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Praife is not seemly in the Mouth of a Sinner : for it was not sent him of the Lord *. But when humble and hearty Devotion hath preceded, Gladness and Exultation, kept clear of Excess and Riot, may and should follow, on Occafions like this. The Grief of our Offences, should be lost, for the time, in a thankful Sense of God's Goodness : a chearing Hope be entertained, that He, who hath delivered, will deliver s; and our Behaviour shew to all around us, what our Hearts feel. This was the Direction, immediately given to the Jews, when once they had been made sensible of their Transgressions, in their public Affembly for a Thanksgiving, on their Return from the Captivity : and I conclude with reciting it. The Levites read in the Book, in the Law of God, and gave the Sense, and caused them to understand the Reading. And all the People wept, when they heard the Words of the Law. Then Nehemiah the Governor, and Ezra the Priest, and the Levites, that taught the People, said unto them, This Day is holy unto the Lord your God: mourn not, nor weep. Go your way, eat the Fat, and drink the Sweet, and fend Portions unto

: * Ecclus. xv. 9.

§ 2 Cor. i. 10.


them, for whom nothing is prepared; for this Day is holy unto our Lord: neither be ye forry, for the Joy of the Lord is your Strength. And all the people went their way, to eat and to drink, and to send Portions, and to make great Mirth; pbecaulė they had understood the Words, that were declared unto them *.

* Neh. viii. 7, 8, 9, 10, 12.


Preached at the
Parish-Church of St. James, Westminster,

January 7, 1746-7



February 17, 1747-8. Being Days appointed, by His MAJESTY's Proclamation,

for GENERAL FASTS, on Occasion of the War.

PSALM cxxii. 6.

O pray for the Peace of Jerusalem :

They fall profper, that love thee.

M yo hath planted in the Hearts of

7 Men, and it is a strong Proof of his

Goodness to us, a Principle of tender mutual Benevolence; which Reason enjoins us to exert on all Occasions : and Revelation both threatens our Transgression of this Rule with the feverest Punishments, and encourages our Observance of it by Promises of the most effectual Assistance and noblest Rewards. But as all Mankind is an Object too large, for the Generality of Persons to embrace in their Affections, and for the rest to think of actually benefiting; the Scripture hath very justly appropriated our Love, to our Neighbour : to every one, who is any way brought near enough to us, to be capable of receiving any Service or Mark of Kindness from us : according to our Saviour's most ra

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