choir,

And Coila's hills return the sound !

Sweet voice, that first awak'd thy ear,

When languor spread its thickest gloom, Sweet hills, whose echoes lov'd to bear

His wood notes to VALLESIA's dome.

Though cold the hand that wak’d the lyre,

And mute the voice that tun'd the lay; That spark of pure celestial fire,

That warm’d the strain, shall ne'er decay.

While Wealth and Power, with cold regard,

Beheld the Muse's darling Son! He wak'd that lay :-his best reward,

The smile of Nature—and thy own.

'Twas thine, in fortune's lowest vale

The crush’d, neglected flower to spy,
And bid its fragrant sweets exhale,
And latent beauties charm the


Nor only to the poet's lay,

Hast deign'd, with kind regard to bend, But through life's short and stormy day,

Consold him with the name of Friend :

That name, his best and dearest boast,

Whene'er his erring steps would stray, Rever'd, belov'd, and honour'd most,

Recall'd him back to wisdom's way.

And when the wounds of Anguish bled,

Thy kindness dropt the healing balm ; And when the storm of Passion fled,

Thy counsel breath'd the sacred calm.

. And when Misfortune's tempest lowr'd,

Thy kind assisting hand was near ; And when Remorse its sorrows pour'd,

'Twas thine to wipe the bitter tear.

Thou knew'st, well read in wisdom's lore,

What failings with our virtues blend; Than truth and honour sought no more,

Nor vainly hop'd a faultless friend.

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