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The writer presumes that the following work requires no apology; it claims a place in that class of publications, the value of which is indisputable, and on which the public has stamped its seal of approbation. The present volume, though complete in itself, may form a suitable companion to the writer's Book of Curiosities; it has been carefully compiled from standard books, and works of authority, and is also interspersed with choice extracts from the periodical and float ing literature of the day. It is in truth a new compilation ; though it is not improbable that some of the articles may be found among other collections ; but on this point the author is incompetent to decide, having compiled for himself, without reference to the collections of others.

The writer has throughout the work endeavoured to maintain an originality in his extracts; on this account he has passed over many things which are generally included in works of this nature. le proof of these assertions, he need only refer the reader to the “ Remarkable Biographies,” where he will find that the characters introduced are not generally those that have been exhibited under the term Eccentric Biography, but are principally a new selection.

The extracts in this volume are brought forward without any formality of disquisition, of which the writer did not see the necessity; but a sort of order is nevertheless observed in the arrangement of the whole, which, if it be not visibly marked, will be obvious to every judicious


The compiler trusts that the work will fully answer to its title; and that it will not only be esteemed a Compendium of Information, but also of Amusement, by readers of every description.

Doncaster, May 18, 1827.

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