The American Monthly Microscopical Journal, Band 10

Romyn Hitchcock, 1889

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Seite 50 - No. 28. Fashion in Deformity, as illustrated in the customs of Barbarous and Civilized Races. (Numerous illustrations). By WILLIAM HENRY FLOWER, FRS No. 29. Facts and Fictions of Zoology, (numerous illustrations). By ANDREW WILSON, Ph.D.
Seite 50 - No. 23. Scientific Sophisms. A review of current theories concerning Atoms, Apes and Men.
Seite 50 - No. 3. Physics and Politics. An application of the principles of Natural Science to Political Society. By Walter Bagehot, author of "The English Constitution.
Seite 24 - Specimens of natural history, botany, and mineralogy, when imported for cabinets, or as objects of taste or science, and not for sale.
Seite 50 - No. 46. The Diseases of Memory. By TH. RIBOT. Translated from the French by J. Fitzgerald, MA No. 47. The Childhood of Heligion. By EDWARD CLODD, FRAS No. 48. Life in Nature. (Illustrated). By JAMES HINTON. No. 49. The Sun ; its Constitution, its Phenomena, its Condition.
Seite 50 - No. 8. The Study of Languages, brought back to its true principles. By C. Marcel. No. 9. The Data of Ethics. By Herbert Spencer No. 10. The Theory of Sound In Its Relation to Music, (numerous illustrations}^ By Prof.
Seite 50 - MD. (Special number.) No. 94. The Factors of Organic Evolution. By Herbert Spencer. No. 95. The Diseases of Personality. By Th. Ribot. Translated from the French by J. Fitzgerald, MA No. 96. A Half-Century of Science. By Thomas H.
Seite 50 - FETICHISM : A Contribution to Anthropology and the History of Religion. By Fritz Schultze.
Seite 50 - Broadway, NT ARCHITECTS & BUILDERO Edition of Scientific American. O A great success. Each Issue contains colored lithographic plates of country and city residences or public buildings. Numerous engravings and full plans and specifications for the use ot such as contemplate buil ding.
Seite 50 - SCIENCE. Containing the works of the foremost scientific writers of the age. — The Great Classics of Modern Thought.— Strong meat for them that are of full age. Single numbers 15 cents.

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