A Treatise on the Building and Ornamental Stones of Great Britain and Foreign Countries: Arranged According to Their Geological Distribution and Mineral Character, with Illustrations of Their Application in Ancient and Modern Structures

Macmillan and Company, 1872 - 333 Seiten

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Seite 240 - in full force in the north of Africa, as for example in Algeria and Morocco. It has been traced from Egypt, where it was largely quarried of old for the building of
Seite 284 - From the manner in which the buildings and monuments of Italy, formed of calcareous materials, have retained to a wonderful degree the sharpness of their original sculpturing, unless disfigured by the hand of man, it is clear that a dry and smokeless atmosphere is the essential element of durability. In this respect, therefore, the humid sky and gaseous
Seite 99 - in general estimation some of the varieties of serpentine. This is due both to the richness and variety of its colouring, and its capability of receiving a fine polish. It is not, however, adapted to outdoor use, especially in the smoky or gaseous atmosphere of cities ; for, being acted on by hydrochloric and sulphuric acids, it is liable either to decay,
Seite 99 - to become tarnished on the surface. But, for indoor decorations, and the construction of slender shafts, pilasters, pedestals, vases, inlaid slabs for walls, and ornaments of various kinds, serpentine is often employed with successful results.
Seite 181 - for several days in honey and water, and then soaking it in sulphuric acid to bring out the black and white
Seite 174 - brittle. It is usually turned in a lathe, and worked down, first with a fine steel tool, then with a coarse stone,
Seite 92 - marine lavas and tuffs, trachytic and basaltic products of subaerial volcanic origin, between 4000 and 5000 feet in thickness, have been piled,
Seite 205 - to equivalent proportions of carbonate of lime and carbonate of magnesia, the more crystalline and better they are in every respect.
Seite 169 - New York, near Lockport, affords beautiful selenite and snowy gypsum in limestone. At Camillus and Manlius, NY, and in Davidson County,
Seite 117 - There is not a meaner occupation for the human mind than the imitation of the stains and

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