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My dear-lov'd home,
" Which trees embosom, and which hills defend.



YE peaceful shades ! that guard my dear-lov'd home

From the chill blasts that stip the fading grove, While far from that sequester'd scene

I Which justly claims my venerating love. Long may the verdure linger on your boughs, Which wont in happier times to deck the shepherd's

brows !

And thou, sweet stream, that wand'ring thro’ the vale

With mazy windings, lead'st thy waves along ; May thy translucent waters never fail

To feed the lake or aid the rural song: For echo pleas'd retains thy murmurs sweet, Where with the bubbling Tarfe thy lucidwaters meet. Fair is the bosom of that peaceful lake

When the soft zephyr on its bosom sleeps ;
Dreadful the roar its troubled waters make,

When winter's rage declining Nature weeps :
Oh! may its glassy surface still present
The well-known dear abode of calm content !

Ye woods of wild Glentarfe, whose pensive gloom

Round Sylvia's dwelling spreads a solemn shade; How dear to memory


your former bloom, When Sylvia's sprightly converse cheer'd the glade. When spring returns to deck the green retreat, Again with joy I'll hail the well-known seat, The scene of social joys and tranquil pleasures sweet.



G A E L I C.

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