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tons, and from the Home department itself, through M. Franscini's kindness. The sums total at the bottom of columns would not agree with those given by M. Franseini, and I did not think it worth while to sum them up, some of the components being so uncertain. The foreign population was reduced by 1863 from a probable after-thought of the central boards—the political refugees not being taken into account. Besides this there are two very distinct censuses of the population of the canton of Valais: 1st, the one 1 have entered here upon M. Franscini's authority; 2nd, another showing a population of 83,812 instead of 81,559 or 81,527 (for M. Franseini gives both these numbers).

Having thus made two distinct sums, first of all the highest numbers, second of all the lowest estimates of the population of the several cantons, I have found the first not more than 2353 larger than the second.

XXII.—Geographical List of Places with Two Names.

To Dr. Norton Shaw.

Dear Sib,—I enclose the geographical list we spoke about; it contains such places only as are known in foreign languages by names differing from those we give to them in English, and was made solely with the object of enabling persons to find out what places those names stand for. It is no doubt true that a man who knows a foreign language will know the names of places in that language; but we often see such names as Siebenbiirgen in English newspapers, and others still more mysterious appear on the title-pages of books. My intention lias been to set down only such as could not readily be guessed at, though I found it sometimes difficult to draw the line. I have not put in Londres, Napoli, nor Lisboa; but Wien, Anvers, and Livorno should be there. Most of the names on the list are totally unlike those we know them by—as Ofen for Buda, and Abertawe for Swansea. When the same place has names in two foreign tongues not much unlike each other, one alone is given if the alphabetical order would bring the two near together, such as Ardel and Ardeal (names for Transylvania); but Erdel, a third name, is inserted, because it comes into a different page.

You must not expect critique nor completeness; the words are copied as I found them, and I had neither leisure nor opportunity to increase the list. I had no Magyar nor Bohemian geographies, which would have furnished a large number of words, many of the towns in Hungary and Bohemia having two names ; the Servian and Polish names do but partially fill up the deficiency. I should have been glad to insert all the modern Latin names of places where books are printed, and many Greek towns which have names unlike those we give to them—sometimes two. The Polish, Servian, and Lettish lists are, I believe, more complete; the last will, I fear, be found too minutely full.

On the whole I have only furnished a nucleus, which I hope will gather bulk. What 1 have said will show where some deficiencies exist, and more will be found, together with some errors. I might have inserted a few American titles, such as Granite State, Crescent City, Empire State, but I do not know what they mean; and a few English places with two names, or new names, might be jotted down — as Plymouth Dock or Devonport, Market Jew or Marazion, and in Canada, York or Toronto.

I commit the list to you, to do with as you like. You will no doubt remember names that I have omitted; and I will ask you to strike yeur pen through any you may think superfluous. Yours, truly,

Edwin Norms.

[ The Italic capital letters represent the dashed letters of the Polish and Lettish languages.]


B. Bohemian; D. Danish; Fin. Finnish; Fr. French; G. German; It. Italian; Lat. Latin; Let. Lettish; Lit. Lithuanian; Mag. Magyar; Mol. Moldavian; P. Polish; Pers. Persian; S.Servian; Sans. Sanskrit; Sp. Spanish; T. Turkish; W. Welsh.

Aachen, G., Aix-la-Chapelle.
Aberdaugleddau, W., Milford Haven.
Abergwaun, W., Fishguard.
Aberhonddu, W., Brecon.
Abertawe, W., Swansea.
Aberteifi, W., Cardigan.
Achterwald, G., Ardennes forest.
Adselmuischa, Let., Griinewald in

Ahdama muischa, Let., Schwartzbeckhof in Livonia.

Ahdaschi, Let., Neuermiihlen in Livonia.

Ahderkas muischa, Let, (1) Fistel, (2) Kurbis in Livonia.

Ahlainen, Fin., Hvittisbofjerd.

Ahrzeem, Let., Erkul in Livonia.

Ahster, Let, Poikern in Livonia.

Ahwenanna, Fin., Aland.

Ahwenkoski, Fin., Aborfors.

Aiskraukle, Let, Aschraden in Livonia.

Aiudu, Mol., Enyed.

Aiweekste, Let, the Ewst in Livonia.

Ajemistan, T., Persia.

Akbarabad, P., Agra.

Akkenshahkes muischa, Let., Klingenburg in Livonia.

Alba Grseca, Lat., Belgrade; Griechisch Weissenburg.

Alba Julia, Lat., Weissenburg.

Alba Regia, Lat., Stuhlweissenburg.

Allohksne, Let, Marienburg in Livonia.

Alloje, Let., Allendorf in Livonia.
Alteene, Let, Helfrichshof in Livonia.
Amberes, Sp., Antwerp.
Andrinople, Fr., Adrianople.
Angermannland, G., Ingria.
Anvers, Fr., Antwerp.
Apolda mare, Mol., Grosspolden.
Appes muischa, Let, Hopfenhof in Li-

Ap*es basniza, Let., Lohdenhofsche

Kirche in Livonia. Aquisgrana, It., Aix-la-Chapelle. Aranyos-Gyeres, Mag., Frischmarkt Arauzya, P., Orange. Ardeal, or Ardelu, Mol., Transylvania. Arnautlik, T., Albania. Arnoz, S., Ehrenhausen (Stajershoj).

Arttijarwi, Fin., Artsjo.
Askainen, Fin., Wallnas Kapell.
Athonu, Mol., Mount Athos.
Attes muischa, Let, Ottenhof in Li-

Aug^chsemme, Let, Oberland, Oberlauzisch.

Augstrohse, Let, Hochrosen in Livonia.

Aumeistere, Let, Serbigal in Livonia.
Aunus, Fin., Olonetz.
Austrumasemme, Let., Easternland, i. e.

Azimabad, P., Patna.

Bach, T., Vienna.
Bag, S., Carloago in Croatia.
Bahnuhse, Let., Kudling in Livonia.
Baischekalns, Let., Friedrichshof in

Balta basniza, Let., Strassdensche

Kirche in Courland. Bau-de-la-Roche, Fr., Steinthal. Bandar, Pers. \" The port," MasulipaBnnder, Pers./ tam. Banska Bistrica, S., Neusohl. Bar, S., Antivari in Albania.

Barmana muischa, Let., Darsen in Livonia. Basilea, It., Basle.

Battare, Let., Dalbingen in Courland.

Bayern, G., Bavaria.

Bebrine, Let, Bewern in Courland.

feMo,. } ■
Beemeru semme, Let, Bohemia.
Beerna muischa, Let., Lindenruhe in

Bela, S., (1) Resciutta (Furlano). (2)

Dille in Hungary. Bela Cerkva, S., Weisskirchen in the


Belgradu, Mol., Karlsburg. Beli Kamen, S., Weissenfels in Carniola.

Bellaues muischa, Let., Kortenhof in Livonia.

Belo More, S., Sea of Marmora.
Benatky, P., Venice.
Ber, S., Caraferia in Macedonia.
Berdo, S., Egg in Carniola,
Berno, S., Briinn in Moravia.
Bia-te morze, P., Sea of Marmora.
Bielsko, P., Bilitz in Silesia.
BihriX^-a muischa, Let., Kolzen in

Bik-s-era muischa, Let., Libien in Livonia.

Bik«es muischa, Let., Wilkenpal in

Livonia. Bipontium, Lat., Zweybruck. Birshu muischa, Let., Modon in Livonia. Birta, Mol., Birthalm. Bistrica, S., "Windisch Feistritz, Sta


Bistrica (Banska), S., Neusohl in Hungary.

Bitom, P., Beuthen.

Blaju, Mol., Blasendorf.

Boci kotorskoj, S., Bocche di Cattaro.

Bodensee, G., Lake of Constance.

Bodu, Mol., Brenndorf.

Boghdan, T., Moldavia.

Bogdanska zemlja, S., Moldavia.

Bolesl'aw, P., Bunzlau in Silesia.

Bolsan, S., Botzen in Tyrol.

Bor, S., Haid in Bohemia.

Bormana muischa, Let., Treppenhof in Livonia.

Bozcheh, T., Tenedos.

Branibor, P., Brandenburg.

Brantes muischa, Let., (1) Ixtermunde in Courland, (2) Horstenhof in Livonia.

Brasov, S., Brasovu, Mol., Kronstadt in Transylvania.

BreediEe muischa, Let., Pulkarn in Livonia.

Breeschu muischa, Let., (1) Wredenhof, (2) Palmhof, (3) Bresemois, all in Livonia.

Brente muischa, Let., Kockenberg in Livonia.

Brezci, S., Rann (Stajershoj).

Brixia, Lat., Brescia.

Brodnica, P., Strassburg in Prussia.

Brunnawa muischa, Let., Winzheim in Courland.

Brynbiga, W., Usk, in Monmouthshire.

Brzecislrawa, P., Presburg.

Bucuresci, Mol., Bukharest.

Buddenbroze, Let., Schuyenpahlen in Livonia.

Budisse, Fr., Bautzen.

Budzyrf, P., Buda, Ofen.

Bukkaischa, Let., Fockenhof in Courland.

Bukkes muischa, Let., (1) Schnickern

and Kuckern in Courland, (2) Sud

denbach in Livonia.

Bukovac, S. )T , ,

Bukowiec, P.

Burdigala, Lat., Bourdeaux.
Buzet, S., Pinguente in Istria.
Bydgosc, P., Bromberg in Posen.
Bystrzyca (Banska), P., Neusohl in

Caerdydd, W., Cardiff.
Caergybi, W., Holyhead.
Caerlleon Gawr, W., Chester.
Calie, P., Cilli in Styria.

Calokez, S., Schiitt, isl. in Danube.
Calowiec, P., Klagenfurt.

Sg4 P. Constantinople.

Castellgwent, W., Chepstow.

Castellnedd, W., Neath.

Castellnewydd ar Wysg, W., Newport in Monmouthshire.

Castellnewydd yu Emly-n, W., Newcastle in Caermarthenshire.

Cavtat, S., Ragusa Vecchia.

Cedad, S., Cividale, Furl.

Ceh, S., Bohemia.
Celje, S., Cilli.
Celovac, S., Klagenfurt.
Cetate di Balta, Mol., Kokelburg.
Cevie, Mol., Herrmannstadt.
Cheb, P., Egre in Bohemia.
Chenna-pattanam, Tel., Madras.
Chernogor, S., Montenegro.
Chwalenskie morze, P., Caspian Sea.
Cieszyn, P., Teschen in Silesia.
Cilgeran, W., Kilgerran in Pembroke-

Cincu mare, Mol., Gross-schenk.

Cisa, P., Theiss.

Cisnadie, Mol., the Heltau.

Clusu, Mol., Klausenburg.

Cohalmu, Mol., Reps.

Complutum, Lat., Alcala de Henares.

Copenhagen (Hafnia), D. Kiobenhavn.

Cotlea, Mol., Koscharowitz.

Cristian, Mol., Neustadt.

Cycowo, P., Wartenberg in Silesia.

Czczew, P., Dirschau, West Prussia.

Czechy, P., Bohemia.

Czudskie jezero, P., Lake Peipus.

Dabrowno, P., Guilguenburg in Silesia.
Dabrownik, Pol., Ragusa.
Dahnipillis, Let., Reval.
Danskas, Lith., Danzig.
Daugawa, Let., the Dwina.
Daugawas grihwa, Let., Diinamunde.
Dehnane muischa, Let., Ugen in Cour-

Derpt, or Derpsko, P., Dorpat. Dfervenik, S., Zirona, isl. Dalmatia. Detwen muischa, Let., Ringenbach in

Livonia. Deutschland, G., Germany. Dietenhofen, G., Thionville. Digganawe, Let., Dubena in Courland. Dornick, G., Tournay. Drac, S., Durazzo.

Dreeli^,g-es muischa, Let., Badenhof in Livonia.

Drustes muischa, Let., Drostenhof in Livonia.

Dsehrbene, Let., Serben in Livonia.

Dsehrwu muischa, Let., (1) Anzini6chek in Courland, (2) Dsehrwen.

Dselsenams, Let., Eiserhammer im Buschhoffchen, Courland.

Durrezeem, Let., Selgerben in Courland.

Dubrovnik, S., Eagusa.

Dukera muischa, Let., Puderkiil in

Dunaj, P., Danube.

Duntes muischa, Let., Euhtern in Livonia.

Dwumosty, P., Deuxponts, Zweybruck. Dzialdow, P., Soldau in E. Prussia. Dzwina, P., the Dwina.

Ebberte, Let., Liigen in Livonia.

Ebergocz, Mag., Borgetz.

Ebesfalva, Mag., Elizabethstadt, Transylvania.

Eboracum, Lat., York.

Eeri"Ees muischa, Let., Ramozki in Livonia.

Egerbegy, Mag., Erlenmarkt.
Ehwele, Let., Wohlfahrt in Livonia.
Ei'kene, Let., Heidekenhof in Livonia.
Eiices muischa, Let., Ilsenburg in

Elhiu, Mol., Heldesdorf.
Elsass, G., Alsace.

Ej£g-elart muischa, Let., Henselshof in

Erdelj, S., Transylvania.

Ersava, S. Orsova.

Ersek Ujvar, Mag., Neuhausel.

Escaut, Fr., the Scheldt.

Esten, name formerly given to the

Prussians Proper by North Germans.

(See Voigt, vol. i. p. 300.)
Estendil, T., Tino.
Etsch, G., the Adige.
Eugubium, Lat., Gubbio.

Fejervar, Mag., Weissenburg.
Feldiora, Mol., Marienburg.
Fenni,W., Abergavenny.
Ferto, Mag., Neusiedler See.
Filemenk.Turk., Holland, i.e. Fleming.


Firenze, It., Florence.
Fon, W., Anglesea.

Gaides muischa, Let.,Waidau in Li-, vonia.

Garrkalni, Let., Langenbergen in Livonia.

Gattipi, Let., Gartensee in Courland.
Gauja, Let., river Aa.
Gaujas muischa, Let., Aahof in Livonia.
Gaujes muischa, Let., Sinolen in Li-

Gaujene, Let., Adsel in Livonia.
Gdansk, S., Gdahsko, P., Danzig.
Gelli, Wei., Hay in Brecknockshire.
Genf, G., Geneva.
Ghimbavu, Mol., Weidenbach.
Ghimbaselu. the river Weidenbach.
P'ig-iy^B muischa, Let., Ruzki in Li-

Gjurgjevac, S., St. George in Croatia.
Gjyr, S., Raab.

Glinzes muischa, Let., Katharinenhof

in Livonia. Gohsti^ muischa, Let., Trentelberg in

Livonia. Granta, Lat., Cambridge. Gra*cha muischa, Let., Altgeistershof

in Livonia. Graubiinden, G., Grisons. Grihwes basniza, Lit., Ewstkirche in


Gruz, S., Gravosa, a port in Bagusa. Guddu semme, Let., Ukraine, White Russia.

Gulbene, Let., Schwanenburg in Livonia.

Gwrecsam, W., Wrexham.

Haie, Fr., the Hague.
Hailuoto, Fin., Carlo.
Halic, S. Gatsch in Poland.
Hame, Fin., Tavastland.
Hameenkyra, Fin., Tavastkyro.
Hameenlinna, Fin., Tavasthuus.
Hamina, Fin., Friedrikshamn.
Hartola, Fin., Gustaf Adolf Socken.
Heb, S., Eger in Bohemia.
Helsinki, Fin., Helsingfors.
Hertogenbosch, Dut, Bois-le-duc.
Hervat, S., Croat.
Hochburgund. G., Franche Comt^.
Hranice, S„ Weisskirch in Bohemia.
Htetovo, S., Kalkandelen in Bulgaria.
Hvalinsko more, S., Caspian Sea.
Hvar, S., Lesina in Dalmatia.
Hwlffordd, Wei., Haverfordwest.

Jadar, S., the Salona.
Jahrfa basniza, Let, Altradische Kirche
in Courland.


Jakin, S., Anemia.

Jalsova, S., Elesch in Lower Hungary. Jasi, Mol., Jassy.

Jaukarte muischa, Let., Puickel in Livonia.

Jauna muischa, Let., (1) Neuhof in Livonia, (2) Sternhof in ditto, (3) Frauenthal in ditto.

Jelgawa, Let., Neu Mitau, Neu

stadtchen, or Friedrickstadt.

i'aules muischa, Let., Neurah

din in Courland.

Seltiaa, Let., Karlsberg in Livonia.

Jaunaspils, Let., Jtirgensburg in Livonia.

Jaunauzas, Let., Neuanz in Courland. Jaunpagaste, Let., Neuwacken in Courland.

Jaunpils, Let., Neuenburg in Courland.

Jaworz, P., Jauer in Silesia.

Ibajfal'eu, Mol., Ebesfalva, Mag., Elizabethstadt in Transylvania.

Jegar, S., Erlau in Hungary.

Jehangir-nagar, Pers., Sans., Dacca.

Jehkaba meests, Let., Jacobstadt in Courland.

Jehrze, Let., Neu-Wohlfahrt in Livonia.

Jelawa, P., Eylau.

Jelgawa, Let., Mitau, or Leela Jel

gawa, Great Mitau. Jerre muischa, Let., Seyersdorf in


Iggati-s-ch, Let., Idsel in Livonia.
Iggaunu semme, Let., Esthonia.
Ihsera muischa, Let., Marzen in Li-
■ vonia.

Ilawa, P., Eylau.

Ilberta muischa, Let., Adamshof in Livonia.

llbranta basniza, Let., Berstelsche Kirche in Courland.

II,g-e muischa, Let., llsen in Courland.

Ilmajoki, Fin., Ilmola.

Il-s-uma muischa, Let., Petendorf in Courland.

Inflanty, P., Livonia.

Instrue, P., Insterburg in Prussia.

Intschu kalns, Let., Hirzenberg in Livonia.

Ioensuu, Fin., Ny Carleby.
Ipava, S., Wippach in Carniola.
Ir-sches muischa, Let., Dubinski in

Ir#chu muischa, Let., Hirschhof in Livonia.

Islamabad. P., Chittagong.
Isokyro, Fin., Storkyro.
Jehangir-nagar, P.S., Dacca.
Jugla, Let., Stoppiushof, or Jagelshof,
in Livonia.

Juutinraumo, Fin., the Sound.
Juwanpitaj'a, Fin., Jockas.
Iztok, S., the Levant.

Kahrkle muischa, Let., Neugeistershof in Livonia.

Kahrtu-s-che, Let.,Sch6neickin Livonia.

Kainunmaa, Fin., East Bothnia.

Kakisalmi, Fin., Kexholm.

Kalka rags, Let,Domsnest in Courland.

Kalna muischa, Let., Berghof in Courland.

name of several towns in


Greesten in Livonia.

Maykendorf in Livonia.

Kamerich, G., Cambray.

Kamnik, S., Stein in Carniola.

Kangers, Let., Sonsel hills in Livonia.

Kapi, Mag., Ranitzdorf.

Karalauczus, Lit., Konigsburg.

Karasztos, Mag., Pakselten.

Karijoki, Fin., Botom.

Karlowiec, P., Karlstadt.

Karniow, P., jagerndorf in Silesia.

Karnthen, G., Carinthia.

Kasi, or Kashi, S., Benares.

Kattiwer, Let., Kadfer in Livonia.

Kaunissaari, Fin., Fagero.

^Tehtschu muischa, Let., Fossenberg in Livonia.

Kellokoski, Fin., Mariafors.

Kerf, S., Corfu.

Kerk, S., Veglia in Istria.

Kerkonosc, §., Eiesengebirge in Bohemia.

Kersko, S., Gurkfeld in Carniola.
.STippene, Let., Eeck in Livonia.
.Kirkaue muischa, Let., Witwenhof in

Kis, Mag., little.

Kisag (i. e. Kbszeg), S., Giins in Hungary.

Kisbel muischa, Let., Kipsal, or Ram

menhof in Livonia. Kis Csur, Mag,, Kleinscheurn. Kis Diszndd, M., Michelsberg. Kisfaln, M., Kleindorfl. Kis Iblya, M., Giesshubl. Kis Ludas, M., idem. Kis Marton, M., Eisenstadt. Kis Szeben, M., Zeben. Kis Szent Michal, M., Klein Petersdorf. Kis Torony, M., Stephendorf. Kis Ujfalu, M., Wappendorf. Kis Zalatna, M., Kleinschatten. Kitai, Slav., China. Kiwikirkko, Fin., Messuby. Klaypeda, Kleypeda, P., and Klaipede,

Let., Mernel. Kli.gE.g-en muischa, Let., Gustavsberg

in Livonia.

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