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Seite 378 - TROY.—Magnetic iron, talc, serpentine, picrosmine, amianthus, steatite, one mile southeast of village of South Troy, on the farm of Mr. Pierce, east side of Missisco, chromic iron. THETFORD.—Blende, galena, kyanite ; chrysolite in basalt. WATERBURY.—Mispickel, copper pyrites, rutile, quartz. WARREN.—Actinolite, magnetic iron ore, wad. WATERVILLE.—Steatite, actinolite, talc. WELLS RIVER.—Graphite. WESTMINSTER.—Zoisite in boulders.
Seite 395 - coal. LOUISA Co.—Walton gold mine, gold, pyrites, copper pyrites, argentiferous galena, spathic iron, blende, anglesite ; boulangerite, blende (at Tinder's Mine). ORANGE Co.—Western part, Blue Ridge, specular iron ; gold at the Orange Grovef and Vaucluse gold mines, worked by the •'Freehold" and "Liberty" Mining Companies. NELSON Co.—Galena, copper pyrites, malachite. ROCKBRIDGE Co., three miles southwest of Lexington.-—Heavy spar
Seite 399 - epidote, harmotome(?) datholite, wollastonite (exhausted), pectolite, chlorastrolite. ILLINOIS. GALLATIN Co., on a branch of Grand Pierre Creek, sixteen to thirty miles from Shawneetown, down the Ohio, and from half to eight miles from this river.— Violet fluor spar! in carboniferous limestone, heavy spar, galena, blende, brown iron ore ; near Rosiclare, calcite, galena, blende; five miles back from
Seite 136 - eye. This is a greenish-gray translucent chalcedony, having a peculiar opalescence, or glaring internal reflections, like the eye of a cat, when cut with a spheroidal surface. The effect is owing to filaments of asbestus. It comes from Ceylon and Malabar, ready cut and polished, and is a gem of considerable value.
Seite 299 - Obs. Green malachite usually accompanies other ores of copper, and forms incrustations, which when thick, have the colors banded and extremely delicate in their shades and blending. Perfect crystals are quite rare. The mines of Siberia, at Nischne Tagilsk, have afforded great quantities of this ore. A mass partly disclosed, measured at top 9 feet
Seite 299 - and the portion uncovered contained at least half a million pounds of pure malachite. Other noted foreign localities are Chessy in France, Sandlodge in Shetland, Schwartz in the Tyrol, Cornwall, and the island of Cuba. solution and effervescence in nitric acid. The color also is not the bluish-green of
Seite 29 - 206 face of the cube is the apex of each solid angle of the octahedron. It is hence apparent why the axes of the cube connect the opposite solid angles of the octahedron. pursue the same process with each of the edges, keeping the Take another cube (one of large size is preferable) and
Seite 195 - facets and set in rings, they are readily mistaken, if viewed by daylight, for diamonds. The coarse varieties of topaz may be employed as a substitute for emery in grinding and polishing hard substances. The ancient topazion was found on an island in the Red Sea, which was often surrounded with fog, and therefore difficult to find. It was
Seite 329 - In the Tyiol, Austria, sulphuret of silver, argentiferous gray copper, and mispickel occur in a gangue of quartz, in argillaceous schist. The Hungarian mines at Schemmitz and Kremnitz, occur in syenite and hornblende porphyry, in a gangue of quartz, often with cale spar or heavy spar, and sometimes fluor. The ores are sulphuret of silver
Seite 410 - convenience of the student, the following information is here inserted, of such weights, measures, and coins, of different countries, as are likely to be met with in the course of his ordinary reading on minerals and mining. 24 grains, Troy, = 1 pennyweight (dwt.) 20 dwt. " =1 ounce (oz.) 12 oz.

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