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Agrarian outrages in Ireland, cause Christian Companion, by the Rev. J.
of, 10

Furlong, 414
Academical education in Ireland, pro- Catholic Hours, 415
posed, 90

Charity, a sonnet, 444
Anglo-Saxon Church, 42

Comte de St. Germain, 482
Arundel Castle, 94

Churchyards, 490
Atonement, 107

Comet (The) 497
Atheism, 113

Character of the “ Peeps,” 500
Atheism not a crime, 121
Anecdotes of Calcutta, 126

Dating letters on Saints' days ridi-
Agricultural distress, 199

culed, 78
Abbot (The) and the Black Pilgrim, Defence of the Game Laws, by the

Hon. G. Berkeley, 104
Adventures in New Zealand, by E. J. Duties of subjects and of the deposi-
Wakefield, 416

taries of power, 110
An Adventure in the Pacific, 417 Dirge of Poland, 181
Algeria, the French in, 497

Dolman's Magazine, 297

Duke of Wellington and the Morning
Beste on Irish agrarian outrages, 1

Post, 307
Brown's sermon on fasting, 73

Don Whiskerandos, 294
British Guiana and Lord Stanley, 85 Duty of the State in matters touching
Beggar's Coin (The) 283

Religion, 337
Borneo and J. Brooke, 306

Duels, their vulgarity, 490
Book Clubs, 356
Bard's Garret (The) 500

Evening Thrush, 12
Bishop of Exeter's charge, 492 Eternal City (The) 13, 182, 458

English in Rome, 84
Cottages of the poor,


Ellen Middleton, by Lady G. Fuller-
Catholics, policy of, 24
Countess Clemence, by the Editor, 56, Eccentric Biographies, 263, 482
163, 218, 340, 466

Ecclesiastical architecture, 303
Camden Society, its contests respecting Expenses and profits of agriculture,

the altar, 88
Clocks, first invention of, 177

Exhibition of Royal Academy, 400
Corn Laws, enactments that ought to Eruption of Conseguina, 420

accompany their repeal, 201
Count Cagliostro, 263

Floral Symbolism, 34, 232
Child of the Islands, by the Hon. Mrs. Fox-hunting at Rome, 82
Norton, 308

Fall of man, 107

ton, 104


to, 93

Future state, 330

Maynooth Grant (The) 269
Free-Trade bazaar, 402

debate on it, 410
Fortifications of Paris, 405

Man's soul, 339
Falls, Lakes, and Mountains of North Martyr (The) 368
Wales, by Miss Costello, 512 Mesmer, 484

Memoirs of Naval Worthies of Queen
Game Laws, 4

Elizabeth's Reign, by J. Barrow, 510
Gladstone (Mr.) and his book, 92
Genesis of Christendom, 209

New Zealand and Lord Stanley,
Gitana (The) 309

Origin of evil, 107
History of the Waterloo Campaign, by Orgies of the barbarians, 212
Capt. Siborne, 96

Offertory (The) 490
Highlands of Æthiopia, by Major Har-
ris, 102

Principles of the Magazine, 1
Hawkstone, 206

Poor-laws unnecessary for Ireland, 5
Holy Gilds and Friendly Societies, 394 Peel's (Sir R.) letters to Mr. Beste, 8
Holy Readings, 503

Policy of Catholics, 23

Puseyites, their claim to be of the Ca-
Income-tax, its continuance objected tholic Church, 74

in Kent, 89
Ireland and her Agitators, by W. O'N. Peep at all things and a few others (A)
Daunt, 502

No. I. 82; No. II. 192; No. III.

294; No. 1V. 400; No. V. 488.
Justice's justice, 403

Philpotts (Dr.) and the Exeter popu-

lace, 88
Lucan, the Earl of, 12

Post-office espionage, 95
Lingard's History of the Anglo-Saxon Passages in the Life of a Radical, 99
Church, 42

Papal jewel in the Protestant Crown,208
Luck of being transported, 190 Past and present policy of England to
Lives of the English Saints, 239

Ireland, 269
Labanoff (Prince) bis Letters of Mary Polka, 305
Queen of Scots, 255

Pictorial Art in its Christian develop-
Letters of Mary Stuart, by W. Turn- ment, 371, 432
bull, 415

Prince of Syracuse, 409
Lands Classical and Sacred, by Lord Prayers for the dead, 413
Nugent, 507

Popular Author (The) 445
L’Agitation Irlandaise, 513

Peel versus Rebellion, 465

Power of the Soul over the Body, by
May Flowers, 217

Dr. Moor, 501
Matrimonial Quarrels, 189

Primacy of the Apostolic See vindi-
Memory, 72

cated, by Dr. Kenrick,
Mores Catholici, 99, 508
Maps of Society for Diffusion of Use- Queen's ball, 497

fül Knowledge, 103
Man in his moral, religious, and poli- Rosary, and other poems, by the Rev.
tical relations, 106

Mr. Faber, 414
Montalembert on freedom of education, Rent of land, 2

Rome as it was after the retreat of the
Moral sense of man, 113

Gauls, 182
Means of evading the income-tax, 182 early topography of, 16
Murder, taste of the public for, 204, 307 when Hannibal was at its gates,
Maxims and Opinions of the Duke of

Wellington, by G. Francis, 206 Reform Act, its effect on English Ca-
Memoirs of W. Elliston, by G. Ray- tholics, 27
mond, 207

Reporters for the press, their difficul-
Mary Queen of Scots, 255

ties with classical M.P.'s, 91



groups, 499

Roebuck (Mr.) and the property tax, 93 | Theism, 113
Riddle, 95

Theism not a crime, 123
Railway travelling, 294

Tear (The) 125

Tractarian Movement (The) considered
Rising tide, sonnet on, 488

in its religious and political bear-

ings, 136
Sonnet on Stonehenge, 22

Thrush (A) 197
on wild flowers, 355

Travels in India, by L. Von Orlich, 310
Stonehenge, 22

Tyrol (The) 406
Shrove-tide festivity, 32
Sweet seventeen, 95

Vacation Rambles, by T. Talfourd, 101
Sacrifice, 116

Valentine M'Clutchy, by W. Carleton,
Sporting, 197
Sabrina, 251

Vices, Sins, and Crimes, 106, 330
Southampton, 302
Saints) and Sinners, by W. O'Neil Whigs, their claims on Catholics, 29
Daunt, 310

Ward (Mr.) and the grant to May-
Sunday morning, 339

nooth, 194
Song of June, 393

Workhouses, 203
Scenes and Adventures in Spain, by Wanted a Wife, 231
Poco Mas, 412

Wild flowers from the grave of Burns,
Sibyl, or the Two Nations, by D’Is- 238
raeli, 508

Zurbano, execution of, 87
Tractarianism and Mr. Ward, 72



Page 393, 10th line from bottom, for “grave” read “grove."
Page 485, før “ Germain's correspondence” read “ Grimm's correspondence.”
Page 486, for “le banquet” read “le baquet.”

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