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Brutes never meet in bloody fray,
Nor cut each others throats for pay.
Of beasts, it is confess'd, the ape
Comes neareft us in human shape,
Like man he imitates each fashion,
And malice is his ruling paffion :
But both in malice and grimaces,
A courtier any ape surpasses.
Behold him humbly cringing wait,
Upon the minister of fate :
View him soon after to inferiors
Aping the conduct of superiors :
He promises with equal air,
And to perform takes equal care.
He in his turn finds imitators,
At court, the porters, lacques, waiters,
Their master's manners still contract,
And footmen, lords and dukes can act.
Thus at the court, both great and small,
Behave alike, for all ape all.


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AMIDST the clamour of exulting joys,

Which triumph forces from the patriot heart; Grief dares to mingle her soul-piercing voice,

And quells the raptures which from pleasures ftart.

0, Wolfe, to thee a streaming flood of woe,

Sighing we pay, and think e'en conquest dear; Quebec in vain shall teach our breast to glow,

Whilft thy fad fate extorts the heart-wrung tear.

Alive the foe thy dreadful vigour fled,

And saw thee fall with joy-pronouncing eyes : Yet they shall know thou conquerest, though dead!

Since from thy tomb a thousand heroes rise.





Sure 'twas by Providence defign'd,

Rather in pity, than in hate,
That he shou'd be, like cupid, blind,

To save him from Narcissus' fate.

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WEEPING, murmuring, complaining,

Loft to every gay delight; Myra, too fincere for feigning,

Fears th' approaching bridal night.

Yet why impair thy bright perfection ?

Or dim thy beauty with a tear? Had Myra follow'd my direction,

She long had wanted cause of fear.

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