Geology and Oil Resources of the Coalinga District, California

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Page 7 - ... number at the same time gives an approximate statement of the elevation. It is assumed that engineers and others finding these bench marks so stamped in the field will communicate with the Director of the. United States Geological Survey in order to obtain the accepted elevation to hundredths or thousandths of a foot.
Page 6 - They have been subjected to changes resulting from the adjustments necessary to close circuits and to those resulting from reduction to mean sea level through readjustment of the precise level net of the United States.
Page 112 - It extends about 9 miles from east to west and 3 miles from north to south.
Page 11 - Cin 253," 7 feet east of track, in top of large rock; aluminum tablet stamped "771 " 770. 240 Beckwith, 0.88 mile west of post-office, 4.08 miles east of Dempsey, on north edge of county road, 150 feet west of fork of road to south, nearly opposite deep hollow and schoolhouse, in solid sandstone bowlder; aluminum tablet stamped "1223
Page 8 - Ferry, 160 feet south of signboard, bridge seat at southwest corner of girder bridge 111,4.5 feet below top of rail and 18.5 feet south of center of track; bronze tablet stamped "885 PITTSBURG 1899" 885.094 Fairmont, in front of Baltimore and Ohio station; top of east rail 883.
Page 18 - ... in value with depth, becoming lower in iron and higher in lime, until at no great depth the bed will consist entirely of unaltered limestone. If, on the contrary, the ore deposits are original, no such regular decrease in richness is to be expected as the mines are driven deeper. Patches of low-grade ore may be struck, but these will be due to original differences in the richness of the ore, and a slope might pass downward through such a patch of lean ore into another area of highgrade ore.
Page 6 - The former are determined by lines of levels run either in both forward and backward directions or by simultaneous double-rodded lines, a highgrade instrument being used and special precautions being taken in observations and reduction to correct errors and make the line continuously good throughout. The latter or primary levels are determined with the Y level, precautions being taken against only the principal errors and the levels being run mostly in circuits of single lines. The allowable limit...
Page 53 - Robson, 0.63 mile south of post-office, just south of Underwood's store, 60 feet south of road crossing, 700 feet north of milepost "DW-6," on top stone at west corner of north abutment of bridge across Loop Creek, chiseled square; marked "1000
Page 53 - ... 1321" 1,320.75 Dempsey, 0.98 mile east of post-office, 10 feet northwest of county road, 50 feet northwest of gristmill owned by WH Nugen, 20 feet south of blacksmith shop, 200 feet east of Laurel Hill Schoolhouse, in sandstone outcrop; aluminum tablet stamped "1325...
Page 190 - Big Blue" or top of zone B in the Eastside field and of the top of zone B in the Westside field. The contour interval is 100 feet. By means of this map the direction and amount of dip of the strata in the oil-bearing formation may be calculated for any point in the field, and the depth to the various productive sands or zones may be approximated for most parts of the territory.

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