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Uniform with this Volume.

New, cheap, and handsome editions of many recent books of outstanding merit and great interest, the original price of which has restricted their enjoyment to a limited circle of readers.

They are well printed and illustrated, and bound in Blue Cloth with gilt top, in the same style as this volume.

The Series includes works of Travel, History, Biography, etc., nothing but Novels being excluded, and a new volume is added twice a month.

NEXT TWO VOLUMES. Collections and Recollections (Second Series).

G. W. E. RUSSELL. Originally published under the title of “ An Onlooker's Note. book,” this work possesses the same qualities as the famous first series of “ Collections and Recollections." It is full of

good stories, shrewd comments, and a kindly humour.


The Life of Frank Buckland.

Frank Buckland was the most whimsical and original of modern naturalists, and delightful are the chapters which deal with his boyhood and youth when he pursued his hobby under

many difficulties.

A Book about the Garden. DEAN HOLE.

Dean Hole was chiefly famous as an expert rose grower ; but in the present volume he gossips wisely and entertainingly about all the thousand and one things which appertain to the


Life of Alexander Hamilton. F. S. OLIVER.

To Hamilton on the intellectual and political side, as to Washington on the military, the American Union was mainly due. The book was hailed on its first appearance, three years ago, as one of the most remarkable and most important of political


From the Cape to Cairo. E. S. GROGAN.

An extraordinary journey, practically all on foot. The book is full of startling pictures, strange adventures, and the story

of appalling hardships.

The Making of Modern Egypt.

Sir AUCKLAND COLVIN. A book without a dull page, and in which the complex story

of Egyptian development is turned into a romance.

Life of Lord Russell of Killowen.

R. BARRY O'BRIEN. As Lord Chief Justice, Lord Russell was the greatest figure on the modern bench. The book gives a wonderful picture of a

massive personality.

Selected Essays.

AUGUSTINE BIRRELL. A selection approved by Mr. Birrell himself, and which may be taken as an anthology of his best work. There is no more delightful guide to a library than the author of “ Obiter Dicta.”

Conan Doyle says of this book that there have been no finer pieces of descriptive work in our time. “If I had to choose a sea library of only a dozen volumes, I should certainly give

Bullen two places.”

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The Reminiscences of Sir Henry Hawkins

(Lord Brampton). A fascinating record of a great legal career, and a mine of good

stories and sayings.

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The Simple Adventures of a Memsahib.

SARA JEANNETTE DUNCAN. As readable as any romance, and gives a genuine insight into

the conditions of English and native life in India.

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The Golden Age.

KENNETH GRAHAME. A classic of child-life which has had no rivals since “ Alice in Wonderland.” It is a work of positive genius in its insight into the mind of a child and of the world as it appears to the

eye of childhood.

COLVIN. ex story


The Forest.

STEWART EDWARD WHITE. Of the new type of travel literature, written by men who live close to the heart of the wilds, “ The Forest” is in many ways

the best.


Life of Gladstone.


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By far the best short biography of this statesman. Not only good history, but from its charm of style an admirable piece of

literary portraiture.


Wild Life in a Southern County.
A volume of fascinating nature studies, containing some of

Richard Jefferies' best work.

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The Psalms in Human Life.' R. E. PROTHERO.

No modern book on a religious subject has enjoyed a wider popularity than this. It is the history of how the Psalms have consoled, inspired, helped, and solaced mankind through

the ages.

The Memories of Dean Hole.

A delightful record of a busy and distinguished life.

Life of John Nicholson. CAPTAIN TROTTER.

The man of destiny of our Indian Empire. The tale of his deeds in the Mutiny is perhaps the most stirring of all the

tales of Britain's wars.

The Great Boer War. A. CONAN DOYLE. By far the most popular and picturesque account of the South

African War.

Collections and Recollections.

G. W. E. RUSSELL. The present volume is G. W. E. Russell's best-known work, and no such miscellany of good stories and witty sayings is to

be found in modern literature.

Scrambles Amongst the Alps.

EDWARD WHYMPER. Holds in mountaineering. literature the same place as the

Compleat Angler " in the library of the fisherman.


London, Edinburgh, Dublin, and New York.

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