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Preached on Occasion of the REBELLION in SCOTLAND,

At the
Parish - Church of St. James, Westminster,

The CHAPELS belonging to it,

Oalober 6, 13, 1745.

2 SAM. X. 12. Be of good Courage, and let us play the

Men for our people, and for the Cities of our God: And the Lord do that which seemeth bim good.

T ANY of you, I hope, remember, IV that I discoursed to you upon these

1 Words, a Year and seven Months ago *: when God, for our Sins, threatened us first, with what, for the Continuance of them, he hath at length permitted to fall on Part

of this Land. The Renewal, and nearer Ap· proach, of the fame Danger, requires a more earnest inculcating of the same Exhortations. For perhaps we may now lay to Heart the Things we did not then. It is very true, the Pulpit ought never to be prophaned, and I trust never hath or shall by me, to serve the Purposes of Party-Interest; or intermeddle with any Points of a Political Nature, about which

* February 26, 1743-4.

G 2


the Friends of their Country, that think at all, can possibly be of different Opinions. But the present is a common Cause, affecting every one of us, without Distinction, in what is most important to us: and God forbid, that the Ministers of the Gospel should be either unwilling or afraid to speak, when his Providence calls on them so loudly, to lift up their Voice. Should the Storm, which is now beating on many of our Fellow-Subjects, be dispersed by infinite Goodness ever so soon and fo intirely, without reaching Us; it may yet be of unspeakable Use, to have made the proper Reflexions and Resolutions, whilst it was approaching towards us. And should the Almighty suffer us to feel it, as we have well deserved ; nothing, but thinking and behaving rightly under his Judgments, can give us Hope of his Mercy to moderate and shorten them.

Now whatever is requisite for these Ends, is clearly comprehended in the Words of the Text: which bring naturally to our Thoughts the three following Particulars.

I. The Interests we have at stake. Our People, and the Cities of our God.

II. The II. The Spirit, which we ought to thew in defending them. Be of good Courage, and let us play the Men.

III. The humble Dependance on Heaven, which we ought to exercise at the same time. And the Lord do that which seemeth him good.

I. The Interests we have at stake. Our People and the Cities of our God: in other Words, our Civil Rights and our Religion. "The Defence of their persons and Poffeffions against lawless Power, and the secure Enjoyment of the Means of Happiness here and hereafter, were the great Motives, that induced Men to submit originally to Government. And every particular Government is good or bad, as it answers or fails of answering these Purposes. Now in our own, as it stands at present, our Liberties are greater than those of any other Nation upon Earth: we enjoy them so fully, that we abuse them beyond Example: and, I believe, no one Person amongst us, of Knowledge and Confideration, doth or can suspect our King of having the least Design to infringe any Branch of them. The private Property of the very


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