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In peopled straths *, where winding streams prolong
Their course familiar in the Celtic song :
Or where the narrow wooded glens display,
Their verdant bosoms opening to the day,
And each his tributary torrent pours,
To swell the midland river's copious stores :
While near their confluence stand the mouldering seats
Where ancient Chieftains rul'd those green retreats,
And faithful Clans delighted to obey
The kind behests of patriarchal sway ;
The social tribes branch'd out on every side,
The pleasures and the toils of life divide ;
And long experienc'd in the ages gone,
Peculiar toils and pleasures all their own.

Here all is open as the ambient sky,
Nor fence, nor wall, obstructs the wandering eye:
Each hamlet's flocks and herds, a mutual charge,
That wander up the mountain's side at large ;
Alternate claim the rustic's daily care ;
And thus each various rural toil they share.

The lesser Children guide the bleating lambs, When wean’d and forc'd to quit their tim'rous dams; The more advanc'd the sportive kidlings guide, Where rocks o’erhang the torrent's dashing pride. The little Maiden, whose unsteady hand Can scarce the distaff's yielding weight command,

* See note No. 6.

is by her careful mother taught to cull
From whitest curling fleeces, silky wool ;
Her flowing tresses decks with garlands gay,
Then spins beside her playful calves the day.
The Youth, whose cheek the manly down o'erspreads
Wide o'er the hills the stronger cattle leads :
While milky mothers lowing o'er the land,
With plaintive cries their absent young demand.

The careful Father forms the hamlet's fold,
Or else with patient labour turns the mould ;
And watchful leaning o'er the faithful share,
The small domain divides with frugal care ;
And free from cautious doubts and selfish fears,
They reap their portion of the ripen'd ears.
Thus, while they sow and reap the mutual field,
And each to each by turns is wont to yield ;
With one consent they trace the general plan,
And blended interests form the social man :
Hence gradual ties of kind endearment flow,
Hence bland address and courteous actions grow;
And hence th' unstudied manners of the swain,
The graces of a gentler mind explain.

When the declining sun withdraws his fires,
And slowly from the mountain-top retires ;
When echoes whisper to the evening gale,
And shadows dim the visionary vale ;

When cattle slumber in the peaceful fold,
And clouds in wild fantastic shapes are rollid ;
The scatter'd family delighted meet,
And with complacent smile each other greet.
All day, from deep recesses of the woods,
From shelving rocks, or secret winding floods,
Each individual strives to bring a share
To aid their household wants, or help their frugal fare.
The boastful Boy, caught by his feeble hook

isplays the scaly tenants of the brook:
The Goat-herds in their osier baskets bring
The wholesome herbs on airy cliffs that spring;
The alder bark that gives the sable dye,
Or buds of heath that with the saffron vie;
While moss, that wont on aged rocks to grow,
Shall make the various woof with purple glow :
The housewife pleas'd the varied gifts beholds,
While hope anticipates the checker'd folds ;
And colours of the home-made drapery,
Pride of her heart, and pleasure of her eye.
The cumbrous burden see the Father bear,
Of pliant birch, or smooth-grain'd juniper ;
To form the roof that shields the humble dome,
Where every wand'ring stranger finds a home;' "
Or framne the seernly vessels that contain
The milky store which from their flocks they drain ;

For here scarce known the sordid arts of trade,
They seek no gross mechanic's frigid aid :
Tho' mean the dwelling thus uncouthly rear'd,
'Tis still by kindly gratitude endear'd :
While each his neighbour aids with cordial smile,
To build, like lab'ring ants, the rustic pile.
The household stuff their simple wants demand,
Is fashion'd by th’ ingenious owner's hand :
The knife, the axe, the auger, and the fire,
The only tools that aid th' inventive sire.
From courtly domes on marble columns borne,
Let not the artist view their works with scorn ;
Till he another cot produce to view,
By means as simple, and with tools as few.

The wish'd Repast the weary inmates cheers,
And kindness now on every


appears; Well pleas'd to meet in comfort, and display The mix'd adventures of the various day. What bounding deer and fluttering game they trac’d, What hunter met them on the moory waste ; What straying cattle from th' adjacent strath, They careful turn’d into the homeward path : Or tell what rude and new-invented lay, With soothing cadence lull’d their tedious day ; Th' unearthly voice, deep sounding thro' the wood, Or vision wild of mournful solitude,

That brings the long-lost brother back again
From Quebec's gates, or sad CULLODEN's plain:
By turns in wonder wrapt, or chill'd with fear,
Or sunk in woe, th' attentive audience hear ;
And each impression which their words impart,
Sinks with deep interest on the artless heart :
Not all the magic cunning of the scene,
Though SIDDons self in sorrow's pomp be seen,
Can wake emotions in the callous mind,
Vers'd in the crooked science of mankind,
So soft, so strong, so warm, as here are known,
Where modest NATURE works, and works alone,
The vivid portion of celestial fire
Which bids the energetic soul aspire,
Like the clear flames that light the frozen zone,
Blown by the fav'ring breath of heaven alone,
More brightly blazes, more intensely glows,
Than where slow art her languid aid bestows.

Now all the household with due reverence kneel,
While in emphatic phrase with fervent zeal,
The Parent Swain pours out his ardent pray’r,
For the dear objects of his tend'rest care ;
Or else, by humble gratitude inspir'd,
His swelling heart with holy transport fir’d,
Presents his praise--an Evening Sacrifice,
Şincere and welcome to the approving skies,

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