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yourselves under the mighty Hand of God, that be may exalt you in due Time.

But I must not now enter on the Illustration and Proof of this important Connexion. May our present Humiliation give an experi. mental Proof of it, by effe&tually inclining us to be reconciled to God* ; and inducing Him to direct our public Counsels into the Way of national Prosperity, and our private Conduct into that of eternal Blessedness,

2 Cor, v. 204

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Parish-Church of St. James, Westminster,

April 11, 1744.

Being a Day appointed, by His MAJESTY's Proclamation,

for a GENERAL Fast on Occasion of the War.

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Humble yourselves therefore under the .. mighty Hand of God, that he may

exalt you in due Time.

T our last Meeting on the same most necessary Occasion, which calls us

together now, I endeavoured to lay before you, from these Words, both the general Duty of Man's walking bumbly with his God *, and the particular Reasons, which we of this Nation have, for exercising a very deep Humility towards him, as we have been particularly guilty, besides various other Sins, of that unspeakably shocking one, Pride against him. Too many amongst us have dared to treat the Faith, if not of his Being, yet of the only Thing which makes it valuable, a just and good Providence, with utter Con** Mic. vi. &

tempt :

tempt: absurd as it is, that the wise and powerful Maker of the World should not be the Ruler of it, and that the Ruler of the World should not reward every one according to bis Works *. Much greater Numbers, if they do not deny his moral Government, yet almost intirely disregard it : attend on his public Worfhip but feldom, and then visibly as Matter of mere external Decency : never condescend to pay him any Homage in private ; nor through their whole Behaviour consider him, in the least, as, what they profess to acknowledge He is, the Lawgiver, the Inspector and Judge, of their Lives and Hearts : but securely follow Passion, Appetite, Custom, Fancy, as the Guide of their Conduct; and openly ridicule those that do otherwise ; call themselves Christians perhaps ; but are totally void of Reverence for every Doctrine of Christianity, that is above their Comprehension, for every Precept that contradicts their Inclination ; and ftrangely negligent even of natural Piety and facial Virtue. Larger Multitudes yet imagine, that they are mighty Religious Persons, if they preserve but a tolerable Regularity in the outward Acts of Devotion, Justice and TempeMatth. xvi. 27.

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