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Seite 329 - Laws of the United States from the Adoption of the Constitution to the end of the Thirty-Fourth Congress, 1789—1857, by Frederick C.
Seite 17 - Great Britain, than they resolved to wage it in a manner most consonant to the principles of humanity, and to those friendly relations which it was desirable to preserve between the two nations, after the restoration of peace.
Seite 302 - If the United States possess the vigor of mind to establish the first institution, it may reasonably be expected to produce the most unequivocal advantages. A glorious national spirit will be introduced, with its extensive train of political consequences.
Seite 31 - I earnestly renew, at the same time, a recommendation of such changes in the system of the militia, as, by classing and disciplining for the most prompt and active service the portions most capable of it, will give to that great resource for the public safety all the requisite energy and efficiency.
Seite 302 - Fourthly, that every man of the proper age and ability of body is firmly bound by the social compact to perform, personally, his proportion of military duty for the defense of the state.
Seite 41 - Eagle, not being able to bring her guns to bear, cut her cable, and anchored in a more eligible position, between my ship and the Ticonderoga...
Seite 106 - In the administration of human affairs, there must be a period when discussion shall cease and decision shall become absolute.
Seite 104 - ... pernicious to palliate the difficulties which are now to be overcome. The exigencies of the Government require a supply of treasure for the prosecution of the war, beyond any amount which it would be politic, even if it were practicable, to raise by an immediate and constant imposition of taxes. There must, therefore, be a resort to credit, for a considerable portion of the supply. But the public credit is at this juncture so depressed, that no hope of adequate succor, on moderate terms, can...
Seite 352 - To THE MEN OF COLOR — Soldiers ! From the shores of Mobile I collected you to arms; I invited you to share in the perils and to divide the glory of your white countrymen. I expected much from you, for I was not uninformed of those qualities which must render you so formidable to an invading foe.
Seite 76 - Upon the Point of Frontier You may state that the views of the British Government are strictly defensive. They consider the course of the Lakes from Lake Ontario to Lake Superior both inclusive to be the natural military Frontier of the British Possessions in North America; as the weaker Power on the North American Continent, the least capable of acting offensively and the most exposed to sudden Invasion, Great Britain considers itself entitled to claim the use of those Lakes as a military Barrier.

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