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for the prophetic promise delivered | things shall be dissolved, is of the to the Jews.

very first importance, because that Let us now examine how the ad-condition shall be eternal. monition and the promise bear upon Let us, then, reflect what manner the condition in which we are placed. of persons we ought to be, under the And it is impossible for a moment to influence of the admonition and the overlook the greater weight with promise contained in our text. The which they fall upon every one who admonition I have already disposed names the name of Christ, and who of-it requires no enforcing-it canlives to see the fulfilment of those not be strengthened by any argument things which were but shadowed forth of human wisdom: but the promise in the dim colourings of prophecy to deserves, if it may not command, the the church of old. “ For if they deepest attention on your part, the escaped not who refused him that most persuasive earnestness and sinspake on earth, much more shall not cerity on mine, that it may not return we escape, if we refuse Him that void, but that it may accomplish the speaketh from heaven.”

work whereunto it is given; namely, Whatever nece

ecessity might have that the Lord may establish you an existed for appealing to the reason holy people unto himself, as He hath and experience of the Israelites upon sworn unto you, if ye will keep the the vanity of all created things ; commandments of the Lord your surely, my brethren, it needs not be God, and walk in his ways. urged to you, as a doubtful point, My salvation shall be for ever!" wanting the support of argument, And who is the author of this univerthat all these things which surround sally interesting declaration ? Even us shall be dissolved. I need not be, who after he had lived upon exhort you to lift up your eyes to the earth, fulfilling, in his own person, heavens, and to look upon the earth the ministration of righteousness, and beneath, in order to remind you, that establishing its continuance from genotwithstanding their visible beauty, neration to generation, made himself and their seeming stability, they known again in his glorified state in sball wax old and vanish away. heaven. —-(Rev. xxii. 13). “ I am Much less need I enforce upon you | Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the certainty that all who dwell the end, the first and the last: He therein shall die in like manner. who created all things, and for whose You know and feel this, and, there- pleasure they are and were created : fore, it is of little importance to you He who is over all, God blessed for whether the sky and the earth by ever!” How inconceivably strong, which you are surrounded shall con- therefore, is the claim of the person tinue or not; except that the assu- who offers this promise to our coufirance of their dissolution, given in dence, and trust, and dependence ! the Word of God, being strengthened And what is the gracious gist of by your own reason and observation, which He makes us the free offer? affords you additional ground of con- Even salvation-the deliverance, the fidence, that whatsoever things are protection, the preservation of our imwritten in Scripture are true, and mortal souls ! But we cannot conpreserved there for your instruction. ceive rightly of the value of this gift, Consequently it follows, that what- unless we form a proper estimate of ever relates to that condition upon the worth of the soul, and the jeowhich we must enter after all these pardy in which it stands from the


moment it begins to exist. It is not the Old Testament. In applying this to our present purpose to inquire command to ourselves, our thoughts why it is so circumstanced. It is immediately rest upon the New Tesenough for us to know that it is so, tament, the Gospel of our Lord and and that we have no power of our Saviour Jesus Christ, the glad tidselves to help ourselves: that there ings of the promised salvation perare no other means of deliverance fected, wrought in the sight of men, than those which God has wrought. sealed by the blood of the Messiah But that these are all-sufficient, we that should come according to the bare abundant proofs from the same promise made even to the father of revealed wisdom which teaches us the human race, and ratified by the that they are provided.

descent of the Holy Ghost even to It is impossible for us to conceive this day, upon all who will commit a perfect notion of the soul's value, their souls to his keeping. because while we exist in the body If then you have but a cold, lanall our faculties are limited ; and we guid, imperfect sense of the soul's cannot, therefore, comprehend the value, search the Scriptures; for true nature of eternity: but we can while they testify of Him who hath compass quite enough of the idea to purchased its salvation, they will serve all the purposes of vigilance, teach you at how great a price the and caution, and activity, and perse- purchase was made, and from what verance, regarding those things upon depths of misery it was thus redeemwhich the soul's welfare or ed. You will learn from hence also through eternity do depend, under the extent of the deliverance thus the Divine control: and these things wrought for you. “My salvation shall are openly revealed to us in God's be for ever!" The sin of the body word—they are made clear as the brought down a curse upon the soul : noon-day light. The value of the the body, therefore, remains liable to soul arises out of its immortality: the penalty of its own guilt—"dust for as it must exist for ever, either in thou art, and unto dust shalt thou a state of blessedness, or in a state of return !" But the love of God toward misery, it is a treasure worth the ut- the creatures whom He had formed most pains we can bestow, to pre- after his own image, pleaded for them, serve it in a condition capable of that He should not leave their soul inheriting the promise.

in hell; and this most adorable atThe means of thus preserving it are tribute of the Deity, in his relation clearly laid down for our guidance, to man, prevailed in the councils of they are written for our learning; the Most High to contrive the wonand if the ministration of the Gospel drous scheme of human redemption ; were to cease throughout the world, that in the ages to come He might and the Bible were still left in the shew the exceeding riches of his bands of future generations, they grace, in his kindness towards us would be without excuse in the day through Christ Jesus. We are come of judgment if they remained igpo- then to this point--we are living unrant of the terms and the means of der the immediate operation of this salvation. Our Saviour's command gracious dispensation : and He who to the Jews in bis day was, Search is the chief corner stone in this glothe Scriptures ;" for they are they rious structure of divine love, Himwhich testify of me: but He could self assures us, My salvation shall refer them only to the Scriptures of be for ever.” And in order to engage and justify our reliance upon this tion which shall be for ever; and promise, He reminds us of his own partakers, by imputation of the Saunchangeable faithfulness—my righ- viour's merits, of that righteousness teousness shall not be abolished. His which shall not be abolished. word, his truth, is the same yesterday,

To embrace this as well as every to day, and for ever.

Heaven and other Divine Promise contained in earth shall pass away, but his word the written Word, is therefore equally shall not pass away.

a matter of the deepest interest, as a Although, therefore, the heavens matter of imperative duty with all who shall vanish away like smoke, and profess and call themselves Christians. the earth shall wax old like a gar- | For unless we believe, what motive ment, and they that dwell therein can there be to strive against the shall die in like manner; yet on the powerful impediments which time, power, the love, and the faithfulness and the world, and our own carnal of the Redeemer, we may build our will, set up continually in the narhopes as upon a rock, that life and row path of Christian duty ? Without immortality are our glorious inherit- this faith it is impossible to please ance hereafter; that neither height God; and if by actual transgressions nor depth, nor time nor space, nor

or omissions we renew and increase things present nor things to come,

our natural obnoxiousness to the dishall separate us from the love of vine purity, the wrath of God abideth God, which is in Christ Jesus our on us, and we have no part nor lot in Lord: but that our own willing sub- the perservation and increase upon mission to the guidance of the Holy the earth of that reign of righteousSpirit, our faith in the merits of the ness, which notwithstanding our perRedeemer, our obedience to the re- sonal guilt shall not be abolished; vealed will of our Heavenly Father, nor can we hope to share the salvaare the prescribed means whereby tion which shall be for ever.-Amen. we may become heirs of that salva



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Psalm cx. 3.—Thy people shall be willing in the day of thy power, in the beauties of

holiness from the womb of the morning : thou hast the dew of thy youth.

There is more Gospel in this Old weakness. He confirms all the parts Testament hymn, than in many ser- of redemption by an oath. Man is mons where it is more professedly sunk down in infirmities, and the preached. In no part of the Bible is plague of unbelief has so embodied the Lord Jesus more truly exalted, itself in his very nature, that the bare tban he is here. “Sit thou on my word of Deity is not enough for him ; right hand.” What a clear undisputed he must have the testimony of the manifestation of his Sonship is this Holy Ghost presented to him with an expression ; and what a declaration additional weight suspended to it. of his mediatorial power is that which | Hence the gracious disclosure that follows it! “ Rule thou in the midst “the Lord hath sworn, and will not of thine enemies." of whom was it repent;" and that transcendent act ever said, but of God the everlasting of grace to which it points, “Thou King, that “his foes should be his art a priest for ever after the order of footstool?” But this is the honor of Melchizedek.”

This priesthood decreed to the anointed of God. assures the sinner that the altar, and What a proofhave we here then, of his offering of burnt-offering, has been eternal Godhead! And if I carry on actually set up, that the atonement these remarks and apply them to the has been made, and the reconciliation subject of the fourth verse, we shall perfected ; and the perpetuity of it is see far into the mystery of Redemp- nothing less than a strongly marked tion; the eye of faith will have a declaration, that there remaineth no wide field to rejoice in, and all the more sacrifice for sin, that all has thoughts so rich and high a theme to been done that ever will be, for dwell upon, that if they are not, in bringing the sinner up out of his some measure, held in by the Spirit, grave of spiritual darkness, and they would be apt to lose themselves setting open for him a passage to in a sea of wonders. “ The Lord hath glory and immortality, those distincsworn"—this is, indeed, a stooping, tive characters of life eternal. I an unparalleled deference to human might here go forward to the sixth




and seventh verses, and show you in the kingdoms of the earth the inhawhat manner our Lord, in his reign bitants of them are his by creation, of grace, exercises judgment amongst yet that a chosen number of these the heathen, and with what a ready are his by election. He has an overwill he bowed his head, and drank looking providence for every man; of the brook of God's wrath in the as well for him, whose roots are canway of his glorious undertaking ; ! kering in the soil of an unconverted but I have, perhaps, said enough of | heart, as for those who are yielding the general tendency of this Psalm, God the peaceable fruits of righteousto stir you up to look more into the ness. He sits in all the councils of Gospel character of it.

men, though they perceive him not: I now ask your particular attention and no decree of theirs can pass, withto the text, which stands as one of out his yea, and amen.

He sets up its most remarkable features, “Thy thrones and overthrows them; he people shall be willing in the day of bendeth the bow and breaketh it. thy power, in the beauties of holiness : He snappeth the spear asunder, and from the womb of the morning thou burneth the chariots in the fire. There hast the dew of thy youth.” May is no casualty or contingency with the Spirit which was in David, rest him; whatever his will determines, upon me, and give an influence to my cannot be altered or obstructed by words this day; May the events ; it is virtually finished the awakening power that put it into moment it is conceived. Again, be David's heart to write down this opens these lower vineyards indiscrimemorial of Christ's love, give me minately; and an unrighteous Herod ability to improve it; then shall you, shall have as much or more abundant my brethren, join chorus in a song honor, than the man after God's own exclusively dedicated to Immanuel's heart, and the impious Belteshazzar praise, and great will be your soul's more of perishable treasure, than the enjoyment in it.

prince of Israel, who was fed out of I see in this Scripture three things the storehouse of Egypt, or the leader for consideration. I am led to ex- of the twelve tribes who refused to amine,

be called the son of Pharaoh's daughFirst, How it IS THAT THE SAINTS ter. But this is not the way in which OF GOD BECOME Christ's people. he deals with the riches of heaven

Secondly, THE END AND PURPOSE he drops these where they will be FOR WHICH HE MAKES THEM WILLING. gathered up and prized-he has a

Lastly, IN WHAT SENSE THEY ARE waiting anxious people who thrive on DESCRIBED AS THE DEW OF THE MORN- such food, and he will not take from

bis children to give to the impenitent, Every one who knows any thing the unthankful, and the reprobate. of the phraseology of the Bible, will He knows the inward workings of fancy he has learnt the signification every Esau, and of every Jacob. He of an expression that often occurs in sees the carnal appetite strong in one, it-the people of God; and, indeed, and the desire for a blessing as feras far as all those who are living vent in the other. Without reference godly and righteously in this present to elder or younger, He attaches the world, may be named God's people, birthright to the sinner that can rehe does truly understand it. In some joice in his privileges, and can love parts of revelation it means no more them heartily because they place him than this, that though as Lord of all in a nearer position to his Heavenly


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