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The Minister shall begm the Morning Prayer, by reading one or more of the

following Sentences of Scripture. THE Lord is in his holy temple : Ljudgment; not in thine anger, lest before him. Hab. ii. 20.

24. Psal. vi. 1. From the rising of the sun even Repent ye; for the kingdom of unto the going down of the same, heaven is at hand. St. Mat. iii. 2. my name shall be great among the I will arise, and go to my father, Gentiles ; and in every place in- and will say unto him; Father, cense shall be offered unto my have sinhed against heaven, and name, and a pure offering : for my before thee, and am no more wor. name shall be great arnong the thy to be called thy son. St. Luke heathen, saith the Lord of hosts. xv: 18, 19. Mal. i. 11.

Enter not into judgment with Let the words of my mouth, and thy servant, O Lord; for in thy the meditation of my heart, be al- sight shall no man living be justifi. way acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, ed. Psal. cxliii. 2. my strength and my Redeemer. If we say that we have no sin, we Psal. xix. 14.

deceive ourselves, and the truth is When the wicked man turneth not in us, but if we confess our away from his wickedness that he sins, God is faithful and just to hath committed, and doeth that forgive us our sins, and to cleanse which is lawful and right, he shall us from all unrighteousness. 1 save his soul alive. Ezek. xvüi. 27. John i. 8, 9.

I acknowledge my transgres ( Then the Minister shall say, sions; and my sin is ever before DEARLY beloved brethren, the

Hide thy face from my sins ; and places, to acknowledge and confess blot out all mine iniquities. Psal. li.9. our manifold sins and wickedness,

The sacrifices of God are a bro- and that we should not dissemble ken spirit ; a broken and a contrite nor cloak them before the face of heart, O God, thou wilt not despise. Almighty God,our heavenly Father, Psal. li. 17.

but confess them with an humble, Rend your heart and not your lowly, penitent, and obedient heart; garments, and turn unto the Lord to the end that we may obtain for. your God; for he is gracious and giveness of the same, by his infinite merciful, slow to anger, and of goodness and mercy. And algreat kindness, and repenteth him though we ought, at all times, of the evil. Joel ii. 13.

humbly to acknowledge our sins To the Lord our God belong before God; yet ought we chiefly mercies and forgivenesses, though so to do, when we assemble and we have rebelled against him ; nei- meet together, to render thanks ther have we obeyed the voice of for the great benefits that we have the Lord our God, to walk in his received at his hands, to set forth laws which he set before us. Dan. his most worthy praise, to hear his . 9, 10.

most holy word, and to ask tnose O Lord, correct me, but with things which are requisite and ne

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ALMGHTY and most merciful ALMIGHTY

God, our heavenly

cessary, as well for the body as the Holy Spirit; that those things may soul. Wherefore, I pray and be please him which we do at this prescech you, as many as are here present, and that the rest of our life sent, to accompany me, with a hereafter may be pure and holy; pure heart and humble voice, unto so that at the last we may come the throne of the heavenly grace, to his eternal joy, through Jesus saying

Christ our Lord. 1 A general Confession, to be said by the i The People shall answer here, and at the whole Congregation after the Minister,

end of every Prayer, Amen. all kneeling

Or this,

Father, who, of his great mer. Father ; We have erred and strayed from thy ways like lost sins to all those who, with hearty

hath promised forgiveness of

cy, sheep. We have followed too much repentance and true faith, turn unto the devices and desires of our own him ; have mercy upon you, par hearts. We have offended against don and deliver you from all your thy holy laws. We have left undone sins, confirm and strengthen you in those things which we ought to have all goodness, and bring you to ever done; And we have done those lasting life, through Jesus Chist things which we ought not to have our Lord. Amen. done : And there is no health in us.

I Then the Minister shall kneel, and say But thou, O Lord, have mercy upon us, miserable offenders. Spare kneeling, and repeating it with him,

the Lord's Prayer; the People still thou those, O God, who confess both here, and wheresoever else it is their faults. Restore thou those used in Divine Service. who are penitent; According to OUR Father, who are in lea: kind, in Christ Jesus our Lord. Thy Kingdom come; Thy Will be And grant, most merciful Fa- done on Earth, as it is in Heaven; ther, for his sake ; That we may Give us this day our daily bread; hereafter live a godly, righteous, And forgive us our trespasses, as we and sober life ; To the glory of thy forgive those who trespass against holy name. Amen.

us; And lead us not into temptaThe Declaration of Absolution, or Rction; But deliver us from evil: mission of Sins; to be made by the

Priest For thine is the Kingdom, and the alune, standing; the People still kueeling. Power, and the Glory, for ever LMIGHTY God, the Father

and ever. Amen.
{ Then likewise he shall

desireth not the death of a sinner, O Lord, open thou our lips;
but rather that he may turn from Ans. And our mouth shall show
his wickedness and live, hath given forth thy praise.
power and commandment to his q Here, all standing up, the Minister shall
ministers to declare and pronounce

say, to his people, being penitent, the Glory be to the Father, and to Absolution and Remission of their the Son, and to the Holy Ghost; sins. He pardoneth and absolveth Ans. As it was in the beginning, all those who truly repent, and un- is now, and ever shall be, world seignedly believe his holy Gospel. without end. Wherefore, let us beseech him to Min. Praise ye the Lord. mgrant us trip repentance, and his! Ans.'The Loril's name be praised


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1 Then shall be said or cung the followings, O Lord, the only begotten Son,

Anthem; except on those days for which Jesus Christ; O Lord God, Lamb other Anthems are appointed; and except. also, when it is used in the course of God, Son of the Father, that of the Psalms, on the nincteenth day of takest away the sins of the world, the inonth.

have mercy upon us. Thou that Venite, exultemus Domino.

takest away the sins of the world, Come, let us sing unto the Lord, have mercy upon us. Thou that

let us heartily rejoice in the takest away the sins of the world, surength of our salvation.

receive our prayer. Thou that sit. Let us come before his presence test at the right hand of God the with thanksgiving, and show our Father, have mercy upon us. selves glad in him with psalms. For thou only art holy; thou

For the Lord is a great God; and only art the Lord; thou only, O a great King above all gods. Christ, with the Holy Ghost, art

In his hand are all the corners of most high in the glory of God the the earth; and the strength of the Father. Amen. hills is his also.

Then shall be read the first Lesson, acThe sea is his, and he made it; cording to the Table or Calendar; after and his hands prepared thedry land. which shall be said or sung the following

O come, let us worship, and fall. Hynin. down; and kneel before the Lord I Note, That before every Lesson, the

Minister shall

Here beginneth such our Maker. For he is the Lord our God; and

a Chapter, or erse of such a Chap

ter, of such a Book: And after every we are the people of his pasture, Lesson, Here endeth the first, or the se

cond Lesson and the sheep of his hand.

O worship the Lord in the beauty Te Deum laudamus. of holiness ; let the whole earth WE praise thee, hoe God; we stand in awe of him.

acknowledge thee be the For he cometh, for he cometh Lord. to judge the earth ; and with right All the earth doth worship thee, eousness to judge the world, and the Father everlasting. the people with his truth.

To thee all Angels cry aloud ; I Then shall follow a Portion of the the Heavens, and all the Powers

Psalms, as they are appointed, or one of therein.
the Selections of Psalms set forth hy this
Church: and at the end of every Psalm: phim continually do ery,

To thee, Cherubim and Sera. Benedicite, Jubilate, Benedictus, Can-J. Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of tate Domino,Bonum cst confiteri, Deus Sabaoth. misereatur, Benedic Anima meam Heaven and Earth are full of the MAY be said or sung the Gloria Patri; Majesty of thy Glory. and at the end of the whole Portion, or Selection of Psalms for the day, SHALL

The glorious company of the be said or sung the Gloria Patri, or else Apostles praise thee. the Gloria in Excelsis, as followeth: The goodly fellowship of the

Gloria in Excelsis. Prophets praise thee. VLORY be to Godon high, and on The noble army of Martyrs

earth peace, good will towards praise thee. men. We praise thee, we bless The holy Churchi, throughout thee, we worship thee, we glorify all the world, doth acknowledge chee, we give thanks to thee for thy thee, great glory, O Lord God, heavenly The Father, of an infinite MaKing, God the Father Almighty. ljesty :

Son ;

T'hine adorable, true, and only, Firmament, bless ye the Lord;

praise him, and magnify him for Also the Holy Ghost, the Com. ever. forter.

O all ye Powers of the Lord, bless Thou art the King of Glory, Oye the Lord; praise him, and mag. Christ.

nify him for ever. Thou art the everlasting Son of Oye Sun and Moon, bless ye the the Father.

Lord; praise him, and magnify him When thou tookest upon thee for ever. to deliver man, thou didst humble Oye Stars of Heaven, bless ye thyself to be born of a Virgin. the Lord; praise him, and magnify

When thou hadst overcome the him for ever. sharpness of death, thou didst open Oye Showers and Dev, bless ye the kingdom of heaven to all be- the Lord; praise him, and magni. lievers.

fy him for ever. Thou sittest at the right hand of Oye Winds of God, bless ye the God, in the glory of the Father. Lord; praise him, and magnify him

We believe that thou shalt come, for ever. to be our Judge.

Oye Fire and Heat, bless ye the We therefore pray thee, help thy Lord; praise him, and magnify him servants, whom thou hast redeemed for ever. with thy precious blood.

Oye Winter and Summer, bless Make them to be numbered with ye the Lord; praise him, and magthy saints, in glory, everlasting.

nify him for ever. O Lord, save thy people, and O ye Dews and Frosts, bless ye bless thine heritage.

the Lord; praise him, and magnify Govern them, and lift them up him for ever.

Oye Frost and Cold, bless ye Day by day we magnify thee; the Lord; praise him, and magnify

And we worship thy name ever, him for ever. world without end.

Oye Ice and Snow, bless ye the Vouchsafe, O Lord, to keep us Lord; praise him, and magnify this day without sin.

him for ever. O Lord, have mercy upon us,


ye Nights and Days, bless ye have mercy upon us.

the Lord; praise him, and magnify O Lord, let thy mercy be upon him for ever. us, as our trust is in thee.

Oye Light and Darkness, bless O Lord, in thee have I trusted; ye the Lord; praise him, and mag. let me never be confounded. nify him for ever. Or this Canticle.

Oye Lightnings and Clouds, bless Benedicite, omnia opera Domini. ye the Lord; praise him, and mag. O All ye. Works of the Lord, nify him for ever;


O let the Earth bless the Lord; and magnify him for ever. yea, let it praise him, and magnify

Oye Angels of the Lord, bless him for ever. ye the Lord ; praise him, and mag Oye Mountains and Hills, bless nify him for ever.

ye the Lord; praise him, and magOye Heavens, bless ye the Lord; (nify him for ever. praise him, and magnify him for O all ye green Things upon

Earth, bless ye the Lord ; praise Ove Waters that be above the him, and magnify him for ever

for ever.




Uye Wells, bless ye the Lord;, with praise ; be thankful unto him, praise him, and magnify him for and speak good of his name.

For the Lord is gracious, his Oye Seas and Floods, bless ye mercy is everlasting; and his truth the Lord; praise him, and magnify endureth from generation to gene. hini tor ever.

ration. O ye Whales, and all that move

1 Or this Hymn. in the Waters, bless ye the Lord; Benedictus. St. Luke i. 68. praise him, and magnify hun for BLESSED

be the Lord God of

for he O all ye Fowls of the Air, bless redeemed his People; ye the Lord; praise him, and mag And hath raised up a mighty sal. nify him for ever.

vation for us, in the house of his O all ye Beasts and Cattle, bless servant David ; ye the Lord; praise him, and mag As he spake by the month of his nify him for ever.

holy Prophets, which have been ye Children of Men, bless yesince the world began ; the Lord; praise him, and magnity That we should be saved from him for ever.

our enemies, and from the hand of O let Israel bless the Lorel; all that hate us. praise him, and magnify him for

T Then shall be said the Apostles' Creed,

by the Minister and the People, standOye Priests of the Lord, bless ye

ing: And any Churches may oinit the the Lordl; praise him, and magnify words, He deseended into Hell, or may, him for ever.

instead of them, use the words. He went

into the place of departed Spirits Oye Servants of the Lord, bless

which are considered as words of the ye the Lordl; praise him, and mag same meaning in the Creed. nify him for ever. righteous, bless ye the Lord: Earth: Oye Spirits and Souls of the I Believe in God the Father Al

mighty, Maker of Heaven and praise him, and magnify him for

And in Jesus Christ his only Son Oye holy and humble Men of the Holy Ghost, Born of the Virgin

our Lorul; Who was conceived by heart, bless ye the Lord; praise Mary, Suffered under Pontius Pihim, and magnify him for ever.

late, Was crucified, dead, and buri9 Then shall be read, in like manuer, the ed ; He descended into Hell ; The second Lesson, taken out of the New third day he rose fro the dead; Testament, according to the Table or He ascended into Heaven, And sitCalendari and after that, the following Psalm.

teth on the right hand of God the Jubilate Deo. Psalm c.

Father Almighty ; From thence

he shall come to judge the quick ; serve the Lord gladness, and come before his pre- Holy Catholic Church; The com

I believe in the Holy Ghost; The sence with a song.

Be ye sure that the Lord he is munion of Saints; the forgiveness of God, it is he that hath made us, and sins; The resurrection of the body, not we ourselves; we are his peo

And the life everlasting. Amen. ple and the sheep of his pasture.

Or this. go your way into his gates with Believe in one God, the Father thanksgiving, and into his courts Almighty, Maker of Heaven


O Be joyfuleine lehe

role with and the dead.

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