The Bivouac, Band 1

E. L. Carey and A. Hart, 1837

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Seite 134 - Be copy now to men of grosser blood, And teach them how to war! — And you, good yeomen, Whose limbs were made in England, show us here The mettle of your pasture; let us swear That you are worth your breeding : which I doubt not; For there is none of you so mean and base, That hath not noble lustre in your eyes.
Seite 169 - By Heaven ! it is a splendid sight to see (For one who hath no friend, no brother there) Their rival scarfs of mix'd embroidery, Their various arms that glitter in the air...
Seite 11 - Dear lovely bowers of innocence and ease, Seats of my youth, when every sport could please, How often have I loitered o'er thy green, Where humble happiness endeared each scene!
Seite 194 - All asperity of feeling seemed forgotten. To a stranger, they would have appeared more like an allied force, than men hot from a ferocious conflict, and only gathering strength and energy to recommence it anew. But a still nobler rivalry for the time existed : the interval was employed in carrying off the wounded, who lay intermixed upon the hard-contested field ; and to the honour of both be it told, that each endeavoured to extricate the common sufferers, and remove their unfortunate friends and...
Seite 205 - Roger was not belied, trafficking in " food for powder" had realised more of his wealth than slop-shoes and short measure. During the development of his project for promotion, the quarter-master and I had found it necessary to replenish frequently, and with the third tumbler Roger came nearer to business. " Often thought it a pity, and often said so in the club, that a fine smashing fellow like you, Terence, had not the stuff to push you on. What the devil signifies family, and blood, and all that...
Seite 196 - ... retreated. A close and well-directed volley from us arrested the progress of the victorious French, while with amazing celerity and coolness, the guards rallied and re-formed ; and in a few minutes advanced in turn to support us. As they came on, the men gave a loud huzza. An Irish regiment to the right answered it with a thrilling cheer.
Seite 200 - Biddy and I were next neighbours — our houses joined — the gardens were only separated by a low hedge, and by standing on an inverted flower-pot one could accomplish a kiss across it easily. There was no harm in the thing — it was merely for the fun of trying an experiment — and when a geranium was damaged, we left the blame upon the cats. Although there was a visiting acquaintance between the retired quartermaster and the relict of the defunct dragoon, never had any cordiality existed between...
Seite 204 - I remarked that, with some influence and a good round sum, recruits might still be found. " Ay, easy enough, and not much money either, if one knew how to go about the thing. Get two or three smart chaps ; let them watch fairs and patterns, mind their hits when the bumpkins got drunk, and find out when fellows were hiding from a warrant. D— me, I would raise a hundred, while you would say Jack Robison. Pay a friendly magistrate; attest the scoundrels before they were sober enough to cry off, bundle...
Seite 211 - Terence," continued Mrs. O'Finn. " Your brother Arthur is following your poor father's example, and ruining himself with hounds and horses. He 'sa weak and wilful man, and nothing can save him, I fear. Though he never treated me with proper respect, I strove to patch up a match between him and Miss Mac Teggart.
Seite 205 - This was pretty significant — Roger had come to the scratch, and there was no mistaking him. We separated for the night. I dreamed, and in fancy was blessed with a wife, and honoured with a command. Nothing could be more entrancing than my visions ; and when the quartermaster's maitre...

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