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P. 41. 1. 3. for tend'rness read tenderness. p. 61. 1. 22. p. 8:. 1. 15. p. 88. 1. 1. p. 93. 1. 1.

for e'er, signifying before, read ere. p. 64. 1. 24. for shine read shines p. 86. 1. 17. for smoothes read smooths. p. 87. 1. 6. for bedeckt read bedeck'd. P: 114. 1. 11. dele the word of. p. 181. 1. 12. for nufst read nurst. p. 189. last line but one, dele the word efforts. p. 192. ditto, ditto, for able able read able as.




Where an Asterisk* is added to the name, it denotes a Subscription

of One Guinea for a Copy;-Two Asterisks Two Guineas, c.

Argyle, His Grace the Duke A Friend, 3 copies of

Aitchison, Rev. Thomas, Leith Athole, Duchess of

Aitken, Mr William, Glasgow, Abercorn, Marchioness of

3 copies Aberdeen, Countess of

Aitkin, Mr James, Glasgow Ashburton, Lord,

Alexander, Mrs R. F. Glasgow Advocate, Lord, of Scotland Alexander, Mrs Will. Glasgow Armadale, Lord,

Alexander, Mr, Paisley
Abercromby, Sir George Alexander, Mr Claud
Abercromby, Hon. Col. John Alexander, John, Esq
3 copies

Alexander, Mr Edward, Stirling Asgill, Sir Charles

Alison, Rev. Mr, Edinburgh Asgill, Lady

Allan, D. Esq. Abel, James, Esq. London 2 Allan, Rev. Mr, copies

Allan, Mr Grant, London, 2 Abercromby, W. Esq. London copies Abercromby, Mr, Edinburgh Allan, Mrs, Cromarty Abercromby, Rev. Thomas Allan, Mr James, Glasgow Edinburgh

Allan, Mr J. London, 2 copies Abercromby, Miss, George's Alves, William, Esq. London, Square, Edinburgh

2 copies Adams, Mr John

Alves, Mrs, London Adam, Mr William, Forfar Alves, Arch., Esq. London Adamson, Frederick, Esq.

3 copies Affleck, Captain, Stamford Alves, William, Esq. Inverness

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Ames, Mrs Clifton, near Bristol Arbuthnot, William, Esq. Edin. Anderson, Samuel, Esq. Banker, Arbuthnot, Mrs William, Edin. · Edinburgh

Arthur, Rev. Mr, Rosolis, CroAnderson, Mrs, Ditto

marty Anderson, John, Esq. W. S. Arthur, Mrs, Rasolis, Ditto Edinburgh

Arthur, Robert, Esq.. Anderson, Mr, Conducie, Bade. Arthur, John, Esq. noch

Atchison, Rev. J. Anderson, Mrs, of Udoll, Cro- Atchison, Mr D., Northamptonmarty

shire Anderson, Rev. J. Minister of Athills, Miss, Paisely Kingussie

Auchincloss, Mr Hugh Anderson, Mr William, Stirling Auchterlony, Mrs, Edinburgh Anderson, Mrs, Rochester Auldjo, J. Esq. London, 2 copies Anderson, John, Esq. Banker, Auld, Patrick, Esq. London, 5 copies

Aust, Geo., Esq., Chelsea Anderson, Robert, Esq., Lon- Austin, Geo., Esq. don, 2 copies

Austin, Miss Jean Anderson, Alex., Esq. London, 2 copies

B Anderson, Mrs, London, 2 Buccleugh, His Grace the Duke copies

of, 3 copies Anderson, J., Surgeon, goth Buccleugh, Her Grace the DuRegiment, 2 copies

chess of, 5-copies Anderson, James, Esq., 2 copies Buchan, Earl of Anderson, And., Esq. Greenock Balcarras, Earl of Anderson, Mr Alexander Forres Balcarras, Countess of Anderson, P. Esq. Inverness Balcarras, Countess Dowager Anderson, Rev. Robert

2 copies Anderson, Mr William

Belmore, Earl of Anderson, Rev. Charles, Gask Belmore, Countess of (2 copies Andras, Esq. London

Baron, Lord Chief, Edinburgh, Anonymous, from Mount Par- Bath, Lady, 7 copies nassus, 51

Broome Lord, Anstruther, Miss Catharine Broome, Lady Louisa Anstruther, Lieut. Col. Robert, Butler, Right Hon. Lady Elean. London

Balgonie, Right Hon. Lord Anstruther, Mrs, London Bouverie, Hon. Mrs E. Arbuthnot, Robert, Esq Edin- Bannatyne, Lord, Edinburgh burgh 3 copies

Bathurst, Lady Arbuthnot, Mrs Robert, Ditto Besbourough, Lady 3 copies

Ball, Sir Alex., Bart., his MaArbuthnot, Miss, Edinburgh jesty's Plenipotentiary, Malta

Brooke, Lady

Beach, William Esq. Bannerman, Sir Alex. Bart. Beard, Miss, Chester Aberdeen

Beatson, Captain, 9th Regiment Blair, Sir David Hunter, Bart., Beatson, Mr, W. S. Edinburgh 3 copies

Beattie, Dr, Aberdeen Blair, Lady Hunter, Edinburgh, Beg, Mr Allán, Edinburgh 2 copies

Bell, Hugh, Esq. Charterhouse Baikie, R. of Tankerness, Esq. Square, 3 copies Baillie, James, Esq. London Bell, James, Esq. Distaff Lane, Baillie, Mrs, London

4 copies Baillie, John, Esq. Inverness Bell and Bradfute, Mess. 12 cop. Baillie, Mrs, Hampstead, 2 Bell, William Esq. copies

Bennet, Mr William, Glasgow Baillie, Miss, Ditto

Bennet, John, Esq. Edinburgh Baillie, Miss J. Ditto

Bertram, Mr Montrich Baillie, Dr, London

Best, Dr, London Baillie, Mrs, Ditto

Bethune, Rev. J. Dornoch Baillie, Mr, Ditto

Beveridge, Mr T. Edinburgh Baillie, Mr, of Mayville, Ayr Biddulph, Mrs, Myddleton shire

Biggs, Mr Benj. E., Dublin
Baillie, Mrs, Canal-Bank, Ditto Biggar, Mr, Roslin
Baillie, Mr, Newfield, Ditto Bing, Mr John, Liecester
Baird, Rev. Dr, Edinburgh Bings, Miss, London
Baird, Miss, Stirling

Birch, Mrs, London
Baird, Mr Thomas, Glasgow Bird, Mr John, Stirling
Ballantine, Mr

Birnie, Mr James, Glasgow
Balfour, Mr Elph., 6 copies Bisset, Mr John
Balfour, D., Esq. W. S. Edin, Bissland, Mrs, Ferguslee
Balfour, William, Esq.

Bissland, Miss
Balfour, Mr, Portland Place, Bissland Miss, Jean

Black, Mr Charles, Paisley Balmano, Dr, Glasgow

Black, Thomas, Esq. Perth Bain, J., of Lincland, Stirling- Black, Rev. Mr D. Edinburgh shire

Black, David, Esq. of Bandrum Bannatyne, John, Esq. London, Black, Will. Esq. of Cloghill 2 copies

Black, Mr James, Glasgow Barclay, Mr Robert, Glasgow Black, Rev. A. Musselburgh Barmister, Mrs, Essex

Blackburn, Miss M. Bartlett, Mr and Mrs, Herts, Blackwood, Miss

, 2 copies

Blaikie, Mr Francis, Glasgow Bartlett, Captain, Herts, Blaikie, Mr James, Ditto Baxter, Mr Paul, British Fire- Blair, 1. Hunter, Esq. 3 copies Omce

Blair, Mr Alexander, 2 copies


Blair, Forbes Hunter, Esq. Brown, Dr Rob., Ditto
Blair, Miss, Edinburgh

Brown, Mr Francis, Antigua
Blake, Robert, Esq. London Brown, Mr Matthew
Boaden, James, Esq.

Brown, Major, Ayrshire Militia, Bogle. Mr And. Royal Bank Brown, Mrs, Ditto, Bogle, Allan, Esq.

Brown, Vanburgh Geo., Esq. Bolton, John, Esq. Liverpool Brown, Mrs Bolton, Mrs

Brown, Geo. Esq. Linkwood Bonnar, A. Esq. Banker, Edin- Elgin

(Elgin Bonham, Tompson, Esq. Lond. Brown, Rey. Mr, Quarrywood, 10l. Ios. 6d.

Brown, Rev. Mș Ț. Dalkeith Bonsquet, Mrs, London

Brown, Miss
Book Society, Plympton Brown, Miss, Quarter
Borrodale, Mr T. W.

Brown, Allan, Esq,
Boswell, A. Esq. of Auchinleck Brown, Mrs, Edinburgh
Bostoch, Dr, Liverpool

Brown, John, Esq, Bowmaker, James, Esq. Brown, Mr Robert, Paisley Boyd, E. Esq. London, 2 copies Brown, George, Esq. London Boyd, Miss, Ditto

Brown, Miss Jane, Paisley Brand, Mrs

Brown, Mrs, London Brander, Alex. Esq. London Brown, Will. Esq. of Lisbon Brander, Alex., Esq. Elgin, Bruce, James, Esq. St Vincent Bremner, Mr J. S. Edinburgh Bruce, Mr J. Esq. Excise Office Brethon, Mr Thomas, Glasgow Bruce, Mr J. Merchant, Leith Brewin, Mr Robert, Leicester Bruce, Rev. John, of Forfar Bridge, Mrs Rose, London Bruce, Mr Robert Nairn, Leitla Bridges, Mr Dav jun. Merchant Brunton, Mr, Leith Edinburgh

Bryce, Alexander, Esq. Bristo, Miss, at Castle-Fraser, Buchan, Mr, Elgin Aberdeen

Buchan, Miss, of Lethem, Brodie, Alexander, Esq., M. P. Buchanan, Mrs G. Glasgow, Brodie, Mr, Newmill, by Dal- 2 copies keith

Buchanan, Archibald, Esq. Brodie, Dr, Forres. (copies Buchanan, Mr James, Paisley Brodie, Miss, of Lethen, 10 Buchanan, James, Esq. Brook, Mr H. W. Alien-Office, Buchanan, Mr W. Edinburgh London

Buchanan, Mrs, Arden Brooke, Mrs Henry, Bristol Buchanan, Mr John (copies Brown, Geo. Esq. Edinburgh Buchanán, Mrs, North Barr, 2 Brown, Mr James, Colourman, Buchanan, J. Esq. Greenock, Glasgow

2 copies Brown, Mr John, Ditto Ditto Buchanan, J. Esq. Do, 8 copies Brown, Mrs, Ditto

Blair, Mr Richard, 2 copies


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