Tewkesbury abbey and its associations

Simpkin, Marshall, 1875 - 130 Seiten

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Seite 131 - THE ANNOTATED BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER : being an Historical, Ritual, and Theological Commentary on the Devotional System of the Church of England.
Seite 36 - Glory;' and he then headed the procession as it moved forward, chanting, 'Peace be unto this house and to all that shall dwell therein. Blessing be given unto them in their coming in and in their going out;' and all the people said, 'Amen.' " The Abbey in the course of its after history required reopening upon one occasion, and upon another rededication. The reopening was after the churches in England had been closed by an interdict of the pope for six years as a punishment for disobedience to his...
Seite 32 - Your munificence and disregard of money, is amply shown by the monastery of Tewkesbury; from which, as I hear, you not only do not extort presents but even return its voluntary offerings. You must be well aware, how noble such a proceeding is, more especially at the present time; how much it redounds to your glory among men, how productive of the favour of God.
Seite 131 - The Reformation of the Church of England ; its History, Principles, and Results. AD 1514-1547. By the Rev. JOHN HENRY BLUNT, MA, FSA, Editor of "The Annotated Book of Common Prayer,
Seite 88 - And, for that entent, the same nyght they pight them in a fielde, in a close even at the townes ende ; the towne, and the abbey, at theyr backs ; afore them, and upon every hand of them, fowle lanes, and depe dikes, and many hedges, with hylls, and valleys, a ryght evill place to approche, as cowlde well have bene devysed.
Seite 90 - Jesu Christ most of myght, Have mercy on John Le Wenlock knight, And on his wife Elizabeth, Who out of this world is past by death, Which founded this chapel here. Help them with your hearty prayer, That they may come to that place, Where ever is joy and solace.
Seite 132 - A PLAIN ACCOUNT OF THE ENGLISH BIBLE. From the Earliest Times of its Translation to the Present Day. By JOHN HENRY BLUNT, MA, Vicar of Kennington, Oxford; Editor of "The Annotated Book of Common Prayer,
Seite 83 - ... the greatest and the last of the old Norman chivalry, — kinglier in pride, in state, in possessions, and in renown, than the king himself, — Richard Nevile, Earl of Salisbury and Warwick.
Seite 36 - Lift up your heads O ye gates, and be ye lift up ye everlasting doors, and let the King of Glory...
Seite 98 - The lodging called the New Warke, leading from the gate to the late Abbot's lodging, with buttery, pantry, cellar...

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