History of Oliver Cromwell and the English Commonwealth: From the Execution of Charles the First to the Death of Cromwell, Band 2


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Seite 398 - It is not possible," replied the minister. "Then," exclaimed the dying man, "I am safe; for I know that I was once in grace." He then turned round, and prayed aloud. "Lord," he said, "though I am a miserable and wretched creature, I am in covenant with Thee through grace ; and I may, I will, come to Thee, for thy people ! Thou hast made me, though very unworthy, a mean instrument to do them some good, and Thee service...
Seite 299 - I have, as well as I could, taken consideration of the things contained in the Paper, which was presented to me by the Parliament, in the Banqueting-House, on Tuesday last ; and sought of God that I might return such an answer as might become me, and be worthy of the Parliament. I must needs bear this testimony to them, That they have been zealous of the two greatest Concernments that God hath in the world. The one is that of Religion, and of the just preservation of the professors of it ; to give...
Seite 87 - A nobleman, a gentleman, a yeoman ; the distinction of these : that is a good interest of the Nation, and a great one!
Seite 98 - I bear not witness to myself;' but that the good People of England and you all are my witnesses. " Yea, surely ! —And [now] this being so, —though I told you in my last Speech ' that you were a Free Parliament,' yet I thought it was understood withal that I was the Protector, and the Authority that called you ! That I was in possession of the Government by a good right from God and men ! And...
Seite 116 - Government, offered me this one, this one thing, — I speak as thus advised, and before God; as having been to this day of this opinion; and this hath been my constant judgment, well known to many who hear me speak: — if,
Seite 14 - ... those strange windings and turnings of Providence ; those very great appearances of God, in crossing and thwarting the purposes of men, that He might raise up a poor and contemptible company of men,§ neither versed in military affairs, nor having much natural propensity to them,
Seite 118 - I think it my duty to tell you that it is not for the profit of these Nations, nor for common and public good, for you to continue here any longer. And therefore I do declare unto you, That I do dissolve this Parliament.
Seite 278 - Right Trusty and Well-beloved, We greet you well. Having taken notice of a Judgment lately given by Yourselves against one James Nayler : Although We detest and abhor the giving or occasioning the least countenance to persons of such opinions and practices, or who are under the guilt of the crimes commonly imputed to the said Person : Yet We, being...
Seite 113 - Christians to have proposed, — weeds and nettles, briers and thorns have thriven under your shadow ! Dissettlement and division, discontent and dissatisfaction ; together with real dangers to the whole, — have been more multiplied within these five months of your sitting, than in some years before ! Foundations have also been laid for the future renewing of the Troubles of these Nations by all the enemies of them abroad and at home.
Seite 97 - I confess, after many arguments, they urging on me, "That I did not hereby receive anything which put me into a higher capacity than be"fore; but that it limited me; that it bound my hands "to act nothing without the consent of a Council, until "the Parliament, and then limited 'me' by the Parlia"ment, as the Act of Government expresseth,

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